Stitch is DESPERATE to Keep His Past a Secret on The Young and the Restless! (PROMO)

We know all about how his good buddy Dylan (Steve Burton) had the grooviest adoptive parents ever, served as a Boy Scout, fought in Afghanistan, had an adulterous affair with Avery (Jessica Collins), grew up with Avery and Phyllis, dabbled in kitchen repair, etc., but Stitch (Sean Carrigan) isn't nearly the Chatty Cathy about his past and present that his homeboy is!

Just what is the incredibly hunky doc hiding on The Young and the Restless? Whatever it is, he's desperate to make sure Kelly (Cynthia Watros) doesn't spill.

Meanwhile, Sharon (Sharon Case) is trying to keep from spilling the last few precious marbles she has left. Will she let the shrinks try to shock Ghost Cassie (Camryn Grimes) right outta her head? Watch this week's Y&R promo after the jump!

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  1. Profile photo of pferrando

    “Murderer” is a strong word.

    And it is Kelly, so we don’t know how to take anything coming from her mouth.

    I’m enjoying these two, so I hope the secret gives us a big payoff.

  2. Profile photo of harlee490

    I spoke my piece on the other YR thread…all I can say this should had been Monday’s fellow-up episode. Friday was pretty good show, maybe not as strong as the other episode last week. This was a good Friday cliffhanger but nothing on Monday…BALANCE people! :tired:

    I do think Stitch is the one who hit Kelly’s son but wasn’t charge because the boy ran in front of the car…after watching the promo maybe he did time for vehicular homicide after he returned from the war….hmmm :~

    Who could blame Kelly for her feelings as any mother.

  3. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    The whole killer/murderer label is overly melodramatic. Even if Ben is the driver of the car who hit Kelly’s son, Sam, she already admitted in her initial group session with Billy and Victoria that the police investigation proved there was no negligence on the driver’s part. The driver was fully investigated and let go, because it was a complete accident. (And harlee490: Kelly’s son, Sam, did not run in front of the car. She said Sam was riding his bike and was in the driver’s blind spot. When he was hit, he was thrown 15 feet.)

  4. Profile photo of Mets82

    I’m wondering what the secret is too. If he did hit Kelly’s kid or whatever, maybe that will knock him down a few pegs. I really like Stitch but its like they write him like he’s a saint.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    Ahhh…then it was a complete accident, didn’t hear Kelly tell Ben was riding her bike…as a mother perspective she’s feeling this way. Maybe not right but it is a mother’s love.

  6. Profile photo of Divatude58

    Kelly is being dramatic. I don’t think Ben is a murderer. He might have been involved in some accident or been negligent like Billy that resulted in her son’s death. Bit I doubt he is a murderer.

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla

    So yet another child ran over by a car to their death? Okay.

    Shock therapy on Y&R? Yeah that sounds plausible. Please, get Sharon Case away from this mess.

  8. Profile photo of BrookeKKL

    I also think that may be Ben hit Kelly`s kid but it was a copmlete accident. And she really did said that Sam was riding his bike and was in the driver’s blind spot.But I also think that Ben and Kelly are related.
    Kelly is getting on my last nerve. I understand that she is angry with Ben especially if her son died in an accident involving Ben, but she is not exactly innocent either. She slept with Billy and she continues to lust and drool over him.

    I have to agree with pferrando about Kelly. This words are coming from her and we can`t trust her completely.

  9. Profile photo of Delia Diva
    Delia Diva

    I’m thinking that yes, Ben did hit Kelly’s son but he was leaving from a tryst he was was having her.

    Not sure how the Ben-Kelly dynamic will work once Cady McClain takes over.

  10. Profile photo of tedew

    Stitch is no saint whatever his past might be. He’d be more than willing to get that adorable Victoria all to himself under his or her sheets.

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