Stars and Fans Participate in 5th Annual General Hospital Fan Build Day (PHOTOS)

General Hospital stars and fans turned out for the 5th Annual General Hospital Fan Build Day to benefit Habitat for Humanity on March 8.  Check out more photos after the jump!

Ryan Carnes, Marc Samuel and Parry Shen

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    You peoiple have to be hispanic because Becky is just pale, nothing pretty about it. We have a lot of pretty skkin people in the south. She would be consider alright, she is not pretty, to many masculine figures in her face. No tits, nothing that remotely look like a woman.

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    Nope…not hispanic. I’m pretty pale myself and I think Beck’s skin is unbelievably gorgeous. I’ve been to the South many times and I don’t recall ever seeing anyone with such flawless, glowing, pristine skin.

    As for her chest, the girls definitely made an appearance in the dress she wore to Nik’s engagement party on yesterday’s show.

    But, haters gonna hate.

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