Former As the World Turns and Guiding Light Star James Rebhorn Dies

Former As the World Turns and Guiding Light star James Rebhorn has died at the age of 65 from melanoma. Rebhorn portrayed Bradley Raines on GL and Angus Oliver on AWT.

In addition to his daytime roles, Rebhorn appeared on countless primetime shows, including runs on USA's White Collar and Showtime's Homeland.

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  1. Profile photo of ROFO

    What a sad loss! James Reborn was one incredible actor! His work as
    Bradley Raines on GUIDING LIGHT & as Angel Snyder’s creepy father on AS
    THE WORLD TURNS was absolutely flawless! He will be missed very much!

  2. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Wonderful character actor. His portrayal of Bradley Raines gave me nightmares. I also wish his role as Angus on ATWT hadn’t come so late in the shows’ existence….. 0:)

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Oh, how sad.

    He was a really good actor – I remember him well from Homeland, in which he played Carrie’s father. Had no idea he was only 65 years old either.

    Rest in peace.

  4. Profile photo of harlee490

    Gosh, this is a blue day for soap lovers. He was good as Angel’s father but excelled as Bradley Raines’s treachery. Raping Beth and then telling Phillip he wasn’t the “true” Spaulding heir…I miss my GL :( :((

  5. Profile photo of Mandolin

    I still remember him as the serious ( or more serious) counterpart/boyfriend John to the comic maid Vivien ( the brilliant Gretchen Oehler) on Texas … just goes to show that even minor roles on soaps can be very memorable esp. when one is paired with another notable character. Ms. Oehler also passed from cancer… may we double up efforts and find a cure someday soon – that’ll be a real-life storyline payoff for the ages…

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