Australian Soap Hunk Zachary Garred Books General Hospital

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will be surrounded by hunks when she returns on General Hospital. Storms tweeted about the casting of Zachary Garred. The alum of Australia's hit soap Home and Away will be playing Levi, a New Age chap Maxie shares scenes with.

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    Just what GH needs … another character. Yay…!

    Seriously, do they plan with about 100 current characters – contract and recurring – til summer? Every new casting news makes this cast feel even more bloated.

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    I also said, another new character???? There are just too many characters on the show now and the stories keep bouncing back and forth it makes my head spin. But, I like Maxie, so I’ll wait and see what happens.

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    Out with the characters people actually care about and in with the shiny new toys Carlivati likes to play with, until that gets old and boring and then it’s on to something more shiny!

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    I couldn’t care less about him. On another note… Id rather see the “original adult” A.J. (Gerald Hopkins) back on GH. I never understood why they fired him over 20 years ago.. he was great!!! Btw… does anyone think that Steve Burton got his ears pinned back since ’92?
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    His head could have just grown into his ears. His head has gotten HUGE since then.

    I thought this Nathan character was for Maxie, so now she’s coming back with a this ugly guru? Let the hijinx ensue

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