Is Elizabeth Hendrickson LEAVING The Young and the Restless?

Another day, another round of intense contract negotiations at CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan tweeted over the weekend he was hearing Elizabeth Hendrickson is leaving the role of grieving mother Chloe Fisher on the sudser.  

Hendrickson has been in lengthy contract talks for some time, sources revealed to Daytime Confidential's Jillian Bowe. Is another fan fave on her way out of Genoa City? Sound off in the comments!

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    I hope not. I think she is a tremendous actress and has really been the best actor in the entire dead DeDe story. That being said she is a tremendous actress and could do well. She might want to stretch her wings and try for something new.

    I hope not but obviously if she is feeling its time then best of luck to her.

    Side note I don’t care who wins any Emmy as long as she does. If she doesn’t take home that trophy then it will be a joke of an award show

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    hey mon

    Another one paired with Kevin Fisher (Greg R) bites the dust. The character of Kevin is literally the kiss of death on The Show.

    Too bad, I think Liz would work well with Dave Tom, cause ol Vic (and I mean Victoria this time, not her Daddy) just aint cutting it.

    Cause the 2 cougars fighting over nuBilly aint too realistic.

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    Restless Fan

    Y&R’s ratings have not suffered with all the big actors who have left so I would think they aren’t inclined to negotiate well. Before you know it, Y&R will be all new faces. A new show with no connection to its past, which is apparently what they want.

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    the character should’ve cut from the show years ago.

    she has nothing of importance to offer and has nothing going on.

    I hope if she leaves she takes that other bore Kevin with her.

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    I don’t blame her. The Delia’s death plot was ALL about Adam, Billy, and Victoria. And the Gala/Delia benefit? It was all about Cane and Lily–because that just made SO much sense. And now we’ll soon have the fashion show. Will it involve FASHIONISTA Chloe that much? Nope! It’ll be a FULL week of LILY and Hillary CAT FIGHTING.

    RUN LIZ–RUN FOR THE HILLS!! Anything they tell you to keep you, will be a LIE!

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    This wouldn’t surprise me. To be quite honest the show never really invested in Chloe. After revealing her as Esther’s daughter and then her break up with Cane they really haven’t done much for the character. This romance with Kevin has been a major bust for years and with the death of Delia they finally gave her some good material to play.

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    Well I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. In fact, I’ve been expecting for this for a long time.

    I mean, let’s face it, the character of Chloe has been demolished for at least the last two years. She has been relegated to a sidebar character, who really has nothing left in GC.

    The Chancellor family has practically seized to exist, and her only child has been killed off – a storyline where she didn’t even get the deserved leading role as the child’s mother, but yet she had to play second fiddle to supporting character, con artist Chelsea. Not to mention her romantic non-entanglements, of which the best option has been brother/sister -chemistry laden relationship with Kevin. And now, after losing her child, she has been made the new town resident crazy person, getting the Sharon treatment, to once again, prop some far less important newbie.

    So I am not surprised at all. She is doing a wise move, too. EH should save herself from the mess that is Y&R and especially her character Chloe.

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    If true, I wish I felt sadder about this, but I just don’t. I’ve never really cared for Chloe, and I’m sure the actress will turn up somewhere else.

    I wonder if this is a role that TPTB would feel the need to recast. If so, I’d go with Rebecca Budig, even though she’s six years older than Hendrickson. Sony has already shown that actors’ real ages mean nothing to them.

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    She actually has been written for quite a bit since JG took the writing helm in Oct 2012. Prior to that she had been back burned, yes.

    If she chooses to go, I’ll be sad about it. I liked the dynamic she had with Missy E.

    But she’s been on for over 6 years, so she may be ready to move on. Nothing wrong with that.

    I can see people chomping at the bit to lay the blame on Phelps, but again I doubt that’s the case. Like Restless said, these days there is not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to new contracts, so she may be playing hardball. Either way, I hope it works out for her.

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if EH decides it’s time to move on with the wrap up of the Delia storyline. Honestly, I would like Greg Rikkart to stay and I’d like the show to finally tackle an intelligent, well-written (oh, please?) “coming out” story. The jump off can be Chloe deciding to leave town WITHOUT Kevin, telling him that their romance was never really more than a closeness “like friends/brother and sister” and now that she has to face a new life without Delia, Kevin should face things in his life he hasn’t fully accepted yet, too. This could be where Kevin starts to realize his long-standing crush on Chavez. (Did anyone else catch the smarmy newbie detective commenting how Kevin and Chavez are always in the squad room “swapping recipes.” I took that to mean that everyone at the GCPD has noticed a close…connection between the two men. Whether the writers choose to have Chavez return Kevin’s realized feelings or not, it could make for good story. It could be interesting to show how a straight man can have a close friendship with a gay man and not have it be sexual. What if Kevin eventually did find a real boyfriend and Chavez gets “jealous” of Kevin’s wandering attention? Greg Rikkart happens to be gay in real life and IS a good actor, but coincidentally has never found sizzling chemistry with any actress with whom his character has been paired. The writers really could mine Kevin’s history to make the “Kevin finally accepts his homosexuality” storyline pretty organic and not a total about face. He was chasing teenage girls when he was first introduced to GC (couldn’t he chase adult women–or did they always reject him?) and then (as said) his relationships have all been busts. Unlike during the retconning of Thom Bierdz’s Phillip Chancellor III a few years back, I think Greg Rikkart is a good enough actor to sell this slightly retconned character development and storyline. (Yes, it did make sense that PCIII turned out to be gay, but the way MAB brought him out of the closet was just stupid and poor Thom Bierdz just lacked the acting chops to sell the story despite its’ shortcomings–JMO.)

    Good luck to Liz Hendrickson if sheis leaving and I really, really hope Shelly and Jean read this and decide to do it. It’s time for Y&R to tell the story of an intelligent, sensitive, strong gay man learning to accept himself in a world that more often than of already does. Plenty of story to tell over time!

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    Sorry to see her go. She has been wonderful during the Delia storyline.

    I think if they are not going to move Kevin into Chavez’s orbit and bed then they should leave town together.

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    I must say I’m not disappointed to see Chloe go, I need a break from the character & Kevin to be honest….too much Kevin\Chloe the past year and one of the most boring couples ever on YR. LH was always a hit or miss for me when it came to acting, I liked some of her early stories she shined as the fashionista bitchy part.

    But my question is there another fan fave actress leaving too? Was this a blind item? I’m scared if true.

    I’m sorry but to many vets or longstanding characters have left on JFP’s watch to shove another new character on us from GH or ABC defunct soap….well, possibilities Mariah, Stitch’s wife, nuPhyllis, nuKelly, etc. but using the vets on as day players “special episodes”….it’s disgusting & heartbreaking. :(

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    Typically when a popular young actress like EH decides to leave a steady paying gig like YR it’s to pursue other interests. The character’s s/l or even $ typically doesn’t play much into their decision if their mind is set on trying other things.

    Good luck to EH if she is indeed leaving…I’m fairly certain we’ll see her again in something else.

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    I’d be lying if I said this bothered me in the least. Liz Hendrickson is a top drawer actress but Chloe is one of the most unappealing characters in daytime and has been nearly the entire time she’s been on the show. I’ve found her somewhat bearable in the last year or so thanks to her friendship with Chelsea because LH and MCE have such a great rapport onscreen. But the “romance” with Kevin was DOA from the beginning and no one seems to want to write her–or Kevin, for that matter–with anyone else. So yeah, this is far from bad news to me.

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    I agree about 110 percent with CHRISGA above. I wish I could have stated it so eloquently and I hope I spelled that correctly. Just never cared for Chloe and I thought she did a very poor job with the Delia story. Of course, I didn’t care for the story either. Worse part of it though, was the loss of Mike Muhney as Adam. I also miss Billy Miller, but did not like the last few weeks of him, but he is so much better than David Tom. They really should dump DT, as he just doesn’t do it.

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    The actress is okay, a bit ‘dead’ behind the eyes, and her voice reminds me of Felicia from GH, but Chloe just seemed like a generic ‘filler’ character to me. Could have been any random brunette.

    Chelsea also seems like a random brunette to me. So many of the new Y&R characters lack actual ‘character’ and seem extremely generic. Is it the way they are written? Dylan, Stitch, Chloe, Chelsea, Tyler, Chavez…

    Maybe they just need to be fleshed out a bit more? More time maybe?

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    RealityCheck 33

    Elizabeth Hendrickson is a very good actress, but the character of Chloe Fisher was one-note and suffocating her talent. It’s not surprising that she’s leaving Y&R since Melissa Claire Egan has emerged as the new “it” girl.

    Being connected to Greg Rikkart did her no favors either. There was no spark between them because he is asexual. Her romance with Chance Chancellor had much more potential. The quick flirtation with Ronan had a spark, so you know she had a good romance in her. They had a sexual chemistry on-screen. Good luck EH.

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    To those who’ve felt this coming for a long time, you’ve reminded me that both Hendrickson and Rikaart were rumored to be on some list when JFP first took over. In July 2012, Branco reported: “I’m hearing CBS/Sony isn’t crazy about Elizabeth Hendrickson, Greg Rikaart, Michael Graziadei, Jessica Heap, and Blake Hood, either, but this young-ish group may be hard to get rid of if Y&R is serious about building a new generation.”

    Personally, I wouldn’t doubt Rikaart might be bumped to recurring at some point as well and just become Paul’s sometimes-seen computer whiz, especially now that they can’t even do the Oscar & Felix schtick (or more) with Alex & Kevin, due to Serricchio’s schedule the way it is.

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    [quote=RealityCheck 33]Being connected to Greg Rikkart did her no favors either. There was no spark between them because he is asexual. Her romance with Chance Chancellor had much more potential. The quick flirtation with Ronan had a spark, so you know she had a good romance in her. They had a sexual chemistry on-screen. Good luck EH.[/quote]

    Yeah, I think the best path for the Chloe character would have definitely been to go further with her in-between the two half-brothers, Chance and Ronan. And then there was Mama Nina, who got in Chloe’s face more than once about her sons. Playing the maid’s daughter with the Chancellor heir, then throw in Ronan, along with Nina, Esther, and Jill on the sidelines all under the same roof? Soapy.

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    WOW! Another one bite the dust! I like Lizzie… Ever since JFP has come on this show it been a revolving door of actors… Wishful casting?

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    [quote=FoxCrane][quote=RealityCheck 33]Being connected to Greg Rikkart did her no favors either. There was no spark between them because he is asexual. Her romance with Chance Chancellor had much more potential. The quick flirtation with Ronan had a spark, so you know she had a good romance in her. They had a sexual chemistry on-screen. Good luck EH.[/quote]
    Yeah, I think the best path for the Chloe character would have definitely been to go further with her in-between the two half-brothers, Chance and Ronan. And then there was Mama Nina, who got in Chloe’s face more than once about her sons. Playing the maid’s daughter with the Chancellor heir, then throw in Ronan, along with Nina, Esther, and Jill on the sidelines all under the same roof? Soapy.[/quote]

    Ah, yes. Now THIS scenario would have been SOAP.

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    Honestly if this is true I don’t blame the actress. Every single time that she had to portray Chloe emotionally dealing with Delia’s death Hendrickson has delivered! And then some!

    It was a shame that the writers n producers opted to focus the story on billy and showing that the only way a man knows how to deal with the death of his child is to cheat on the child’s mother… Like his brother in law… Instead of opting for a bigger and far further reaching story of a mother’s ultimate loss. Sure, we got hints of hendricksons amazing talent but never a full story. Even now with finally seeing the effects of her child’s death, the focus has been taken off Delia by every other character and turned towards a friggin’ fashion show.

    (Why would anyone think that PR buzz would be great for a hotel by holding a fashion show where one of the partners is in jail for kidnapping the child of her partner whose husband killed and then covered having killed the kidnapping partners child, and was then basically killed by the baby daddy of both women?!!)

    I wish Hendrickson all the luck and hope she goes far after Y&R.

    (Speaking of Adams death, why wasn’t billy arrested for causing his “death”? For one thing the cops know billy held Adam captive by gunpoint by Billy’s own admission. Just because the evidence proves or shows he killed Delia it doesn’t mean billy has the right to lead to his death. Sorry, nitpicker here on the story but to jump off Delia to save Billy’s marriage without addressing this is one reason I’m happy ratings are up but disappointed that shows miss opportunities.)

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    I can understand EH wanting to pursue other things while she’s still young. What more can they do with the character? Chloe with Kevin has become dull. They have to come up with a better story for Kevin because he hasn’t had any interesting story in awhile. EH showed a lot of raw emotion during the Delia story and have a feeling she’ll get an Emmy nod and may-be win. I don’t blame her for wanting to try other roles.

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    [quote=aroundhound]The bigger question: Is her left boob about to leave her dress? She had her best days as Lily’s stylist from hell. Paging Mr. Miller: Please come back.

    Sorry, but there isn’t enough there to escape!

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    I’m really going to miss her. I thought she hit it out of the park with the Delia story. She is a good actress and has awesome chemistry with Melissa. Btw, she is gorgeous!! Look at that pic!!

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    They need something done at that show it is so inconsistent. They start stories and then end them in a second and never really follow thru.. And there casting has been horrible with the exceptions of Hillary, Kelly and Dylan and Stitch.. Billy is not Billy Miller he was a handsome mans man and this one is not in anyway and not really attractive. What woman wouldnt jump on stitch over him.. And I know they have to replace Cynthia aka Kelly so Cady was a good choice just hope they use her better than they have Cynthia. Hillary and Angel Conwell are great give them some work even its lawyering and Hillary is to good at being bad to stay all good now.. So Get rid of Billy and if they replace Adam if there past is any suggestion it should be horrible .

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    Smart move on EH’s part since all Chloe is doing is being taken care of by Kevin and now they’re married again. I don’t hate Kevin but this tight buddies couple is very boring. Yet TPTB insist on keeping them paired. What they should’ve done with crazy Chloe is put her with crazy Carmine in the loony bin. The show needs a young controversial and messy couple. Kevin and Chavez could’ve slowly built something since alot of people want that. This writers seem determined to have as many dull couples as possible instead of going where the buzz is.

    Chloe playing second banana/bad friend to Chelsea has done her zilch favors either. She’s gotten alot of hate since the friendship began. Its really time to just exit the character out. I’d cut my losses too.

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    hey mon

    Good bye Liz. You did a great job — period.

    You came in as the major role in between Billy and Cane, and then got shuffled around. To Chance, to Ronan… then to the ‘kiss of death’ character, Kevin Fisher.

    When your daughter died, we didnt even get to see Billy tell you in a proper way. It was just your initial reaction, with no sound, far away thru a hospital glass wall partition. But we got to see Victoria Newman ad nauseum, and of course, your chraacter’s best friend, who is on, EVERY FUCKIN DAY, Chelsea Lawson Newman.

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    Reading this thread, I see my once-beloved GH isn’t the only soap with a lot of coulda shoulda woulda’s!

    I for one loved EH paired with Billy Miller once they moved her out of dreadful, boring Cane’s orbit, as she then tried every trick in the book to keep Billy from awful Cybill Shephard’s daughter, sad sack Mackenzie. :Sp EH and BM had sparks for DAYS, IMO. They squandered that opportunity and many more after that. When I’d read they’d paired Chloe off with Kevin, I sadly suspected the end was near. I HATE when they pair BFF’s romantically, the exception being the wonderful Sarah Brown and [usually dreadful] Steve Burton on GH, tho Brown did all the heavy lifting in that story. Sorry, off topic!

    I wish EH the best, I always thought she was adorable and had a lot of talent and appeal.

    @DanMan, great post, and boy do you dream big! :beer: We only wish TPTB had the balls to tell a story like yours. Hell, you could hand Rikkart the Emmy now, as he would sell the hell out of a well-written coming-out story. *Sigh*

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