AJ Demands the Truth About Connie’s Death on General Hospital (PROMO)

AJ (Sean Kanan) has been tormented by emotional demons since his trial for Connie's (Kelly Sullivan) death. Will he finally get the truth out of Ava (Maura West)? Meanwhile, Sonny (Maurice Benard) learns Julian (William deVry) has been bankrolled by a secret kingpin. Watch this week's General Hospital promo after the jump!


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    ABC needs to start adding hash tags to the GH promos. This one should have been called #secretkingpin. Hell, ABC could get two weeks worth of use with the hash tag once they reveal that Ric Lansing is the money man. ;-)

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    Daniel St. John

    Does Ric really have the money to bankroll a criminal empire? Did he win the Powerball lottery or something?

    And hopefully the reveal of the Who Killed Connie mystery leads to AJ quitting the booze and actually getting a decent storyline finally.

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    I wasn’t watching GH when Ric Lansing was on originally, so I don’t know enough about his history. I was assuming the secret kinpin would be Donna Mills playing a new Jerome, or possibly a very-much alive Olivia St. John (Jerome) but maybe I’m wrong.

    I have to agree with you, Daniel St. John, about AJ. I hope this leads to him cleaning up his act and puts the character back on the long-awaited path toward redemption. I have enjoyed the storyline though…when they actually show it. LOL!

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    General Cartoon has been so good. It is like watching a episode of Beverly Hills Teens where Ava, Britt and Heather are concerned. They are all characters you love to hate like Bianca Dupree.

    Ava is serving in every scene. She can lie without batting an eye.

    Britt thinks that she got away but in the back of her mind she knows she’s up a creek without a paddle in the long run.

    Heather will give it all up for that last BLT cause she knows she won’t get one for a very long time.

    If it is Rick you betta believe he got that Bread to bring down his brothers crime syndicate.

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    Do we really need TWO Jerome moms on, Ilene Kristen, AND Donna Mills? I don’t see the point…

    “General Cartoon”, ROTF! Good one Bobbyew.

    Is it too much to pray that Ric Hearst is mainly being brought on to give RH a long overdue STORY, playing Lead as she should be? We don’t need Ric to add to the mob saga, good grief!

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    @IOWAHAWKEYE, Ilene Kristen was on for only two episodes, so that wouldn’t bother me whatsoever. Plus, she’s Delia Ryan and not a Jerome by blood OR marriage, so IMO it’s not really the same thing.

    I would love for RH to get more story. She’s a very talented actress. I’m liking what’s been going on with her, Britt, and Nik. I wish they would have done more with her and AJ. That story was squandered.

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    I was shocked how they recreated the “Ryan’s Pub” set for just a couple episodes, never to see it again. That was a damn nice set, considering Anna STILL doesn’t have her own apt!

    Would TPTB recast Helena with Donna Mills?

    I’m a few days behind, need to catch up!

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    Ric would have inherited all of Trevor’s money when he went off the GH roof, so yes, he’s got the cash flow to be bankrolling the Jeromes. I don’t have a single iota of doubt that it’s him. Only question is who he’s really trying to screw, Julian or Sonny. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if his long-term goal is to take both of them down and take over everything.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE]Is it too much to pray that Ric Hearst is mainly being brought on to give RH a long overdue STORY, playing Lead as she should be? We don’t need Ric to add to the mob saga, good grief![/quote]
    Looks like Liz is being wasted being fickle and desperate in her pursuit of Prince Douchebag.

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    As far as Rick goes yes he has the money but it would not come from him. Its got to be a relative of Julien’s. If not Great Uncle Cassadine. He let Julien out and gave him the money to reek havoc on Port Charles.

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    Iowahawkeye, if they were recasting Helena with Donna Mills I doubt they would have showed Connie Tower’s head shot 2 weeks ago when Victor was first recruiting Robin to revive Helena and Stavros.

    And what does Silas have to do with Olivia Jerome? As far as I know Ava never met her dead half-sister, so it’s doubtful Silas would have ever met her.

    Since it has been established that Nina comes from very rich parents I’d say Donna Mills is playing Nina’s mother and is the one bankrolling Julian. I believe she begins appearing next week so we’ll find out soon enough.

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    Dang that Sean Kanan is good looking, magnified when scruffy.

    Wishful Storytelling: AJ returned to Port Charles a truly changed man from his convalescence in Europe. Perhaps a bit New Age-y with some wisdom and a self-possessed mystique. A Stefan Cassadine-Lite if you will.
    Carly and Sonny would still have been pushed his buttons but his fall off the wagon would have been more dramatic had he NOT lived down to everyone’s expectations immediately.

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    when will ‘we’ learn that Ben is Lulu’s and Dante’s son not Britt … who i recall told Faison that Ben wasnt not her bio child .. and if the Ben was actually Britt’s and Dante’s why cast a baby who looks like Lulu

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    One of the soap mags, made a hint about may-be Michelle S. to play Nina. That would be terrific! Her presence is very missed on Y &R, she’s a strong actress and hopefully would make GH more interesting then it is now. Is it just me, or has the show just been off-balance and dull the past few months? When Cartini first took over I was glued to the set because the stories were so good. But slowly, I started to lose interest with all the cartoonish stories surrounding h
    Heather and Franco. The only interesting story for me, has been Lucas and Julian. They are so good in their scenes and it’s about real life. I need less pyschos and more stories of everyday life. I’m hoping Rick’s return will be good but with the writing lately, I’m not holding my breath.

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    Fashionista, “we” already know that Ben is Lulu’s biological child. That was made clear weeks ago by Obrecht and Britt, and even Brad knows. He and Britt had a conversation about it outside of Wyndemere after Dante and Lulu found out their other embryos were gone. The only ones that don’t know are the citizens of Port Charles other than Obrecht, Britt and Brad.

    Brad was about to tell Felix last week but Felix saw the text from Lucas. The conversation then changed to who Lucas is and about Brad’s relationship with him. At some point I am guessing Felix will remember Brad told him there was much more to the story of Dante being Ben’s father, and will start to dig for dirt. Perhaps then the rest of the town will find out.

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    I heard the rumor regarding Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay, as well. Could you imagine if Donna Mills plays Michelle Stafford’s rich-bitch mother? OMG…I would DIE.

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    @tmac, thanks for the clarification and reminder, i’m sure you’re right on all counts.

    Angelwendy — FANTASTIC post, 100% agree. Last Friday’s show was a big FF fest, tho i enjoyed the Anna and Duke scenes, they were a bit more fleshed out than i had expected. The overall cartoonery of the show tends to swallow it whole at times, but then Ron lures us back in with great stuff like the Julian/Lucas scenes you mentioned. If we could have that gravitas 90% of the time with 10% humor/camp, i’d prefer that mix.

    Part of me would LOVE to see Stafford as Nina, and maybe she can make me interested in a character and actor i don’t care about — Silas/Easton! :Sp I agree with gslam about a Donna Mill/Staff team, tho does this show really have ROOM?

    My soap buddy just informed me that Mon/Tues have some good stuff so i’ll try to get caught up tonite!

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=Grimm]Ah…Wishful Casting for Nina Clay and her momma:
    Michelle Stafford and Marj Dusay[/quote]
    I would take Marj back on daytime in any role at all. I miss her.
    Maybe as a back from the dead Helena who has plastic surgery to change her looks so she can plot against her enemies without them realizing she is in a town.

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