DC #755: Cobra Commander

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast, Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Aly has gone completely crazy on The Bold and the Beautiful. What will cure her of her insanity? DC's Jamey suggests a solution. Is it okay that Hope doesn't want to be like her mother Brooke? Quinn tries to seduce Bill.

Sonny and Will prepare for their wedding on Days of Our Lives. Theresa and Brady have sex. Dannifer is still the most boring couple on soaps.

General Hospital throws a Carlypalooza with cameo appearances by Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun. Port Charles finds out Ben is Lulu and Dante's baby. What impact will Ben Sherwood succeeding Anne Sweeney at ABC have on General Hospital?

Sharon wakes up after surgery on The Young and the Restless. Neil and Hilary take a trip to The Price is Right. Who should fill the role of a recast Phyllis? Is it time for Y&R to recast Drucilla Winters?

All this and much more on today's Daytime Confidential podcast!







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  1. Profile photo of luverica

    Oh for heaven sakes! MODERN FAMILY is not old. It’s in the midst of their 5th season. Not 8th, 10th, or 15th season mind you. Number 5 and it’s still, well, in my opinion, just as funny as it’s ever been. Last week’s episode with the hotel room roulette was classic comedy. It was like watching a Mel Brooks film or a classic TCM 30/40s screwball comedy. The show is awesome and far from old. If the writing keeps up, Modern Family has 2 to 3 great seasons left.

  2. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Maybe step daddy Colin can teach Billy how to be a man’s man. He has to teach his idiot son CANE first, though.

    Victoria Rowell and her fans will never let it go. 25 years from now they’ll be on Twitter whining about YR never hiring her back.

  3. Profile photo of luverica

    Wow! I hear you Jamey but I just don’t agree with TV Guide at all. When did a show, and a still very entertaining show at that, start being considered old at 5 seasons. I thought a show would have to get to the 8 or 10 season mark to be considered old. The average lifespan for most cable shows, or broadcast show runners who don’t believe in overstaying their welcome, is 7 seasons so in that respect, you would think Modern Family has two more seasons before being considered old. Interesting.

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    If someone were to ask me about Modern Family, I would actually say it is old and probably going on it’s sixth or seventh year already. I think it’s about the buzz it received pretty early on that makes it seem like it’s been around for a long time. Not to mention the awards it has gotten. It feels like they’ve been robbing the Emmys for at least five years in a row now. That’s the feeling one gets when one thinks about the show.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    Agreed about recast Drucilla, it’s time…VR is coming off somewhat psychoish and I don’t think I would even want her back now even though she has brought attention to major problems on soaps and the A-A talents…but like you said Jamey MOVE ON Victoria karma has your ass. She’s done L&O SVU twice in a bit part as a judge…ahhh all I have seen her.

    YR could bring on many more A-A characters if the writers would do there homework they could bring back Olivia, Nate Jr, you could have illegitimate child coming from Nate Sr, Stephanie Simmons (Vivia A. Fox) returning, Tyrone Jackson went undercover as a white man(Phil Morris), Jazz, Amy Lewis her dad Frank was Chief of GCPD for years and worked with Carl, Paul knew him and grew up with Amy. Amy\Jazz was romantically involved, the writers missed the boat with Hilary, she could had been their love child to open the door…but know she now has a dead off screen mother. Jeez build something around Mamie’s family once again.

  6. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones


    The Edge of Night was a HOT ASS MESS when it went off the air.


    (It really was. The show’s last head writer Lee Sheldon was a horror.)

    No, the show that was terrific toward and at its end was Texas!. Can’t mess with it!

  7. Profile photo of

    Oh my goodness!!! Jamey & Jillian y’all got me in stitches with the jokery….I’m have to listen again on the plane ride home….Also the last two podcast y’all be having me LOL literally and everybody looking @ me crazy like Heather Webber….. keep up the good work…can’t wait for pc podcast that going to funny with drama/ reality shows galore and good wife….

  8. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    J Bernard. I agree about TEXAS.

    Sad to say about the greatest actress EVER in Daytime, but Beverlee McKinsey wasnt that invested in Iris when she moved to Texas. And it was even worse when Iris became all nicey-nicey after seeing Alex Wheeler after a generation.

    Reena to the rescue, until she fell in love with Grant Wheeler, which just about ruined her character, too.

    But the Marshall Family , led by Justin, was top notch all 2 years the Show was on.

  9. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Just FYI, Oak Cliff is not the gay part of Dallas. It’s still hood, ratchet with a lot of undercovers but it’s not the gayborhood. It’s Oak Lawn that’s the gayborhood. All the gay bars and nightclubs are there also. That movie Dallas Buyers Club, Oak Lawn is the neighborhood that dude lived in.

  10. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Just wanted to say another great podcast from you guys.

    I must admit, glad Jamey mentioned Days’ Liam and his obsession with Jennifer because the minute I saw Liam getting “close” with Jen’s panties on Days, my mind went straight to Peter Blake. I’ve found the Liam stuff kinda interesting–and even moreso now that he’s tag-teaming with the most unholy heiffa on daytime, Theresa Donovan–but if he turned out to be Peter I think that would be absolutely EPIC.

    Totally agree with what everyone said regarding David Tom as Billy on Y&R(loved the “hissing” comments as well as the nod to Cobra Commander lol). There’s no doubt that DT has the goods but his acting style is a one-eighty from Billy Miller and sadly I think the character’s suffering because of it(and this is coming from someone who finds BM to be vastly overrated). Next thing you know, he’s gonna wanna “hug it out” with Stitch(and to be fair, who wouldn’t ;) ).

    Regarding the recasting of Phyllis and Dru, I think Melinda Clarke and Robin Givens would both actually be great in the roles. Not sure if MC is up for a return to daytime considering she seems to keep a steady primetime gig most of the time but as Jamey said RG is doing “church plays” or some such(although I did see her on an ABC Family show recently, aka the Network Where ’80’s and ’90s TV Stars Go To Play Parents or Die–I kid….but not really)so she’s probably available.

  11. Profile photo of luverica

    To DC Podcast Group: do you all plan on doing any future crossover podcasts with Larry Flick and Keith Price of The Morning Jolt? I love those episodes. It’s been quite awhile and I miss them. Just asking.

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