Jeopardy to Fill Katie’s Slot in Four Major Markets

The failure of Katie Couric's talk show is a win for a long-running game show. According to Broadcasting & Cable, Jeopardy will take Katie's time slot at WABC New York, KABC Los Angeles, WPVI Philadelphia and WTVD Raleigh-Durham. Reportedly, Jeopardy will be paired with another syndicated favorite, Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

While that new one-hour game block may not necessarily run at 3 p.m., where it would literally replace Katie, it will help ABC fill the daytime programming hole that Katie is leaving and at much less cost. ABC had no comment about the changes, other than to say that its stations’ fall schedules have not yet been finalized.

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    Is Prospect Park’s lawsuit exclusively related to OLTL? Because if so, this seems the ideal time to bring back AMC. (But knowing Prospect Park, I’m sure they’ll devise a way to dig their slimy claws into both shows for all eternity.)

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    I don’t understand. I live in NYC and Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire already air on WABC. Will they now be airing twice a day? How bad must Katie have been doing if she’s being replaced by reruns?

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    Basically a double run of Jeopardy! On ABC O&O stations, because it cheaper to produce and cheaper for stations to buy those syndicated shows. That there reason why and they don’t have a place holder in those time slots.

    OLTL/AMC not coming back on broadcast unless it cable. Economics and they’re not getting that hour back from the affiliates.

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    Danny Ricci

    Yeah, I can’t claim to understand this either. Jeopardy already airs once a day in those markets, during the Prime Time Access Slot. Does this mean Jeopardy and Millionaire will be producing more episodes to fill a double run?If so, what happens to the markets that don’t get the double run? Will they just be one episode (or more) behind?

    Or will they be airing reruns of Jeopardy and Millionaire? If so, what kind of confidence is that in their programming abilities?

    And lastly there’s an overarching problem here. Why Millionaire and not Wheel of Fortune? Are they planning on canceling Wheel Of Fortune? That’d be a real travesty.

    More questions than answers with this move, methinks.

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    Very interesting…I wonder why ABC never thought to have a Daytime edition of Jeopardy and have a new (preferably female) host.

    Ideally I would love to have AMC back (not OLTL), but I think that is nearly impossible.

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    There is no way Disney is ever going to allow anyone/anything to be successful with amc/oltl. It is what it is. That will never change.

    I believe Jeopardy is syndicated.

    The four soaps will be around for awhile but eventually they will go. There are too many dramas on around the clock, including nighttime dramas that people watch at will.

    Just enjoy the last four. I don’t record so I watch them all hit and miss. My friend, who is avid daily watcher, records all four. That is the problem. Not many people sit and watch soaps. They record them. In the old days, fans sat down and watched and saw the commercials.

    I hope the last four soaps survive for awhile but I see none returning.

    I watch the nighttime soaps.

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    Jeopardy is on my local NBC affiliate, one original ep in the evening, another at 12:30 pm as a rerun. I have no idea what will air at 3 after GH in my market. The local ABC affiliate might as well add a newscast since they can’t help but to interrupt GH with lengthy weather updates and “breaking news” that affect few and is better suited for the newscast. I have read either here or elsewhere that Meridith Viera might be tested for her own talk show to replace Katie. But daytime is oversaturated with talk/game shows. Bring back AMC and OLTL or offer one of the web soaps a chance on broadcast TV!

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    TV Gord

    Meredith Vieira’s talk show has already been green lit. She has had a YouTube channel up since last year. The show is being produced by NBC’s syndication arm, but of course, it can show up on any network’s affiliate.

    Jeopardy moving into Katie’s time slot doesn’t mean it will be on twice a day (necessarily). It will likely be moved from wherever it is now. This isn’t happening until the fall, since Katie’s show is still producing new shows until May and most affiliates will continue to air it until September.

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    Family Feud took over Bethany’s time slot in our market. Not sure what will for Katie being syndicated on our NBC channel. Jeopardy is on our CBS channel in the evening slot. Maybe Steve Harvey will show up on our Katie’s slot. He’s on later on CW 6 pm?

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