Barbara Walters Calls Her Vibrator “Selfie” (VIDEO)

Why, just why? We already know more than we need to about legendary journalist Barbara Walter's preferred choice of lube; now we know even more about her sexual activities. On Monday's episode of The View, Walters revealed the name of her vibrator, "Selfie."

Now why did Walters have to go and hijack the word popularized by social media? Will Barbara Walters' vibrator buzz in the back of your brain the next time you snap that next photo of yourself to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Watch the segment after the jump!

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    TV Gord

    Well, that was Leno ;-), but it’s only three months to go until Barbara and Selfie can be together full time (although she’ll still stay on as EP and claims that she’ll keep going in to the office every day).

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    That is so disturbing! She should have retired years ago, that show has no chance at getting better until she’s gone. Years ago when she was on an Emmy show I thought what a classy woman with a great reputation in the business. Well that’s been tarnished with that book that she released and this comment.

    I saw this on last night’s Chelsea Lately, Ross Matthews was the fill in host and he was co-hosting the View that morning and he showed the clip to the audience.

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    TV Gord

    Actually, it was a joke that Whoopi told about Barbara having a vibrator, and Barbara just played along and joked that she called it, “Selfie”. She wasn’t serious.

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