Billy Warlock “Bummed” Over Sean Kanan’s General Hospital Exit

Looks like there is solidarity among the Alan Quartermaine, JRs! Billy Warlock tweeted support for Sean Kanan, as news of Kanan's exit hit from General Hospital hit the web. Tweeted Warlock:



Following Kanan's original exit from the show in 1997, Warlock took over the popular role and played it until 2003. He returned briefly in 2005.

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    Sean Kanan is and will always be AJ to me.

    Billy Warlock is a good sport, but I would never want to see him back in the role. It would only remind of the ruination Guza inflicted upon him. If there is any place Billy Warlock should go to, it’s to Days as Frankie.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    ITA Yoryla. Sean Kanan always was the one AJ Quartermaine to me. Warlock was doing a good job but I never felt that he fit the role.

    However I don’t expect Warlock to come in as a replacement for Kanan. He pretty much showed with his tweets that he agrees with Kanan.
    Not to mention that I see TPTB invested in having the character of AJ sticking around. I say either AJ dies (again) or he’ll leave town again to get special treatment or to get away from Ava and Sonny who want him dead.

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