Perkie’s Observations: Will Sonny Lose Michael on General Hospital?

Julian swears to Anna he doesn’t know AJ, or have a grudge against him. He didn’t shoot him. 

Anna asks about his alibi. Julian says it was a business associate, but can’t reveal who. Julian tells her to look at Ava, and asks to call a lawyer.    
Alexis and Molly argue about lack of trust in their relationship. Molly reminds her mother she and TJ have been in a serious relationship for awhile, and are ready for the next step. She wonders why Alexis doesn’t trust her judgment. Julian calls Alexis asking for help.
TJ wonders if Shawn went to bat for him with Alexis. Shawn explains he tried, then complains about Alexis and Julian.  Sonny calls to see him. 
Tracy demands to know where Luke went. He pulls out a box, gets down on one knee and proposes. 

Tracy declines. Their last marriage was a farce. Luke feels things have changed, especially since being locked up. 
Luke says they’re lucky to have found each other. He wants to prove his love to Tracy. Tracy finally agrees to become Mrs. Luke Spencer. 
Morgan tells Sonny he went to Ava’s and was told by police what happened. Sonny denies shooting AJ. He promised Michael he wouldn't hurt his biological father. Sonny tells Morgan to go to the hospital. 
Ric sees Liz’s concern and asks about AJ. She explains their relationship. She feels badly about turning her back on him. 
Michael worries as the staff tries to revive a crashing AJ. Morgan gets there and gives his brother a hug.

Morgan tells Michael about AJ being found at Ava’s, but Ava is in New York.  He mentions how he told Sonny, who was surprised. 
Julian tells Alexis he’s been implicated in AJ’s shooting, but swears he didn’t do it. She asks about his alibi. He says in his business, he can’t give out names.
Alexis decides it would be a conflict of interest to represent Julian, because of Sonny. She recommends Diane. 

Julian isn't interested in Diane. Alexis tells him about Ric. 
TJ meets with Molly to commiserate about Alexis.  Molly wants to spend more time with TJ. She decides she needs to move in with Ric.  
Sonny tells Shawn he shot AJ with Julian’s gun. He needs an alibi.  

Shawn was at Kelly’s and people saw him. He promises to get Sonny a cover story. 
Shawn is concerned about AJ waking up and fingering Sonny. Sonny made a promise to Michael, and had every intention of keeping it. He failed. Losing Michael would be worse than going to prison.  Sonny swears Michael can never know the truth
As AJ is being taken into surgery, Michael asks him who did this. AJ isn't able to respond.  .    

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    It’s probably unfair to judge based on past experience but given the years of “Sonny never pays/always comes out smelling like a rose,” I can not muster any interest in this storyline. I fear it will end up ‘same ole’ same’ in regards to actual repercussions (or lack there of). This is why I have a hard time with GH as a whole-no real payoff, lasting consequences, or believability of story. Couples will never stay together for long so no use get invested in them, villains (or anyone for that matter)never stay dead so no sense of victory or true loss, and stories have no “in-character” boundaries anymore. Robin leaves her family after being away for 2 years to save Jason? Carly is in love with Franco who among other horrible things was responsible for her son being raped? Very disappointing. Anyway, I just can’t get invested in whether Sonny gets found out because we all know he will never go to jail for the shooting, Michael will forgive him, and there will be no long-term consequences which is sad because if he actually did pay those prices the fall out would be an interesting to watch.

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    [quote=curacaoman]Will people finally see Sonny as the son of a bitch he really is?[/quote]

    Everybody’s a bitch on this show, everyone. Of course Michael will hold it against Sonny, can see that coming a mile away. I mean if he can be tolerable about his mom banging the guy who orchestrated his rape then he can eventually forgive Sonny. I mean, he’s made up with that sniveling man child AJ.

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    Sonny is the good mobster, RME. Sonny never loses, period. Every villain that crosses paths with Sonny, Jason, Carly, etc.. always lose in the end, always.

    I really enjoyed Michael and Morgan finally acting like brothers now that Kiki is out of the picture.

    The scenes between Liz and Ric were nice, but I don’t want a redo of crazy ass Ric paired up with Liz.

    Kudo’s to Alexis/NLG for having multiple love interests on this show in the format of Sonny, Ric, and Julian!

    Added: It was great to hear Shawn calling Alexis a hypocrite during his conversation with TJ about Alexis and her hots for mobster Julian Jerome.

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