OWN Cancels Lisa Ling’s Documentary Series

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) announced Wednesday it's cancelling Our America With Lisa Ling. The docu-series will conclude following its upcoming fifth season.

Our America was one of OWN’s original unscripted series, debuting in February 2011. The program focused on life in America. In a released statement, OWN President Sheri Salata said:


Over the past three years, Our America has cast a bright light into dark places, raised awareness of some of our country’s most controversial issues and provided a voice to those who are often not heard.

Ling stated:

It has been an honor to be part of the launch and success of OWN, and I am exceptionally grateful to the network and to Oprah for allowing me to produce the show of my dreams.

Our America With Lisa Ling returns for its final season on May 29 at 10 pm EST on OWN.

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  1. Profile photo of lfad

    No surprise now that OWN has found some success with Tyler Perry’s crap and that Lindsay schlock fest. No more room for the more serious shows Oprah wanted to have on her network originally.

  2. Profile photo of blake3b

    Seriously? I saw one of the Lisa Ling shows recently and I thought it was very interesting, I watched the whole thing.

    Just says where Oprah’s network is going. She has to have silly Tyler Perry shows to get any ratings. I’ll be really pissed if she has to cancel her other good shows: Iyanla Fix My Life, Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Prime, and Lifeclass.

  3. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    Most of these cable networks start off with lofty goals and titles “A&E, National Geographic, Biography, etc.” but when the ratings come in, it’s out with the lofty goals and in with the low-brow fun infotainment and reality shows. Oprah is no different. I see a “Parole Board” type of show in her future. Where America can vote on whom to release next.

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