SPOILERS: EJ Learns He May Be A Father Again on Days of Our Lives!

EJ/Abigail: Abigail’s (Kate Mansi) pregnancy scare throws her and EJ (James Scott) into a tailspin. She doesn’t trust him, and he desperately attempts to avoid Sami (Alison Sweeney).

Rafe/Jordan: Rafe (Galen Gering) does his best to make sure Jordan (Chrishell Stause) remains in Salem USA.
JJ/Paige: JJ (Casey Moss) has no luck when he attempts to impress Paige (True O'Brien). However, he runs into an even bigger problem when the past comes back to bite him in the behind.
Sonny/Victor/Nick: Sonny (Freddie Smith) divulges his feelings about Nick (Blake Berris) to Victor (John Aniston).

Marlena/John/Roman: Marlena (Deidre Hall) has some tough questions for Dr. Chyka (Michael Benyaer). Marlena’s nosiness causes Nicole to go off on her. Later on, Marlena has another ugly run-in John (Drake Hogestyn), and ends up getting some solace in Roman's (Josh Taylor) arms.
Stefano/Nicole: Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) get into a heated argument.

Eric/Jennifer/Daniel: Eric (Greg Vaughan) accidentally mentions Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) lie to Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).  Meanwhile, Daniel discovers clues of what Nicole is hiding from Eric. Jennifer continues to have bad luck, when she gets something cruel in the mail.
Sami/Adrienne: Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Adrienne (Judi Evans) can’t seem to agree about Sami’s wedding plans.
Hope/Aiden:Hope (Kristian Alfonso) begins to view Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) in a different light.


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    I absolutely loved the EJ and Abby scenes today! It was great to see Abby being such a spitfire and not backing down with him. They have amazing chemistry whether they’re sexing it up or bantering back and forth like they were today. I really hope she’s pregnant as I think that will be such a great story and affect everyone on canvas. Wait til Sami finds out the reason he was asking so many questions today is due to the fact that he’s the Daddy!

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    Yes, I liked Abby being a spitfire, this the writers should keep and those two have equal chemistry as EJ & Sami. :bigsmile: Personally, I don’t like Roman in the least or the actor. All of Days’ stories hitting but maybe one is just OK. All the stories are entertaining me and this is why I’m so enjoying Days….the stories have me either cheering for, jeering against, making me laugh out loud, feeling the present of loving couples, family dynamics, vets working in stories by connections, exploring couples, but I so appreciate that Days is serving up long-term stories. This creates organic stories in the aftermath….it reminds me so much how Bill Bell would weave stories :love:

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    The show is still telling good story. I’m even mildly interested in the Jennifer/Daniel stuff.(Mark Collier actually has great potential as a villain.):)

    The only parts I still FF through are the Jordan/Rafe scenes when Kate isn’t involved.

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    OH my Gawd! Days was fierce today (Friday) on every point. I had it on at the restaurant and everything was good & intense in this episode.

    I loved how Eric clocked on Marlena, with settle hints between John\Roman vying for Mar’s attention. Yesterday’s Stefano\Marlena and Marlena trying to pull one over on King DiMera was classic and could open up a renewed rivalry between those two characters.

    Sami\Abby was good as Sami offered Abby to buy a pregnancy test…Abby’s expression was perfectly displayed nervousness. EJ\Abby talking and than Sami coming in with EJ literally on the edge and having to stay out there for the whole time. I never laughed as hard at Liam’s “meeting” for men When Sami came in saw EJ reading about ED!! priceless :bigsmile: …it was a fall down hilarious moments. :D I laughed a good 10 minutes and EJ was rolling his eyes as he had to stay out on the ledge…best comedic scene sense the 3 stooges conspiring together Sami, Kate, Gabi. The employees came in the office wanting to know what was wrong with me. I must say I’m liking more & more Liam and what MC is bringing to character, I smell villainy in Liam and wanting payback on both Dannifer. Liam\Theresa devilry could be a hot. Teaming up to take down Dannifer ;)

    I enjoyed Gabi\Nick and so enjoying BB. I was sort of iffy about Guy Wilson at first but you can tell he’s settling into the role. He & Nick today was great when Nick said he wanted people to like him, Will was like “ahhh poor Nick”. I do feel Guy\Freddie is more realistic as a couple as time goes on, I believe Guy seems more invested. He might not be as handsome as CM, he’s cute but he’s just as strong in acting.

    Can’t get of enough of Eric\Nicole, those two radiate together bringing a complex romantic couple which good writing it brings to soaps. Loving Days!1 :love:

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