General Hospital Gives The Gift of Hot Hunks for Valentine’s Day, But Forgets The Chocolate (VIDEO)

General Hospital's has a gift for fans to unwrap this Valentine's Day. The ABC soap released a new video featuring a bouquet of shirtless hunks, though Sean Blakemore's Shawn Butler is MIA.

Doesn't anyone in Port Charles enjoy chocolate on Valentine's Day? Maybe Blakemore does need to get caught in a Nude Pic Scandal to get a little lovin'. Watch the clip after the jump!

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    IMO, T Christopher, W deVry, R Paevey and B Craig have the most goin’ on. R Howarth and C Duell are men of average looks and physique. In what universe would they be considered hunks?

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    Except for the glaring omission of Sean Blakemore, there’s something/someone for everyone. The definition of “hunk” differs from person to person.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]As long as we’re objectifying men, may I say that Ryan Carnes is the hottest piece of A on GH? :)[/quote]

    Uh, YEAH. He could use a bit of a haircut–on the head, don’t touch that glorious chest–but that face and everything below the neck is pure heaven on earth. Most definitely the hottest man on GH and maybe the hottest in daytime right now.

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    As a straight male, I am asking for a ladies of GH:
    I’ll even help you out.

    Kelly Monaco
    Becky Herbst
    Vanessa Marcil
    Kelly Thiebaud
    Lisa Locicero
    Laura Wright
    Kristen Alderson
    Kirsten Storms
    Emme Rylan
    (The girl that played Amanda Barrington)
    Lindsay Morgan
    That Asian Sex crazed doctor (Dr. Lee?)
    Lily Melgar
    Jen Lilley
    Kelly Sulllivan

    I looked back a few years, but I am sure I missed someone.

    That is 15.

    Nancy Lee Grahn and Diane Miller (can’t remember her real name at the moment) get honorable mention. No to Maura West!

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    @gslam — As usual i appreciate the defenders stepping forward, but i just think some were trying to assert that too many guys were ignored. 30+ years of watching soaps and i’ve never had anyone refer to Roger Howarth as “hot”, just sayin! And as usual, 3 of the 4 featured are Cartoony’s pets! |(

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    Yeah, RH is maybe like the 9th or 10th hottest guy on GH, and that’s being generous since I personally don’t find him appealing. Though that probably has more to do with his rather one-note acting style than his actual looks.

    Give me Ryan Carnes and William deVry please. Preferably together. :)

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    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE…30+ years of watching soaps and i’ve never had anyone refer to Roger Howarth as “hot”, just sayin! …([/quote]

    Iowa, surely you’ve heard the story that in his early years on OLTL during the Marty Saybrooke rape storyline, there were “hordes” of women chasing him in airports and begging, “Rape me, Todd. Rape meeeeeeee.”

    My feeling is that ONE insane fan may have done it once and, subsequently, every time he told the story that number went up. ;)

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    ROTF @soaparmageddon!

    Yeah i’m hoping they keep Devry on my screen, as well as Carnes. Like ChrisGa said the other day, they’re hawt AND they can act! IMO

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