Perkie’s Observations: Jason Comes Between Robin and Patrick on General Hospital

Dr. Obrecht declares Anna will pay for what she’s done to Faison.  Anna claims Faison was arrested, and is in custody. Liesl shows her the file and says Faison isn’t where he’s supposed to be. 

Anna claims he was taken to a different facility. Liesl accuses her of killing Faison and disposing of his body.

Anna lists different ways she could have killed Faison and says he deserves to die. She claims maybe she let Faison live, so he could suffer for torturing her about Robin’s death. Maybe now Liesl understands what it’s like not knowing the truth?

Liesl promises she’ll make Anna pay. She makes a comment about Anna losing Robin again so soon. Anna is shocked and upset Liesl knows anything about Robin’s departure.
AJ wonders why Ava would kill Connie. She admits Connie figured out who Julian was. She's angry with AJ for remembering and worries Sonny will come after her, if he learns the truth. 
AJ and Ava fight over the gun. He knocks it from her hand onto the floor. AJ angrily grabs Ava around the neck, yelling at her that he lost everything when everyone thought he had killed Connie. 
Michael tells Monica what happened to AJ. AJ thinks Sonny was behind it, but Michael is certain it wasn’t.

Monica complains the vendetta between Sonny and AJ has gone on for years, and it puts Michael in the middle. Monica is sure AJ didn’t kill Connie, but is worried because of his drinking. 
Sonny is surprised to hear AJ went to Ava’s. He tells Shawn about the attempt on AJ’s life. Sonny thinks he should check out the situation. Shawn makes him leave his gun behind. 
Victor arrives to take Robin away. He reminds them no one is forcing her to go — she’s going for Jason.

Patrick points out the WSB could fabricate evidence Jason is still alive. Robin is certain the evidence is real.  Victor questions Robin’s loyalty and she agrees she’s leaving. 
Patrick warns Victor if something happens to Robin, he will hunt Victor down.

Robin begs Patrick to let her go. He’s afraid for her.

Robin promises she’ll return. Patrick tells her not to make promises she may not be able to keep. The two say their goodbyes and Robin leaves. 
The clinic receptionist stops Silas from entering the room, but he pushes his way in and finds the room empty. She demands to know how they managed to access the floor. Sam says they want answers. 

Silas wonders if Nina is dead. The receptionist isn't forthcoming. Guards arrive and toss Silas and Sam out. 
Sonny gets to Ava’s in time to see AJ with his hands around her neck. He picks the gun off the floor and orders AJ to get his hands off her.

AJ wants Sonny to put the gun down, so he can explain the truth. Sonny shoots AJ in the chest. 
Robin and Victor get to the same clinic where Sam and Silas just left. Robin says she won’t start working until she sees Jason. Victor takes her into a room. Robin is thrilled to see Jason.   

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    Kudos to Kathleen Gahti and Finola Hughes. Excellent scenes between Anna and Liesl. The two should teach a class on how it’s done.

    Excellent goodbye scenes between Patrick and Robin. Loved all the flashbacks. They both looked so young.

    Sam/Silas: Somebody needs to write something that would make me care about an unknown woman in a coma.

    So, will Sonny pay for what he’s done or will he get away with yet another murder?

  2. Profile photo of justsomeguy

    AJ was choking the shit out of Ava, Sonny can easily say he shot him in order to protect Ava and since the man has a history of violence against women it isn’t going to be hard to put over. It’d be interesting in Ava lied and said he did it out of cold blood, thereby taking care of two of her problems (assuming AJ died).

  3. Profile photo of js3557

    Sonny can’t claim defense of Ava because AJ had stopped strangling Ava, had released her, and was trying to talk with Sonny. The danger to Ava was over. Sonny shot AJ in cold blood because he believed that AJ killed Connie. Sonny should go to jail for this one….but he won’t.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Sonny didn’t shot AJ in defense of Ava. He once again shot someone who was begging for his life. I hope that Sonny finally has to pay.

    I’m not interested in Sam/Silas storyline. Can’t care for a woman in a coma.

    Robin’s good bye scenes were sweet but I don’t like that it has to be about Jason. And I don’t like the fact that we now have another clinic where every person that we believed has died could turn up alive. RC has done this way too much last year.

    Finola Hughes was amazing in her scenes. What a brilliant actress!!

  5. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Both Finola Hughes and Kathleen Gati were FIRE on Tueday’s ep. Love those two.

    Like many, I’m having a very hard time mustering any interest in Sam/Silas/coma wife. Don’t really dislike Sam or Silas but I kinda feel about them the way I do Michael and Kiki–I like them well enough apart but together they’re not doing it for me.

    Otherwise, I thought it was another very entertaining episode.

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    J Bernard Jones

    AJ was choking the shit out of Ava, Sonny can easily say he shot him in order to protect Ava

    Exactly. In fact, Sonny was already overheated when he came in and had the flashback to walking in on AJ choking Connie. Also, from the way the scene was shot, it looked like Sonny was waving the gun and it went off more than him taking a deliberate aim and pulling the trigger as Ava had done earlier.

    I’m not saying that Sonny SHOULD get off, but all it will take is for Ava to say that AJ had attacked her and Sonny had come to her defense. Plus, she’ll now have leverage over Sonny….

  7. Profile photo of SZima

    Kathleen Gahti and Finola Hughes were on fire! It will be fun to watch these two in future scenes…providing they don’t just drop this story as CarTini so often does.

    I’m furious that Sonny shot AJ! Of course we don’t know yet that AJ dies (at least I haven’t heard anything) so I hope he will still get the truth out there. As much as I love Maura West, I’m not loving what they’ve done to the character. How many murders does this woman need to commit before she gets caught/punished? Of course this is Sonnyville, so I guess that’s a stupid question.

    Now that Robin is gone, can she please stay gone? Let her revive Jason OFF SCREEN and decide he’s the one she truly loves OFF SCREEN and go away together OFF SCREEN and never be seen or heard from again??? Pretty please?

  8. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Absolutely LOVED the Anna/Olbrecht scenes :love: Haven’t been able to view/find the full ep on YouTube yet, will chime in later.

    Pretty much agree on all fronts with Perkie and what some others said here.

    What bugs me about Michael is Chad Duell’s constant look of constipation, it’s pretty one-note, sort of what Shawn Christopher does so well on Days. But it could be the writing of Michael that’s a bigger issue at this time….

  9. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    I pretty much guessed the place where Silas’ wife was would turn out to be where Jason would be. Sam unbeknowingly being right outside his room, too bad they missed paths with Robin. Though Kimberly McCullough wants to do other projects I’m confused as to why they would end up having Robin go to a clinic so close to home. Wouldn’t this mean that hypothetically Patrick and Emma could visit her or the other way around without her being sequestered from her family?

  10. Profile photo of stefanstavros


    Robin’s good bye scenes were sweet but I don’t like that it has to be about Jason. And I don’t like the fact that we now have another clinic where every person that we believed has died could turn up alive. RC has done this way too much last year.


    ITA. The whole “catch-all clinic” for all the MIA characters has been WAY overdone by Ron. I’m sure it’s simply to consolidate the action (and lower budget/set costs) in one place. But it’s SO unrealistic…LOL I also agree, soapjunkie, that it’s a shame Jason has to be stuck in the middle of this…AT LEAST when he revives it will be a different actor: THANK YOU JFP! As a Cassadine lover, I just hope we get to see the wonderful CT and RKK again in their glory as Helena and Stavros!

  11. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    Anna & Liesl scenes were electric.
    Finola Hughes is a treasure.

    SHOCKED that the clinic is SO CLOSE to home.Suppose that makes it easy for Victor top pop in & out of Port Charles, but it’s weird about Robin. Maybe this is just a temp location, and now they’ll move Robin and Jason’s frozen body to Cassadine Island.

    I wish Sonny would go to jail, but we know he won’t. So I will be satisfied if Michael gets so pissed at Sonny, he ends their relationship. And changes his last name. That would be epic.

    And this is just going to draw Sonny more into Ava’s web so someone (Ava, Sonny or both) will eventually get their just desserts.

    And Jason Thompson is amazing.

  12. Profile photo of Mets82

    Finola Hughes is fantastic. I just hope they dont pull this “Robin is captive again” stuff. Seemed like Orbrecit was blackmailing Anna. Tell me where Faison is and there will be no harm to Robin.

  13. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I never thought I would say this because I really do love me some Robin Scorpio but I am glad she is gone. This whole story of her leaving to thaw out Jason and the Cassadine Combo just felt so forced and ridiculous.

    What can I say about Anna and Dr. O other than that their scenes were fantastic! My favorite thing in all of soaps is when divas throw down and these two actresses play off each other so well that I just get transfixed by their scenes especially when they are meaty and full of emotion like these were. Ron C deserves kudos for creating such a great character like Dr. O and making her a viable and credible adversary for Anna.

    I like Ava a lot but I was yelling for AJ to choke her ass out in those scenes! This little twist on the Connie murder is turning out to be a lot of fun even if it does point out the wasted storyline potential that we could have had with an AJ/Ava pairing. SK and MW have really good chemistry and I loved how MW played Ava as being genuinely torn over the fact she had to kill AJ.
    I am also glad that Sonny is now in the middle of this. Sonny’s greatest enemy is and will always be AJ Quartermaine…you can have him tangle with all the fly by night mobsters that GH wants to throw at him but Sonny will never have another rivalry as deep as the one with AJ. Why Ron has neglected to focus on that more I will never know. Those two should be GH’s version of Jack vs Victor on YR.

    I am a fan of Sam and Silas as a couple. They are blazing hot in their love scenes and pretty cute together outside of the bedroom. However, I am finding it hard to care about this Silas Coma Wife story. Maybe it is because there is no actual comatose wife (not even flashbacks) so it feelslike Sam and Silas are spinning their wheels on a mystery that doesn’t mean anything. The show needs to bring in Nina or her family really soon so that this story gets fleshed out more and doesn’t continue to seem so blah.

  14. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    You know, the only thing that would make me happy about this Robin exit, and perhaps tie into the Sam/Silas story (otherwise I agree that I give less than a damn about Nina) would be if Georgie were the one Robin was saving, and Georgie is a (pardon the pun) dead ringer for Silas comatose wife. It would defy belief, but then bringing back the dead is pretty unbelievable too.

    Please soap God, make Sonny pay for this one, or go nuts after he finds out that the woman he supposedly “saving” is the very one who murdered his precious Connie. I sincerely hope AJ recovers because Sonny has owed AJ an apology since forever.

  15. Profile photo of liason4real

    My prediction is Ava will be redeemed soon, because MW is killing (no pun intended) in this role. I want Ava to end up married to Sonny, gaslight her new hubby, dumb his butt in Shadybook, Ferncliff or Miscavige for at least six months until AJ wakes up from his coma (during May sweeps) and remembers that Ava killed Connie (November sweeps)!

    I loved Anna and Dr. O’s scenes.

    Nate is still purty, but needs to relax in his scenes.

  16. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I liked this episode for the most part. LOVED the Anna/Olbrecht scenes, they were juxtaposed nicely with other tense scenes (Robin/Victor) and it all worked and each seemed to heighten the other. LOVED all the Scrubs flashbacks, nice seeing JT during his pre-yoga/vegan days or whatever he does now LOL.

    My biggest gripes (in this episode) are how STOOPID and a victim they are painting AJ, and that the story seems to primarly serve Ron’s pet, Ava. AJ should be more of a force in town, not a *farce*! He can still have his tendencies to self-destruct, but still be more of a power player in town.

    As i said before, the Silas/Sam stuff is a snore. Can’t BELIEVE they’re on Wed’s ep too, i sorely need a break from this one. :(

    As dragged out as Robin’s exit has been, it does seem to *end* on a suspenseful note!

  17. Profile photo of Mets82

    Btw, did anybody catch Anna’s conversation with Robert on the phone yesterday? Anna asked Robert where he was and responded “Wisconsin.” Nice nod to Y&R.

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