Ric Wants a Second Chance With Liz on General Hospital! (SNEAK PEEK)

It may be raining mob men for Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) in Port Charles, but at least one of her baby daddies has eyes for another! This week on General Hospital, Ric (Rick Hearst) reconnects with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Will she accept his dinner proposal, or pass on hearing this particular song's "LiRic" again? Watch a sneak peek after the jump!

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    Daniel St. John

    Ric may have drugged Liz and whatnot but even that still makes him a better pick than saddling her with the unstoppable black of hole of suckitude that is Nikolas Cassadine.

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    I LOVED LiRic. If bad behavior was held against everyone, every man in PC would be celibate. I’d love for Liz to finally get Ric to drop his vendetta. Plus if they got together Rick Hearst would stick around longer, and it’s so nice to have him back.

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    This preview shows that Ron and Co was paying attention to Ric’s last year in PC.

    Yeah he started kissing Skye and had a brief flirtation with Claudia but he wanted Liz back. I remember he kept running into Liz and reminiscing about when they went skating together, etc. He also hired Lucky back on the force so that he would be able to take care of Liz. That is also why he cussed Liz out at the courthouse because he was pissed she was w/Jason.

    Ric always thought of Liz as his angel which was so sweet the only bag thing about LiRic was that Ric thought of Liz as someone who could redeem him. That was too much pressure to put on someone. But they had an awesome romance. All Liz’s romances when she was with a bad boy are the best ones, heck that’s why I even liked Liz/Zander! Nikolas and Liz were so hot because their love was forbidden but that flourished into a real love.

    I am also glad Liz was apprehensive. Ric is a wild card so she has to know if he’s real.

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    jeremy in chicago

    No. Please God, anything but this. Ric/Ava needs to happen immediately. Liz/Nik/Brit has a lot of legs and can be a great triangle for awhile. I think Liz/Nik will win out in the end. Ric/Liz is a huge, huge NO.

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    I’m just happy to see Liz being involved in more stories. Ric and Liz don’t have to be a couple but I really would like to see scenes of Ric trying to win her back. Rick H. is such a great actor and I’m glad to see him getting more story instead of always wanting to go after Sonny. Bring on some romance GH, please!!!!

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