SPOILERS: Brooke Refuses to Give Up Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Katie/Brooke/Donna/Ridge: Katie (Heather Tom) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) know they have a big hurdle to overcome in their relationship. While they attempt to work on it, Brooke updates Donna (Jennifer Gareis) on the situation. After their chat, Brooke contemplates her next move. Also, Katie and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) discuss their future.

Aly/Quinn/Wyatt: Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) doesn’t back down to Quinn (Rena Sofer). Due to Aly’s bold move, Quinn and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) begin to wonder if Aly is a threat to their jobs. Later, Quinn challenges Aly on the bridge.
 Liam/Hope: Liam (Scott Clifton) pays homage to Hope for the Future.

 Eric: Eric’s (John McCook) business decision creates a raucous.

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    I would like to see Rick more involved in the Aly story, in protective Uncle mode after Aly confides to him about Wyatt’s deed. This would put him also into Hope’s story being a needle in the side of Quinn\Wyatt. :)

    Wishful thinking here but it would be killer if Brad would have Quinn\Wyatt fired from Forrester to open up the door again a rival fashion house. My choice is Spectra again as cut rate fashion house. Could bring DJ Garrison in the picture via for Caroline, Maya, or even Daisy. Brad never killed Sally off and maybe it’s time to recast her in the form of Marj Dusay or Louise Sorrel giving a rival with Pam\Donna….which brings us back to Quinn\Wyatt going to Spectra and doing “rip jewel designs” copying the the Stephanie Forrester collection. ;) This could actually add tension to Hope\Wyatt relationship, Rick\DJ rivalry, lots of humor w\Sally returning and shake-up Forrester collection in HFTF. Spectra brings on a couture fashion successfully where Forrester not been concentrating on lately would be delicious! ;)

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    Brooke should slap the guy, have some words for her hypocritical sister who did the same thing to Bridget and then move on with her life. For over 20 years, Ridge has been a self-entitled a– that always seems to need women fighting over him.
    One thing Brooke proved over and over again is that she could have been happy with someone else. She could have been happy with Eric, Thorne and with Nick. But it was always Ridge who then came in and wanted his “Logan” back. Time to tell him to get lost.

    I highly doubt that Scott Clifton is going anywhere anytime soon. He won an Emmy for his role. If he isn’t walking away, CBS won’t show him the door. Liam and Hope are supposed to be that next big love story for generations. Some may not like it and I personally prefer Wyatt with Hope but Hope and Liam are pretty much sealed as the two leads of B&B’s future.

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    Agree with most of the posts here about Ridge. Yes, he thinks of himself as God`s gift to women. And he actually enjoys the attention of two women fighting over him. And Brooke was right he was the one who goes after her most of the time. This time won`t be different – Katie never was, is not and never will be the love of Ridge`s life. He will be after Brooke sooner or later. Katie is deluding her boring self if she thinks he will be with her “till death do them part”.

    Why someone or Brooke did not remind hypocritical,boring, always walking away Katie that she screwed Nick while he was engaged to Bridget and got pregnant by him on her death bed?

    And I agree with snizzle — Bill is waiting for Brooke with open arms. He wants to make her happy. He is not thinking of another woman. And I would like to see them fighting with Katie for SP. I still think Brooke has the documents Bill was trying to trick Katie. I want good old-fashioned corporate battle along with steamy scenes of those two.

    Let Ridge go Brooke – the hottie is waiting.

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    I just do NOT see this storyline had Ronn Moss stayed in the role.

    His portrayal of Ridge was often more artistic, soft, feminine. Would totally have stayed with Brooke.

    This new guy has a more masculine, sharper, ” I don’t give a shit ” attitude!

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    I’m liking this quad, with Quinn thrown in there as well.

    It’s so good. I just wish Bell would slow it down a bit.

    Katie and Ridge falling for each other happened too quickly for me.

    I get the pace of BB considering it’s a half hour though.

    BB as an hour show… :) :) :)

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    Yea, Kridge was a bit quick but so damn good.

    I love the chemistry I saw between RS & DD…smoldering. Quinn will mess now with Brooke\Bill’s relationship.

    So right TraceyAbbott Ronn Moss couldn’t play this type of masculine Ridge with type A personality….he would had stormed over Katie’s and want make love in his scarves or borrow Katie’s scarves ;)

    I wish BB was an hour, the perfect time would be at 11 AM, back up TPIR at 10 AM and have 2 hours of soaps….maybe the Bells don’t want to mess with a good thing…Bill wasn’t keen on YR going an hour, that was CBS’s doing and sort of forcing the issue. :crown:

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