The Good Wife Guns Down [SPOILER]

Warning: If you haven't watched Sunday's The Good Wife don't read after the jump!

Did anyone expect The Good Wife to gun down Josh Charles' Will Gardner in open court? Last week Will and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) shared a moment that addressed their damaged personal and professional relationship.

This week, television's best drama killed off Will Gardner in a shocking twist—inspired by Charles' decision to leave the show—that will probably reset The Good Wife as much as Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry) leaving Lockhart-Gardner did at the beginning of the season.

In a letter to fans Robert and Michelle King shared how this will impact Alicia and the show.

What did you think of Sunday's The Good Wife episode?



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    That was shocking. I didn’t see it coming.

    They really killed Will Gardner and no one knew. Well played by the Kings.

    I can’t wait for next week. The episode last night was amazing but I expect next week’s episode to be even better.

    I loved the fact that Diane thought of Alicia so soon. It was a nice touch showing how important one has been for the other. And it’s good to know that Diane knew that.
    This show always was and always will be about Alicia. Some are criticizing that not enough of the other characters is shown but the show is really about her. She’s the title character.

    I figured that Josh Charles wouldn’t extend his contract to a sixth season but I certainly didn’t expect this. I thought he’d go and take over the New York offices to get a chance of being away from Alicia after realizing that she clouds his judgement. But I must say I kinda see why the Kings decided to kill Will off.
    Now my only hope is that in the end Alicia also gets rid of her husband. ;)

    Btw, I have to say I just adore the Kings all the more for writing this letter to the fans.

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    It was a shocker! This reminds me of how they killed Billy off Ally McBeal. It just came out of nowhere and the audience hated it and the show was canned.

    However the show been picked up another season and it going to be interesting how they play the beats out. Josh Charles will be on Letterman tonight to talk and he also came back for some dream shots of Alicia and did some directing of the shows. Who would of thought they would killed him off, but Josh did want to leave the show. The Good Wife is so stellar in so many ways. Sunday Night TV has alot to offer along with Shameless, RHOA, House of Lies, NBC Thriller shows and the beat goes on.

    Pls bring the PC podcast back so we can hear the crew take on it.

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    [quote=1titanman]It was a shocker! This reminds me of how they killed Billy off Ally McBeal. It just came out of nowhere and the audience hated it and the show was canned.[/quote]

    I think though with “Ally McBeal” there was a big difference. Kelley designed the show very early on as a love story between Ally and Billy or at least so it seemed. Especially in the first season.
    However, after they killed Billy off the show was still strong. It wasn’t until Robert Downey Jr.’s departure at the end of season four that the show started to fall in ratings and was then canned for that awful season five with Ally’s daughter and Bon Jovi as her love interest.

    Back to “The Good Wife” I’d like to add that it’s much different here. Alicia and Will’s relationship has been very complicated from the beginning. It never was always focused on it though. I agree with what the Kings say. Alicia and Will are all about bad timing. There was no way for them getting back together after everything that has happened. But it would have also felt wrong to let Will just move away. Viewers would be left hanging and always feel like Will could just pop up again and Alicia would start fantasizing about him again.

    Since we already spoke about “Ally McBeal”, I still somehow hope and think that Larry eventually returned to Ally and they got their chance.

    Interestingly enough, with Will’s death a new regular was introduced in last night’s “The Good Wife”. The State’s attorney in Will’s case, Finn Polmar, will remain with the show. Interesting choice IMO.
    Otherwise Will’s death also opens a lot of possible storylines. The short preview last night about what’s to come was pretty sweet. Can’t wait for some Diane/Alicia scenes.

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    OH MY GOD! The GW was the talk all day at the restaurant! I haven’t seen as of yet, I DVR it last night. I already knew from the chatter at work and I can’t wait to watch this episode…WOW! The GW has been on fire since the season started last fall. :love:

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    I was so ticked off that Amazing Race went over so my DVR did not catch this show – will have to watch On Demand. I have to say I won’t miss his character. Love love love the rest of the fantastic cast of characters. Can’t wait to see it even though I read the spoiler.

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    I hate this! Loved Will & Alicia’s back & forths, Can honestly say I was shocked & I cried. Wow, I never even cry about my soaps anymore.
    Was kind of hoping that with the previews, Michael Fox was going to become a regular, have always loved the character.
    Wishing Josh Charles good luck, but can’t imagine a better role than this one.

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    This episode is an excellent example of why this show has been one of my favorites now for five years. I am sad….I can’t help it…I always loved the character of Will. Personally I didn’t see Alicia and Will ever coming back from what happened, but it would still have been nice to see them interact. I think the decision to kill Will was a good one, knowing that Mr Charles wanted to leave. Future story lines and character development derived from this death, could be very interesting. Still makes me sad though.

    With that said…I loved the note that the Kings wrote. It helps this fan at least. I also liked the new prosecutor introduced on the show. He has potential to be a good foil for Alicia and Cary in the future.

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    The show was based on the triangle between Alicia, her husband and Will. The whole dynamics of the show is changed. I would have preferred a recast rather than take Will out of the show. They do this all the time in daytime. Viewers eventually accept the new actor in the role. The show has lost its draw for me. I am moving on to another show. This was a dumb move to kill off this character. When you make a commitment to a show you are well aware of the importance of your character in the scope of the series. Josh Charles should have realized this when he signed on. I wonder if casting directors will think of this the next time he goes for another job. If he were just another character who worked at the firm like the CSI characters, I could understand. But Will was the main reason that Alicia was not always the Good Wife. Would it have killed him (no pun intended) to say another year!

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    I’m loving the fact that my favorite show is FINALLY getting the HYPE and TALK is desperately deserves…….I just HATE that we lost Will for it to happen. HATE IT!

    One of my first thoughts Sunday night was “well.. The series is going to HAVE to end with Alicia’s death and Will meeting her on The Other Side”.

    Good luck to Josh…..Me thinks I’m gonna follow him wherever he goes next.

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    I’ve always been on Team Will, so now I really have no reason to watch the show. I don’t want Alicia with Peter, and I don’t really care to get invested in a new love interest. I needed to cut down my tv watching any way, but this makes me sad.

    This episode was shocking and very emotional, however. I don’t remember the last time I was this surprised by a tv show.

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    I finally watched and a breath taking episode! The GW just keeps getting better & better every year. I’ve been there since the beginning and after 5 years the show is drawing on great history they have built.

    I loved Alicia\Will’s complex relationship. It was always bubbling hot vibes in the under current of the show.

    I’m shock but not disappointed because it delivered a big soap punch!…I will miss Will definitely but this is what a good soap is built on…OH great drama. Many actors over the years have wanted to leave and been killed off on daytime. It’s the ones when the actors had no choice that was senseless and outraged people.

    All the best of luck to Josh Charles in the future. I would love to see him helm his TV show knowing his talent now I would watch.

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    [quote=js3557]I’ve always been on Team Will, so now I really have no reason to watch the show.[/quote]

    That’s kinda sad. “The Good Wife” is a show that was always about more than the Alicia/Will relationship/pairing.

    I’m interested to see where this goes. How it affects the other characters. Each and every one of them.

    I doubt that Will’s death means that Alicia and Peter are endgame. But then again, the show is about so much more than just who Alicia ends up with.
    That always was the beauty of “The Good Wife” for me. Such rich storytelling where even the case-of-the-week gets emotions out of you. This show for me understands it like no other TV show that’s currently on the air how to portray human emotions, real life issues and even a death that just throws you.

    It’s a bold move. But it’s one that once again just shows how unique and amazing this show really is. I have no doubt that “The Good Wife” will use this opportunity to tell another rich storyline that people can relate to.

    I also have high hopes that the show finally gets some Emmy love this year. Looking at the promo for Sunday’s episode we are in for some great performances.

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    I hope Alicia and Peter disintegrate because I just can’t stand him. I still don’t even understand why Alicia went back to him. Will worshipped and adored her (prior to starting F&A) and I hope that knowledge takes root in her conscience so she can kick this useless husband to the curb.

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    soapjunkie88 – I’m an attorney, so the legal part of the show really has no appeal for me. It’s all so far-fetched and ridiculous that I get annoyed and even disgusted at time if I focus too much on the work aspect of the show. For me, the enjoyable part of the show was watching Alicia find out who she really is as a person on her own, and then waiting for her to realize that the person she really is belongs with Will. Without Will as an option, I don’t really care who she ends up with (unless it’s that a-hole Peter). I also don’t think Diane will have nearly the same chemistry with another partner. It’s kind of like when Three’s Company lost Chrissy. The new roomie just wasn’t the same and was not worth watching. To me, Alicia, Will and Diane are the core 3 of the show. So it’s not really sad to me that I won’t watch any longer.

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    Please, please, please tell me that Phelps doesn’t watch this show.

    This twist has gotten soooo much buzz on pretty much any media outlet that her wheels would be turning trying to figure out which vet character she could off.

    No Jill. No.

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