SPOILERS: EJ Tries to End Things With Abigail on Days of Our Lives!

EJ/Abigail/Sami: EJ (James Scott) attempts to call it quits with Abigail (Kate Mansi), but they eventually come to an agreement. Afterwards, EJ sets a date with Sami (Alison Sweeney) for their wedding.

Jennifer/Daniel/Theresa: Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) wants to make up with Daniel (Shawn Christian), but isn’t thrilled Theresa (Jen Lilley) has been sniffing around. Later, Jennifer helps Eric attempt to get a job.
Brady/Maggie/Victor: Brady (Eric Martsolf) spends some quality time with Theresa. Then, he confronts Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Victor (John Aniston) about having him followed.
Nicole/Eric: When Sami finds out Eric (Greg Vaughan) is giving up the priesthood, she goes off on Nicole (Arianne Zucker). As a result, Nicole tries to fix things.
JJ: JJ (Casey Moss) is honest with Abigail.
Hope/Aiden: When Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) are forced to work together, things get ugly.
Nick/Gabi/Tad: Nick (Blake Berris) does his best to stop Gabi (Camila Banus) from going on a date with T (Brendan Coughlin). He even highlights some of her weaknesses to force her to stay home.
Rafe/Jordan: Rafe (Galen Gering) and Jordan’s (Chrishell Stause) spy finally gets a face. Also, Jordan has a run in with her past.

Marlena: Marlena (Deidre Hall) cuts a deal with the devil. 

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    I just saw a spoiler that said that Abigal has a pregnancy scare….good lord!! I wouldn’t blame James Scott a bit if he decides to leave when Allison Sweeney leaves, simply because of the pathetic storyline they have given him with this Ejabby bullsh*t. Can’t we must put Abigal out of her misery (and the misery that she’s causing/gonna cause other people)? I have been watching Days since day 1, and I have been disgusted by a lot of storylines, but NEVER have I been so repulsed by any of them as badly as I am repulsed by this one!

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    This better not be the end of EJabby! They are the hottest thing to hit soaps since I don’t even know when. Those scenes today on the conference table were beyond smoking hot even if EJ was trying to prove a point. The chemistry between JS and KM is too good to waste specially with AS leaving the show. I’m sad the affair is coming to an end because that means no more hot scenes for awhile but I’m hoping this is just the beginning of their story!

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    These spoilers are the best of any soap! :bigsmile:

    I loved how JJ came clean to Jennifer this will put Theresa in whole different spot. :bigsmile: Now, Eve is coming back. Maybe some Eve\Jennifer dualing?

    It’s not the end of Ejbby, they are just getting started ;)

    I do like the Aiden\Hope thing going on, it has great potential for future story.

    I love how Marlena is already superstition of Nicole. I’m liking Marlena with bite lately and DH is playing it! :bigsmile: Sami being Sami, wait until Eric announces he’s seeing Nicole in a romantic way….hell has no fury like a mama lioness Marlena & Sami on warpath….delicious! :love:

    I still think Days overuses those damn flashbacks way to much :| , it makes no sense & repetitive….this could be Greg Meng’s work? :~

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