Cynthia Watros Last Y&R Tape Date Set For March 14

Cynthia Watros is speaking out on news of her departure from The Young and the Restless. The actress went to Twitter to show love to viewers, the cast and the crew of Y&R and stated:


Watros, who originated the role of Kelly, stars in MTV's upcoming drama Finding Carter. The project has been picked up for 10 episodes.

All My Children and As The World Turns alum Cady McClain is taking over the role  Watros also tweeted her last tape date:

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    According to the TVGuide article March 14 is Cynthia Watros’s last tape date. Her last air date is April 16. Cady McClain begins taping March 16 and first airs April 24

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    I will admit that I wasn’t thrilled when she first aired. I didn’t want another “soap name” dominating my show.

    The difference here though, is that she was slowly introduced, and then put in vet character’s orbits slowly.

    I don’t feel she clicked much with Miller, but the first scene she had with Sean C had me doing a complete 180. The eye rolls, the aggressiveness with him brought her character to life for me.

    And now she’s gone.

    I’ll miss her, and at this point will again be honest when I say I don’t care about this new Kelly. She’ll have to win me over too, and she has a tough job following CW.

  3. Avatar of DanMan869

    [quote=LauraWrightCrazy]Who knows.. maybe the show will fail & she can come back as Phylis ;)[/quote]

    My thoughts exactly! Watros should have been cast as Phyllis from the get-go, so when/if this MTV show fails, I hope TPTB make a smart choice and bring back Watros as Phyllis! Either put a red rinse on her hair or have it revealed that “Red” is actually a natural blonde like her sister and daughter! (And if Stafford ever returned to the role, the excuse for the hair change could be that Phyllis decided to go red again!) Y&R needs a talented actress like Watros to embody Phyllis–able to play the wide range: loving, crafty, b!tchy, strong, vulnerable, etc. Please JFP: if you want to make a good (re)casting move, fill Phyllis’ shoes with Cynthia Watros ASAP!

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    Alas, my heart is a little blue but ached when she left GL, I love CW but kudos to her on her new journey. :bigsmile: May the good spirits follow you and maybe someday you’ll return…

  5. Avatar of ChrisGa

    I’m really gonna miss CW. Unlike a lot of people(or so it seems from what I’ve read on here), I actually enjoyed the character from the minute she came onscreen. I thought she and Billy Miller shared a nice NON-romantic rapport and she’s had great chem with Sean Carrigan, Peter Bergman and Christel Khalil.

    That said, if the MTV gig doesn’t work out, JFP needs to sign this woman to a fat contract and let her play the living hell outta Phyllis.

  6. Avatar of Yoryla

    I have to say, even though I did see the storylines around her ill-conceived, I LOVE Cynthia Watros, and now that she’s there, it’s a shame she has to go. Although having said that, of course it’s great she got a pick-up on an MTV show. Hopefully that works out for her.

    And I agree that, while I usually don’t like recast, she, if anyone, could have and should have played Phyllis. Cynthia Watros is someone who needs to play as a central lead. And that would be a great fit with the Phyllis character.

  7. Avatar of acela

    It was great to have CW back in daytime, even for a short time.I will wish her well & hope for her return. BTW Cady, if she is the new Kelly, I’m sure will be great.

  8. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    I am not sure what the posters above saw in the Kelly character, but I found her to be, a terrible actress and for anyone to want this person to portray Phyllis is way beyond believing. Michelle Stafford was one of the best actors Y and R ever had. This person should even be allowed on the same set. Watching her act, is like watching paint dry and I wish she was leaving the show March 14 or even better yet, NOW.

  9. Avatar of Jon

    I wasn’t familiar with Ms Watros work before, although I knew who she was from the soap mags. But I’ve since become a fan from her time on Y&R. Best of luck to her!

  10. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    LWC, clearly never watched Annie Dutton, if played by this dud, am glad I missed. This one looks about 10 years older than Phyllis. Can’t stand her phony eyelashes and hairpieces and she always looks like she has had on too many beverages.

  11. Avatar of ChrisGa

    [quote=LauraWrightCrazy]Clearly ^^^”someone” ^^^ never watched Annie Dutton, in action ;)[/quote]

    Also, possibly never seen actual good acting. Cynthia Watros and the word “dud” should never be uttered in the same sentence. My opinion, of course.

  12. Avatar of LauraWrightCrazy

    Yojo- of course we all have our opinions.. I’ll admit this was not the best role for her.. IMO she’s so much bigger than a “prop”.. If you’ve ever cared for Guiding Light, and/or Kim Zimmer, some of my favorite scenes were those of Annie VS. Reva.

    Also, yojo.. While your last comment appears to be rude, I did chuckle lol

    Ugh and let’s not forget Libby & Hurley from LOST ((sighs))

  13. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    Sorry LWC, I am a one soap person. I sometimes feel bad enough that I have watched Y and R for over 33 years. Sorry but never watched Lost. Sorry also, if I offended anyone, but I have know many in long life time and she has that look. For old dude, have great eyesight and am always amazed at the comments I have seen here and on other site, about how nice someone’s hair looks and I can spot hairpieces from across a wide street. If U watched todays show with Nikki and the boys and Ian, her hair was atrocious.

  14. Avatar of elsarilla

    yojoromo…Completely agree with you about the “Kelly character”, she always had a pathetic look on her face, always sneaking around to just get a glimpse of Billy, ugly to watch! very boring!!!
    I would like to know why they are recasting this role, does that mean B&V are splitting up?

  15. Avatar of harlee490

    [quote=LauraWrightCrazy]IMO she’s so much bigger than a “prop”.. If you’ve ever cared for Guiding Light, and/or Kim Zimmer, some of my favorite scenes were those of Annie VS. Reva. [/quote]

    Classic bitchfest du jour of Reva\Annie…CW showing her acting chops not used as a prop ;) :love: :bigsmile: pt. 2 momentary break then procedes

  16. Avatar of pferrando

    I had stopped watching GL by that time. But Annie was always one of my sister’s fav GL characters in the later years.

    She even stuck through the show to the end when it was a shell of its greatness.

  17. Avatar of pferrando

    Gosh…the more I see CW on YR, the more I’m disappointed that she’s leaving.

    That scene with Peter B at lunch on Tuesday’s ep… SOOOO good.

    I’d rather they had just written her out until she could return, even if the character was gaining momentum.

  18. Avatar of ChrisGa

    [quote=pferrando]Gosh…the more I see CW on YR, the more I’m disappointed that she’s leaving.

    That scene with Peter B at lunch on Tuesday’s ep… SOOOO good.

    I’d rather they had just written her out until she could return, even if the character was gaining momentum.[/quote]


    The scenes between Jack and Kelly on Tuesday’s ep–as well as last week in Jack’s office–were my absolute favorite scenes on the whole show in the last two weeks; I don’t understand how anyone could watch them and not see what a truly special talent Cynthia Watros is. I would definitely rather see them just write the character off and see what happens with the MTV series because as much as I love Cady McClain I truly believe that CW’s in a whole other ballpark.

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