Ralph Waite Dead at 85

The Waltons icon and Days of Our Lives star Ralph Waite passed away on February 13. He was 85.

The actor, whose career spanned decades, portrayed the father of Mark Harmon's character on NCIS. He also made appearances as the grandfather of Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) on Fox's Bones.

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    Gosh, heard this very early morning on the news at the restaurant. He was iconic when it comes to TV dads. His last appearances would have to be on Days, I would think but not sure.

    Mr. Waite rest in peace and Godspeed 0:)

  2. Profile photo of blake3b

    Oh wow, and he was on Days before he passed. It’s strange he passed because he seemed fine and healthy for his age. At least he still liked working and was still very active before he passed.

  3. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    Same age as Shirley Temple who we lost earlier in the week. Wonder if they will write this into the Days story like they eventually did for Jeanne Cooper and John Ingle. At least since the church is decent background for other stories.

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    He looked really good for his age, I had no idea he was 85!
    He seemed like a really nice man, it was wonderful he was able to do what he loved up until the end of his life.
    RIP Ralph Waite, Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar, a lot of sad loses this week but they all lived long, interesting lives.

  5. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    He also appeared in the mini-series Roots.

    He was one of the great TV actors, although somewhat under-appreciated. I’m not sure if he ever won an Emmy.

    Days hasn’t addressed the absence of Father Matt. I wonder if they will.

    Goodnight, Pa.

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