Downton Abbey Recap: Mary Plots to Keep Anna and Rose Safe

With Gregson (Charles Edwards) still missing, Edith (Laura Carmichael) planned to give her baby to a kindly tenant farmer, to adopt and raise with his children. Rosamund (Samantha Bond) advised against this, since it would be too painful to see one’s child raised by someone else. 
Instead, she convinced Edith to go on holiday to Switzerland with her, and give the baby up there. Violet (Maggie Smith) realized what was going on, and gave them the money for their trip. 

Tom (Allen Leech) grew closer to Sarah (Daisy Lewis) after he helped fix her car. She liked that marrying into wealth didn’t appear to change him. 
After Tom informed Mary (Michelle Dockery) he’d seen Rose (Lily James) and Jack (Gary Carr) on a date, Mary decided to step in. Rose wouldn’t hear anything against the relationship, so Mary went to London to speak with Jack. 
Mary admitted while Jack’s feelings were likely genuine, Rose was prone to fickleness and her feelings were partly motivated by wanting to annoy her mother. Jack was skeptical, but said he’d already decided to end it.

Jack didn’t wanted Rose to go through life ostracized because of their interracial relationship. Rose was livid with Mary for the interference. 
Alfred (Matt Milne) returned to propose to Ivy (Cara Theobold). She let him down gently. Alfred and Daisy (Sophie McShera) also made peace and parted as friends, after she realized Alfred would never love her. 

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    Mary was fierce this past week! I’m thinking Edith wants to be around her child and wondering she won’t go to Mary for help….Mary goes out of town to “adopt” a baby….Edith will be always near….after all when all is said & done they are sisters :bigsmile:

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