SPOILERS: Theresa Wants in Daniel’s Pants on Days Of Our Lives!

Theresa/Daniel/Nicole/Marlena: Theresa (Jen Lilley) orders Daniel (Shawn Christian) to make love to her! Meanwhile, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) decides to put more distance between her and Daniel. Also, Daniel takes up for Nicole when Marlena (Deidre Hall) has some less than savory words about her.

Abigail/EJ/Sami: Abigail (Kate Mansi) and EJ (James Scott) chat, while someone listens in on their conversation. Then, Abigail informs Sami (Alison Sweeney) she shares a secret with EJ. After, Abigail declares she will fight for EJ with everything she’s got.
Hope/Aiden/Ciara: Ciara (Lauren Boles) unintentionally causes more trouble for Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove).

Rafe/Jordan: Rafe (Galen Gering) and Jordan (Chrishell Stause) are being secretly watched.
JJ: JJ (Casey Moss) finally takes down Theresa, and then confesses the truth to Jennifer.

Nicole/Eric: Nicole (Arianne Zucker) puts a plan into motion to be with Eric (Greg Vaughan).
Sonny/Gabi/Kate: Sonny (Freddie Smith) points the finger at Gabi (Camila Banus) for hanging Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Sami out to dry.
Brady: Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Eric have an extremely heated argument.


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    Ciara “unintentionally” causes trouble? LOL, we know that’s a lie! Ciara ALWAYS knows what the hell she’s doing! I’m surprised she hasn’t put a curse on Aiden and his brat yet.

    As usual, everything sounds great. Still not sure about Abigail going back down the same road she did with Austin but I’m willing to see where it goes for now.

  2. Profile photo of harlee490

    I love Ciara’s mind and how it works. I’m loving the heat between Hope\Aiden….smoking >) Days has been very good the last couple of years on their pairing of couples. After they finally surrendered Dannifer. I’m liking Daniel lately, he’s got more fire in him and put Theresa in her place….layin’ the hammer down! GO! Daniel….

    Loving this next twist in Eric\Nicole’s relationship. Nicole….will she or won’t she tell Eric what she found now Eric has confessed his love, heart & soul to her…. :love: That’s just good soap drama. :beer:

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    [quote=harlee490]SC is SOOOOOOOOOOOO frigging HOT! Delicious! :O :bigsmile: >)[/quote]

    I was actually waiting for Theresa to get so horny that she would tear the shirt right off him…. I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t happen. :(

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