Where Does EJami’s Reunion Leave Abigail on Days of Our Lives? (PROMO)

EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) have been through a rough patch in their relationship, but their reunions are always so hot. This week EJ and Sami reconcile, but where does that leave Abby (Kate Mansi)? Watch this week's Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    Abby & EJ are more interesting and sexy now. Ejami are a disaster waiting to happen, with EJ’s lies it is only a matter of time before they implode again.

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    Bahaha! Hopefully lying in the dust where she belongs!

    I don’t always like Sami (or EJ for that matter) but in this case I am FIRMLY on Team EJami!!! Smoke that little hypocritical “Golden Circle” tramp out of your lives!

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    I like EJ with Abby she freshens him up;

    I’m with you kintex they’re sexy as hell; with Sammi its the same ole’ same ole.’ I like their story its soapy goodenss…I just hope they don’t turn her into some psycho stalker.

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    Of course Abigal is going to turn into a stalker (remember the ‘Austin’ fiasco?) James Scott deserves so much better than to be paired with someone as immature and vapid as Abigal. I have never been an Ejami fan…..always wanted Sami with Lucas from the beginning, but with as much effort that has been put into the Ejami love story, I finally accept that E.J. and Sami are the loves of each others’ lives. So to demean their love by throwing in a trashy affair with an immature bimbo/slut-in-training is an insult to everywone involved….the actors AND the fans. And for the people who absolutely adore the sex scenes…..it’s just sex, it’s NOT love, and it definitely does NOT make E.J. and Abigal a “super couple”…..far from it! Sex does not mean love; Abigal was just a piece of tail for someone that wasn’t getting it at home.

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    Once Sami “dies” in about a year’s time, EJ will need someone to keep him warm. Why not Abigail?

    I hope she can wait until then, and won’t have to boil Johnny and Sydney’s pet rabit a-la Fatal Attraction.

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    I am enjoying this story, but I don’t find Abby the least bit likable. She’s an annoying, judgemental little crybaby. In every sexual encounter she and EJ have had, she has been the one that initiated things. Later, she suddenly seems to remember that it was someone else’s man she was humping like a bitch in heat.

    I could have thrown something at my screen when she told EJ, “I’m just hurt that you don’t want me.” Girl, where is your self-esteem?

    You can say what you will about Samantha Gene Brady, but that woman is brimming with self-confidence, sometimes scarily so. :)

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    [quote=angrierblackerman]I hope she can wait until then, and won’t have to boil Johnny and Sydney’s pet rabit a-la Fatal Attraction.[/quote]

    Yeah, I’m beginning to get a little concerned as to where they’re going with this. The two are HOT together but the last few times they’ve been on together Abigail has appeared rather desperate and a little obsessive about the whole thing(I mean, it IS EJ, but still….).

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    EJ and Abby can be a potential goldmine the story that can be told – a Horton & Dimera offering is endless

    I was always team EJami but it took 7 days to wash away 7 years of hope.

    Sorry EJ is the one who kissed Abby first, she just made sure he didn’t change his mind, and the supply closet was ALLLLL EJ and the shower was way beyond mutual.

    I don’t want crazy Abby I want Abby to be upset but to move on with Ben until EJ realizes that he has feelings for her.

    I just want Sami gone and for EJ to be the bad man not the man who fixes things for his dumbass woman

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    [quote=Ravennite613]I don’t want crazy Abby I want Abby to be upset but to move on with Ben until EJ realizes that he has feelings for her.[/quote]

    Yeah, this is the way I was hoping it would go too. But I gotta say I’m disappointed with the way Abby’s been written in the last few episodes. I really didn’t want to see another variation on “obsessive” Abigail but it kinda looks like they’re going that route.

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    I am loving EJ and Abby!! They’ve brought me back to Days. Ejami today and every day honestly just paled in comparison to the scorching hotness of EJabby. I think EJ and Abby are about equal in who has initiated all of their sexual encounters. Plus the second one may have been initiated by Abby but she was also the one who stopped it. I also hear there’s another one coming up AFTER Ejami had sex today and even if EJ stops it the fact that it happens at all without her drugging him or forcing him shows he’s still into Abby :)

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    I don’t see it as obsession I see Abby as a woman wanting what she wants and that’s EJ.

    I mean no one was crying foul when it was EJ pushing at a married Sami.

    EJami fans are using her past to lay claim to what is happening now, but we have seen on numerous ocassions EJ stopping Abby as SHE was trying to leave.

    I am ok with a woman taking the lead with EJ he has done all the chasing when it came to Sami and for once it would be nice (and make total sense) that someone was chasing him.

    I don’t want Sami “Dead” in any form I want her to do something that even EJ would shun her…say having a hand in any potential EJabby baby story and causing undue harm to said baby. I mean we all know how EJ feels about his kids.

    If EJabby would have ended at the cabin then I could see them pushing Abby into stalker mode but since there were other encounters the signals were there

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