Aly Goes Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs on The Bold and the Beautiful! (SNEAK PEEK)

What's eating Alexandria "Aly" Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce)? The formerly-frumpy fashion heiress goes hard against Wyatt (Darin Brooks) today on The Bold and the Beautiful. Can someone tell me how an intern has the power to fire a business partner?

Meanwhile, Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) is giving Eric (John McCook) warnings about his granddaughter's mental state. Isn't it nice of Tay-Tay to care so much for Aly, after she mowed the girl's mama down on Pacific Coast Highway? Watch a sneak peek of Friday's B&B after the jump!

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    Yea, in yesterday’s episode they all were hinting the “problems” Aly had in the past which I like that she might have a secret history of problems. Maybe, just maybe due to the death of Darla? Aly will be the thorn in Wyatt’s side you can tell and falling hard for Liam. Maybe $) $Bill shouldn’t had thought Hope was the unstable one. This little girl will be obsess toward the “granola boy” ;)

    It’s nice Taylor has returned and I do hope Aly has major issues toward Tay-Tay and using this history, now this would be fitting to explore. :bigsmile:

    I also want to Taylor to clash with wacky Quinn! I must say again how much I’m enjoying RS as Quinn. Didn’t know her work but she’s a find and I got to remark I think $) $Bill\Quinn as more chemistry then with Brooke….I’m a fan of those two!

    BB is rocking :)

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    Does that mean Taylor knows Aly’s situation in as being her therapist? I’d go mental too if the person who killed my mother is allowing herself to talk about my mental state.
    If I understood Eric’s conversation with Pam right in yesterday’s episode, Aly’s problems started in her childhood. My guess is it was because of Darla’s death and his father dating the woman who killed her. Wasn’t there a storyline back then where Thorne had to break up with Taylor because Aly couldn’t stand being around her?
    Anyway the storyline is great so far and has me excited for what’s to come.

    Still think that Winsor Harmon and Katherine Kelly Lang should have more scenes with each other more often. Thorne and Brooke still have some serious chemistry there.

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    Well, it’s great that Aly is having a storyline (let’s be real, who knows how long it will last, this storyline could end next week), but I just think it shouldn’t have been this obvious from the get-go, knowing that since Hope is the be all end all saintly princess, and Aly, as soon as she was making goo goo eyes for Liam, was clear that she is to be the foil and apparently crazy to boot. What has happened to the idea that there can be two equally good women who can battle it out for the same man? Why must there always be one protagonist who will win everything and one crazy person who will either die or be locked up in the end? IMO that’s a little bit lazy storytelling. Aly is a Forrester daughter, and a blood one at that, and she should be the central heroine of the younger generation as a legacy character. And her problems are no bigger than what Hope had, having her father be her former brother-in-law.

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    Today w\Aly was great. She ripped Wyatt a new asshole and topped it with a backhanded slap :O Not sure if she has the power to fire anyone but who’s to say she’s a Forrester heiress. I loved the flashbacks w\Tay-Tay when Aly was little, great touch and not over used but it was appropriate to the story.

    Poor Aly…first her mother and dealing with her death. I think Aly was bullied in school. This is the catalyst for her problems and maybe nobody knew she was being bullied this is why she looked up to Hope. Brad could be doing a different type of a bully storyline about the affects of young person afterwards. This would explain her anger.

    I loved it when she ranted at Wyatt about Stephanie “you didn’t even know my grandmother!” :O Point on! Wyatt was like “I’ve heard”….looking like Aly has lots of Stephanie’s blood in her ;) Go get em’ tiger! >)

    I thought today’s was quite good.

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    Ally`s anger should be aimed at Taylor. She was the one who killed her mother and covered it all. I sure hope that crazy Taylor is not Ally`s psychiatrist now or ever cause if she is/was it is no wonder why she is unstable.

    I hardly doubt that Ally can fire Wyatt who is a partner to FC and she may be a Forrester but she is just an intern. She needs serious help, but I suspect she will go completely insane over Liam – she has a crush on him. I find them a good match and I hope he does not play with her feelings like he played with Hope`s and Steffy`s. he enjoyed two women fighting over him.

    Wyatt and Hope warm my heart.

    KKL and Windsor Harmon sure have serious chemistry and their scenes are far too little.

    Ally sure is more unstable than Quinn. I enjoy Quinn and will be happy if she and Taylor face off. I am in Quinn`s corner and want he r to rip Taylor to pieces.

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    Today’s B&B reminded me of the B&B of the ’90s.

    I’ve been saying for the past couple of years that B&B needed a little crazy blood. To me, B&B and Y&R have always had the creepiest villains. B&B stopped with the whole psycho thing, but it was always done really well and I wondered why Brad discontinued that.

    Ally may not be a TOTAL psycho, but damnit she’s doing good at WHATEVER she’s doing.

    I felt like Bill Bell was writing the show today…I had a smile on my face the entire time. Appropriate flashbacks, real conversations, emotions…ahhhhh

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    ok. After today’s episode, I like THIS Ally…. the flashbacks with the huge lipped Taylor scared me!

    Loved the look on Wyatt’s face while he was getting rimmed and all I thought about was what Quinn is going to do,about this, back in the states?

    Hope those jewels are insured!

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    This is fun keep it up. She seems to be able to play a nutjob very convincing and its true as we meet people we dont know whats in their past.. This show needs someone to play bad and between her and sometimes Quinn being a bit off it is fun.. And agree Wyatts face expressions to her are wonderful.. And whether she has the power to fire someone isnt important its she think she does

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    Team Aly! That girl Ashlyn Pearce can act! Friday’s episode was a classic. History was used (Stephanie’s jewelry, Taylor’s past with Aly and Thorne, Thomas returns, etc.)as well as Aly’s “Carrie White” performance from the Carrie movies. She is so beautiful and talented. Loved it when she slapped Wyatt for discussing Hope having sex with him on a plane! I also loved it when the camera zoomed in on the doorknob that Aly was opening prior to her confronting Wyatt. And the cueing of the ‘psycho-type’ music was cool. I hope they score Aly her own music everytime she’s about to go bonkers!

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    I agree with both Yoryla & CAguy88. Pearce is a huge find and she can act ….can we say the next Jennifer Finnigan, Pearce reminds me of her along similar look. ;)

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