INTERVIEW: GH’s Dominic Zamprogna and Maura West Explain Why Dante and Ava Should Be Friends!

Dominic Zamprogna and Maura West's General Hospital characters, Dante Falconeri and Ava Jerome, haven't spent a lot of time together on camera. Maybe they should. At the ABC TCA party, the duo proved themselves to be a hilarious combination. They shared their thoughts on why Ava is the toughest criminal in Port Charles, whether Dante and Lulu’s marriage will survive and why everyone should respect Maurice Benard.

Daytime Confidential: Can you talk about the mystery surrounding the death of Silas’s wife?

Dominic Zamprogna: I think we should be friends, Dante and Ava.

Maura West: Yep, because I think Dante, he’s a good cop, but he’s kind of a bad boy under the badge.

DZ: She’s just working this out.

DC: He is Sonny’s son.

MW: Amen and hallelujah.I think they could be fast friends.

DZ: We had a nice scene at the very beginning.

MW: I will never forget it. [Singing] The first time ever I saw your face!

DZ: She is a way better actor than she is a singer.

DC: You’re sort of a Von Trapp by proxy though, since your son was in The Sound of Music.

MW: I’m the Mama Von Trapp.

DZ: You’re like the Cuban cocaine goddess, whatever she was in Miami. You’re, like, ruthless. That’s what you are. You’re like the real boss.

MW: But even people who are, and this is what I’ve discovered by researching it, that even people who do these sort of things, they always love their family. They can drop someone in the river, then go home and make a sandwich for their kids when they’re home from school. So it’s like business is business and family is family.

DC: Speaking of family, Ava’s relationship with Morgan is bringing her into conflict with her family.

DZ: Yeah, what’s up with that? Are you still having sex with my brother?

MW: Several times a day.

DZ: Then how are we supposed to, hello?

MW: I want them all!

DZ: You’re sort of greedy.

MW: Insatiable!

DC: Was the Morgan/Ava romance always in the cards, or did the writers change course because of your chemistry with Bryan Craig?

MW: I don’t know really what happened. I know that Frank Valentini came up to me one day on the set and said, “You guys are going to be in bed in two weeks and Maura, it’s your fault, because of some look that you gave him in some episode or something." I don’t necessarily think it was intended to last so long. But it’s true romance.

DZ: It’s not love.

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    I really enjoy how both Maura and Dominic think about how they arrive at their concepts of their respective characters and how they deal with the other characters/actors on the canvas. They also make it easier to deal with the camp and ludicrousness of the material they’re getting from this headwriter…. 0:)

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