14 Reasons to Watch Sunday’s Revenge Crammed Into One Photo

If you ever needed a reason to watch ABC's Revenge on Sunday, former Passions and Smallville star Justin Hartley gives viewers at least 14 reasons to find out what is happening with his character Patrick Osbourne. Check out more shirtless photos of Revenge's Justin Hartley after the jump!

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    I may need to stay at my desk for awhile until things “simmer down” if you know what I mean. I don’t want anyone calling HR cuz they see “something”.

  2. Profile photo of Jon

    Lindsay Korman’s loss is certainly Chrishell Stause’s gain. Lucky bitch! Working with Galen Gering and comin’ home to Justin Hartley!

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    Lawdy! This man is beautifully built. He’s hot but why do all men stars need to shave their chests…maybe it’s in their contracts. I know Aaron shaves his chest and has for 5-6 years. His reason he gave us, that most women like a smooth chested man better where more gay men enjoy hairy chested man. Not all but most of time. It’s a chore for him to shave his chest because he definitely inherited his dad’s hairy body…I just roll my eyes “whatever floats your boat son” :D

  4. Profile photo of pjc722

    When this show started I had high high hopes. Then it just lost its way and amounted to nothing special or even very good.

    With a great cast and this hot guy I expected more after season 1, more after the disaster of season 2 and with season 3 almost complete I’m not sure if it will be worth returning to next season.

    Now we have another abandoned child story? We already have this hot stud being Victoria baby boy via rape so now jack is the first mrs Grayson’s spawn? UGH

    SORRY… I don’t relate or care and 3 years of revenge is way too much when it’s just one story. Amanda is just crazy now.

  5. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Love looking at JH and loved his work on Smallville and even Emily Owens
    M.D. Which leaves me at a total loss because I’ve found him totally lacking on Revenge; he just doesn’t seem engaged with the character of Patrick and his interaction with the rest of the cast has been meh at best. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something….

  6. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Emily Owens MD…I LOVED that show. I hate it was cancelled. It had so much potential. :( And that’s called a SuperHero chin? People always called my chin a butt chin. My mother called it a Kirk Douglas. Now I can tell people I have a SuperGirl Chin.

    Patrick ONLY works with Nolan. They have great chemistry otherwise his character is not needed. He doesn’t really interact with his siblings but who can blame him, Daniel is a pain in the you know what! He has no chemistry with anyone other than Nolan and yet he’s barely around Nolan. That’s not good.

    I hate hate hate with a passion when shows try to make the villain sympathetic but I especially hate it when they use rape to make us sympathize with them. Just like Mellie, I Loved Victoria has this Queen Bee who humiliated or defeated ones who got in her way. Just like I loved Mellie as the Queen Bee. Then the writers thought, how about we have them get raped when they were younger so the audience can sympathize with them and like them more. Well it turns out the audience already loved them and didn’t need that stupid plot point. Yeah I love Mellie/Andrew but I wish it was something else they bonded over. And with Victoria, her having a son from rape didn’t help the show or storyline. It’s like Patrick isn’t even living in the Hamptons he and Victoria’s storyline are so distant from everyone elses.

    Gawd I hate Daniel. And where is Conrad’s oldest son!? Conrad loses the family business, runs for Governor but drops out because he thought he was dying, takes over another company and his mistress is on the run from shooting his half brother’s fiance yet he doesn’t show up but his mother does? Does not make a lick of sense. But I keep watching.

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