Soap Opera’s Tom Siblings Take Over The Talk!

Fans of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful will want to set their DVRs today. Those soapy acting sensations, Heather and David Tom, are visiting The Talk!

I hope one of the ladies asks them how weird it must be for David to be playing Billy Abbott again, now that the character is married to Victoria Newman — his big sister's former role! The Talk airs at 2 pm EST/1 PST on CBS.


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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]He is great to look at….[/quote]

    Love those lips. Billy Miller who.

    Yojoromo you should watch her on B&B she does good work as always.

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    [quote=noway][quote=TraceyAbbot101]He is great to look at….[/quote]

    Love those lips. Billy Miller who.

    Yojoromo you should watch her on B&B she does good work as always.[/quote]

    I read about her quite often, but we are a one soap family. Only Y and R for about 33 years now. May have to bail out though. Cannot stand some of these non talented hacks they keep bringing on and find DYLDUMB to just be terrible. Have not seen todays Friday cliff hangar, but expect him to show up and save the day, since he is stuck in everything else. UGH.

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    DT isn’t coming through like he should.He’s too whiny and weak. At least BM stood up to Victor. DT will be an appetizer for Victor.
    Pay BM what he wants and bring him back before people forget what a strong actor BM was compared to DT.

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    hey mon

    Sorry Mr Nasal (Dave Tom) isnt doing it as Billy Abbott. Billy was 10 million times better in the role. Hopefully, Jill & Jean can get Billy over to his Mother before the latest calamity comes upon him.

    Delia’s death… affair with Kelly… chandelier from the ceiling…today’s confession…

    busy guy.

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    [quote=pferrando]He does look too young for CW…however not for AH.

    [quote]Glad he’s back though.[/quote][/quote]

    Same with BM in the role imo.

    I loved BM in the role, but he was a little flat too often towards the end, so I’m enjoying a different take on Billy with DT’s version.

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    hey mon

    Dave Tom was a boring nasally guy with Mackenzie back in the early 2000s, and he is a boring nasally guy with Victoria in the mid 2010s. The good thing is that Dave Tom is actually making Amelie Heinle look like a strong Newman child.

    Team Billy Miller!

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    hey mon…bite your tongue. :)

    David Tom was brilliant playing teen angst. He had us all rooting for him and Mac back in the day. He won that Emmy in no time.

    Luckily for Maria, she cast the right mature Billy. Miller was great, but could often come off as one note as well.

    I think this will take Billy and Victoria into a new direction.

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    Team Tom all the way. Only horrible thing has been that damn bandage on that forehead in that tux. he look like a sweaty coke head who did a line and hit his head on the table.

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    IMO, Billy Miller was a stronger actor, but I don’t think David Tom is flopping in the role. However, I don’t think he meshes with Victoria (or any of the Newmans for that matter).

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    DT, team member for his Billy. :) BM was good when he wanted to be but also went through lackadaisical periods and looked lazy or not interested. DT when young or short period being back, does bring Billy’s emotional depth back and does it so much better. Wait until he settles completely in the role, it will be BM who? DT will bring the chutzpah to the part with PB, Abbotts, JW, Newmans and having some chemistry showing with AH. This caught me off guard & surprised me. It will be an awesome to watch all involved around DT’s Billy on TV. :bigsmile:

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    David Tom (and Nicholle) played brother and sister in a 2008 episode of CRIMINAL MINDS. David had a rougher long haired look then and I wouldn’t mind seeing him change his current looks when the character is settled in.

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    hey mon

    Can someone tell me when Billy Miller, two time Emmy winner, ever ‘phoned in’ his performance as Billy Abbott.

    I accept Dave Tom as Billy, but Miller was better.

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    ^^^He did at times when he seemed bored with the material. He was a great Billy and so is Tom they both bring their strengths to the character. Now if he would have stayed and been given this new material he would be Killing it as only Killer Miller could. He was tired of the storyline and ready to do something else and it did show in his work at times.

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    DAMNED AWESOME Y&R TODAY!!! What a production. I said it long ago shoot Cain at the gala. Dickstud Harding keeps Colin from winning. Grimes acting her ass off.

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    Waiting for the new Billy to replace the new Billy. DT is too whiny and always has a frown (. BM was much more convincing. All DT has managed to do is make more faces.
    I like how Victoria has looked lately. Nice hair,eyes look beautiful. Got match her up with a real man.

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