Perkie’s Observations: It’s Britt’s Party; She Can Be Guilty If She Wants To on General Hospital

Britt has a nightmare about Lulu discovering the truth about Ben. She tells Nikolas it was worry about the engagement party.  After Britt leaves for the hospital, Nikolas is visited by the spirit of Emily.

Emily wants Nikolas to be happy. She wonders if this can happen with Britt. 

Emily asks if he still loves Liz. Nikolas admits he does and always will, but he’s moved on.

Nikolas loves Britt and wants a future with her, even though no one will replace Emily. Emily says she wants what’s best for him, but warns him Wyndemere parties always end in tragedy. 
Lucas tells Lulu about Julian and wonders if he should invite his father and Brad to dinner. Lulu thinks he’s doing it to test Julian.

 Lulu tells Lucas about Ben. She dreams he’s her son, but knows she has to accept he isn’t.   
Ava catches Julian and Ric meeting at the gallery. She wonders what kind of business they have.

Julian claims he wants Ric as the gallery lawyer. Ava says she has Diane for that. Julian doesn’t think Diane can be trusted. He trusts Ric. 
Ava is suspicious because of Ric’s connection to Sonny. Ric assures her the bad blood is behind them. He promises it’s about running the gallery.  After Ric leaves, Ava demands to know what’s really going on. 
Sonny explains to Alexis about Michael and AJ. Alexis says he can tell her about AJ, but Sonny swears he wasn’t responsible. He wants to discuss Julian and Ric. Sonny explains how he thinks Ric is funding Julian. Alexis asks for proof. 
Sonny wants her to help him find out the truth from Julian. He tells her to invite Julian to the Wyndemere party.

Alexis is unwilling. Sonny says if Ric is after him, it will affect his family. 
Liz and Felix make small talk, until Brad walks up and Felix ignores him. Felix explains to Liz that he and Brad aren’t seeing each other. 

Liz says she understands about losing out. She gets a call saying Cam isn’t at school and panics. 
Brad wonders why Britt is so upset.  She says she doesn’t deserve her life. The lies are making her feel guilty.

Brad tells her to write Lulu a letter explaining everything. This will help her let go of the guilt. 
Ava questions who’s bankrolling Julian. He accuses her of going through his computer. 

She says she deserves to know. Julian answers to no one. It’s not her business.  Alexis asks to see him. 
Ric calls Liz, when he finds Cam alone at Kelly’s. Cam is upset because Emma is going to the party with Spencer. Liz arrives in time to hear Ric tell Cam never to give up and to fight for the girl. 
Brad asks Lucas to the engagement party.
Britt writes her letter to Lulu detailing everything she’s done.    

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    TV Gord

    I agree, Peterascal. I thought Lulu was particularly good (which isn’t always the case, as the actress struggles to make a beloved character her own).

    I enjoy when soaps use a song at the end to blend all of the storylines of the day into a single theme. It’s good soapy goodness, and that was effective today, as we consider how the mess Britt has gotten herself into is going to affect many characters in Port Charles.

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    I liked yesterday’s show, esp., the end with the song and Britt doing the voice-over, as they were showing the other characters. That engagement party sounds like it will be great! I knew the minute that they brought Ric back that AJ would soon be gone. I just hope they don’t make Ric now, like Guza did, the bad guy that everything goes wrong to. Rick Hearst is such a great actor and deserves a good story this time. I like how he looks at Liz. I’m just afraid, with Nic admitting to ghost Emily that he really does love Liz, that if Ric and Liz get together and suddenly Nic steps in, Ric won’t go pyscho again (Ron loves his pyscho characters!!). It was nice seeing Nic and Emily, Tyler showed some real emotion in those scenes.

    Today’s show looks like Luke hits on Kiki again. Why her? I’m sure KA is loving every minute of getting to work with Geary. I still can’t figure out who Luke really is. h
    He is hitting on this very young girl?!! Weird!

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    I LOVED the Lulu/Lucas scenes. Carnes and Rylan have sibling-like chemistry. Love it!!!!

    Sorry to say this but Britt doesn’t appear to me as someone who would write a confession letter. Seems more like something that serves the plot to wrap up this story.

    Enjoyed LiRic + Cameron.

    Didn’t like Sonny playing Alexis’ pimp.

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    Now this was a great episode. I agree with the other posters that Lulu was unusually good in her scenes with Lucas. She needs more of them. She was much more natural.
    The voice over and montage at the end was fantastic. I’m so glad Liz is FINALLY getting more screen time and what appears to be some type of storyline. I think with Rick back in town and after Elizabeth, this is the perfect set up for Bitt’s fall. If they write this correctly there could be an awesome team-up between Britt and Rick to keep Liz/Nick apart… As much as I like that Britt has grown as a character I’d like to see her fall back into some old ways when all is taken from her. Let the scheming begin.
    Sonny and Alex scenes were excellent and really funny. Alexis needs to be on more.
    Most importantly I didn’t fast forward anything today.
    Please make Kiki, Franco, and ALL of Nina’s family GO AWAY. No one cares. And Sam and Silas need a better story…. I’m sick of Sam solving mysteries. Give her something new to do. She’s getting really boring.
    And on a final note, if they’re gonna have a storyline based around an art gallery please involve Liz in the plot. We only ever see her in the hospital and at Ruby’s.

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    Daniel St. John

    This episode was painful to watch. Britt’s woe is me whining got old long ago and she is a pathetic shadow of her former bitchy self and I don’t like anything about her at the moment.

    Sonny trying to pimp out Alexis for information to win a mob war was bad enough but the fact that she is going along with it is just ridiculous.

    Julian is only enjoyable in scenes that have nothing to do with the mob stuff because he has been turned into yet another weak ass mobster who must be defeated by Sonny. Its like all the intelligence of the character went away when he stopped being Derek Wells. Watching this tedious cat and mouse game between him and Ava was not enjoyable at all.

    I have no faith in anything good coming from Ric and Liz because Cartini has made it abundantly clear that Liz/Nik is the endgame regardless of how dreadful that pairing is in every way possible. I feel bad for the awful storyline that is sure to be upcoming for these two characters and actors I like.

    And speaking of Prince Douchebag, this show managed to make the already impossible to stomach Nikolas Cassidine even worse by spending an entire show with him having scenes with Emily, the worst character to ever sully the Quartermaine mansion. TC and NL are a surefire cure for insomnia and the amount of suckiness they combined to create in their scenes yesterday was off the charts!

    The Lulu and Lucas scenes were good though.

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    The thing with this storyline is that Britt will lose everything once the secret is out but you cant really cheer on Lulu either. Didnt she do the samething with Maxie’s baby? Knew it wasnt hers and then threatened to keep it? Then threatened to leave town with the baby? I’m not saying Britt is innocent but Lulu did the same thing. Lulu was still attached to Maxie’s kid even after she found out it wasnt her’s.

    Liz has to keep her mouth shut. She can’t knock Britt when she is going to the engagement party with Ric, of all people. He’s no angel, himself.

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    Since this is basically the only storyline I’m interested in at the moment,

    I don’t’ feel sorry for Britt no matter if they give her even more tales of woe, writing out a letter cuz she’s guilty..I want her busted and dumped!

    I don’t give a flying fig who does it, just do it. I’m sick of listening to her pointing finger at mommy…she’s a grown ass woman own your bitchdom.

    These whimpy bitches on GH has to go, need a bitch template…go to the have/have nots and see the real bad bitches.

    And if Nik looks any dumber it would be if he would forgive her yet again, enough already. As for Liz,

    I’ve had her in in 2 other quads with Nik don’t need a 3rd after 4 triangles, stop putting her fans through this why does she rack up triangle after triangle storylines when others don’t? Either put Niz together or give her fans a break. Its time for Liz to win at love in a relationship that “works” and be happy its been years and years of this.

    I don’t want her married to Ric a 3rd time but enjoy them acting off each other and they always looked good together.

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    I love these comments!!!

    I agree with everyone who says they don’t feel sorry for Britt and want scheming Britt back. I long for scheming Britt. This whiny boring Britt is not good at all. She is no longer entertaining.

    I love the idea of Ric/Britt scheming to keep Nik/Liz apart. I would go crazy over that storyline. I would love it. I know Ron LOVES to keep couples apart for months on end. He loves angst and Niz is full of it. So if I can get my LiRic for a couple of months while Ric/Britt scheme, that would be wonderful.

    I loved the Cam and Ric scenes. I’ve always wanted Cam and Ric to have a relationship. I hated that when Liz came back after having Cam, the writers completely disassociated Liz from Ric.

    Why is Britt writing this down on a piece of paper? Hasn’t she heard of the Ipad mini? Who writes things on paper these days?

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    Cam and Ric scenes were really funny when you consider Liz was still pregnant with Cam ten years ago, and Cam is now seven years old!

    Liz has been in way too many triangles/quads over the last seventeen years, and several of them under RC/FV (Liz/Matt/Maxie, Liz/Matt/Ewen, Liz/Jason/Ewen, Liz/Jason/Sam/McBain, Liz/Jason/Sam, Liz/AJ/Carly, Liz/AJ/Carly/Nik, Liz/AJ/Nik, Liz/Nik/Britt…ugh,) enough!

    Luke was all kinds of sleazy today. Blech.

    Tracy is not stupid, I bet she meets with Kevin again.

    I predict Britt will get away with stealing Lante’s embryo and Liz will be made to out to be the bad guy. So.much.hate.

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    It was nice to see Lucas back in the mix–why isn’t Ryan Carnes on contract?–and the scenes with Lulu were wonderful. In fact I’d go as far as to say Carnes is probably the best scene partner Rylan has on GH right now. That needs to happen more. Definitely best part of the episode.

    Also enjoyed the Ava/Julian/Ric scenes. I will say Maura West doesn’t commit as much highway robbery with regards to scene-stealing when she’s paired with the equally scene-stealing William deVry. And adding Rick Hearst to the mix solidifies the deal. Great stuff.

    And now for the worst–Nikolas and Emily. Question–was Natalia Livingston that terrible during her previous stint? I know a Daytime Emmy is hardly a barometer for talent these days but I thought she was positively awful in those scenes. I’ll take the no build-up, non-romantic romance of Nikolas and Britt over seeing her again any day of the week.

  11. Profile photo of logan_echolls


    Yes she was. I was cringing at the thought of having to to hear her spit again when she talks. Everytime she use to talk you can hear her spit. Watching her scenes with Nik just showed how awful an actress she was but somehow Guza was able to make her a GH star and get her an Emmy for her time on GH.

  12. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Btw, don’t be so sure Britt will lose everything once the truth comes out. I have a suspicion there’s gonna be twists and turns and she will remain with Nik!

    And yes, like someone said, this is too convenient for Lulu. IMO she still shouldn’t have a baby just like that.

    Looking forward to all things Lucas, especially his date with Brad, and a possible dinner with Julian!

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    @ChrisGa — YES, NL has always been that dreadful. Annoying voice, awful acting, it was a great day when Nic killed her after that ball, wasn’t he crazed for some reason during that story? Can’t remember specifics but it was bad. You just can’t imagine how awful it was having NL AND KUNG FU BARBIE on the show at the same time!

    Re: Rick/Ava/Julian, it sure doesn’t hurt that Maura West is looking tres chic! New hairdo, great dress.

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    I also think with Britt is that I think you feel compassion for her if it was anyone but Liz. Liz is so well liked that there’s no way she’ll be the bad person no matter what she does

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]I LOVED the Lulu/Lucas scenes. Carnes and Rylan have sibling-like chemistry. Love it!!!!


    A large part of what I think has made the transition to Ms Rylan in the role of LuLu has been the absence of substantial interaction with the Spencer family. Genie Francis’ Laura departed the canvas earlier than planned after Ryan assumed the role. No Lucky. Limited Luke with Geary’s coming and going with regularity. Surprisingly little Carly time that I recall as well despite the characters being historically close.Her scenes with Nik have been a highlight but not enough to ground her in the role.

    Good to see that changing with Carnes’ as Lucas. Spencers UNITE.

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    [quote=Mets82]I also think with Britt is that I think you feel compassion for her if it was anyone but Liz. Liz is so well liked that there’s no way she’ll be the bad person no matter what she does[/quote]

    Liz IS always the bad guy when it comes to triangles/quads (see JaSam, Lucky/Siobhan, Maxie/Matt, Brik and Scrubs) fans.

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