SPOILERS: Katie Struggles With Her Feelings on Bold and the Beautiful!

Katie/Liam: Liam (Scott Clifton) thinks Katie (Heather Tom) should take a page out of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) book with Ridge, but she disagrees. Later, Katie has a rough time, but uses her history to end the day on top.

Rick/Ridge/Eric: Rick (Jacob Young) speaks to Eric (John McCook) about Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Rick and Ridge eventually have a chat, and sort everything out. Later, when Eric shares a kiss with someone, Stephanie gives him a sign the other side.

Brooke: Brooke wants to call a truce with Katie and be close to her again.
Hope/Wyatt/Quinn: Hope (Kim Matula) tries to get information about Wyatt (Darin Brooks) from Quinn (Rena Sofer).

Bill: Bill (Don Diamont) has a pity party for one.

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    Could someone please explain to me why Brooke doesn’t want her son R.J. around? Everytime Ridge mentions picking him up from boarding school, Brooke puts him off. She doesn’t even want him at the wedding. #2 Isn’t he supposed to be around Hope’s age? I could handle Katie with the new Ridge, the change of character makes it better.

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    I just don’t get the lightning fast pace of love stories on this program or even the connections people create out of the blue. OR THE simple fact that they have one script and just use it for every 3-4 character pairings.

    Why Katie is pining away for ridge after all her mighty than now speeches is beyond me. Or why her story couldn’t be a woman scorned but not against Brooke but an epic battle with bill. Sad to say but both the bell soaps are lacking in a villainess (and I don’t mean one that will eventually be locked up in the looney bin). It would be great to watch Katie battle bill for control of SP than watch her pine for her sister’s man after all her screams abt her sister stealing her man.

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