SPOILERS: Sonny and Carly Go Down Memory Lane on General Hospital!


Sonny/Carly: Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) take a stroll down memory lane. Later, Carly thinks about hiding something from Michael (Chad Duell).

Monica: Monica (Leslie Charleson) receives visits from several loved ones.
Bobbie/Lucy: Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) get their hearts crushed.
Lulu/Elizabeth: Lulu (Emme Rylan) asks Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) for some wise words on a certain topic.
Dr. Obrecht/Britt/Dante: Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) meets with Britt (Kelly Thiebaud), and shares her latest plan. Britt considers it, but later has a shock for Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu.
Silas/Sam/Nathan/Ava: Silas (Michael Easton), Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) are on the hunt to bust Ava (Maura West). In the process, Sam and Nathan find out some new evidence concerning Nakamura.
Shawn/Jordan: Shawn (Sean Blakemore) has a few choice words for Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) about her choice of job.

Alexis/Julian: Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian (William deVry) discuss their current relationship.
Brad/Felix: Brad (Parry Shen) wants to come clean to Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel).

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    I am so looking forward to today’s show and the three Carly’s. I liked all of them in the role, they all added something extra. Don’t want Sonny and Carly to reunite, been done too many times and has gotten dull and stale. They are better as ex’s.
    Glad to see Monica getting some story for the anniversary. Guza/Phelps made her non-existant, she’s been on the show for years, deserves recognition. They should never have killed off Alan, Stuart Damon ,(another reason I’m glad Guza/Phelps are gone). Looks like there will be hospital scenes today.

    Have been watching GH for years, thru the good and bad. HAPPY 51st ANNIVERSARY GH!!! So glad you are still around.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    What loved ones are going to visit Monica? They are all dead. Carlivati just killed her last surviving child. Guess it will be another ghostly visit.

    I’m excited to the three Carly’s though.

    Happy 51st, GH.

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    Happy 51st GH!! Sonny is going to have to tell his side of the story eventually. I mean I would think he would break with all the guilt he has.

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    I don’t know why they keep saying that AJ pushed Carly down the stairs all those years ago. Skip ahead to 5:30 and you’ll clearly see that she lost her balance after she jerked away from AJ’s grip. Another history rewrite to make him look worse, I suppose.
    [video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA9b5s7t4eA autoplay:0]

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    Yes of course they need to trash AJ a little bit more. Since Sonny isn’t going to prison for murdering him, they need to dig up anything possible. Some viewers won’t remember and praise the regime, while critics remain completely silent about this.
    BTW, I wasn’t a big fan of Guza’s writing but that’s not even what I wanna address. If this “Killing off AJ” storyline would have been written by him, critics would call him out for it, I’m sure. They rightfully called him and ABC Daytime out on every Quartermaine they killed off but now that it’s Carlivati who’s writing this … pretty much nothing. No word about plot-driven writing and him killing off the character after only 18 months since he brought AJ back from the dead.

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    What TIIC did to AJ was stupid and demeaning to the Quartermaine family. What is the point in killing off all of Monica’s children?! AJ should have told Monica and not Carly that Sonny shot him, and she knew the best thing to do was to slip her coma ridden son out of the hospital BEFORE telling Michael and Anna that Sonny shot her son. There would have been no need to kill AJ.

    I see Ava/MW’s picture is now in the opening credit.

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    Sarah Brown looks great!

    In college we used to crack so bad on Virgin Annie Logan. She tried being slutty at one point but remained a virgin the whole time she was on the show in the early ’80s. It was a riot when she was a virgin but the actress playing her was clearly very pregnant. I think the actress later showed up on AMC (Barbara Montgomery) and GL (was she Michelle Bauer’s mother?).

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    Any chance Monica’s loved ones/ghosts will tell her to “Gather the remaining Qs under one roof to restore the family to its former glory”?
    Just a thought.
    In thinking of ways to rebuild the Q family, the sticking point is kinda WHY would Monica or even Tracy tolerate any of the family members when the inevitable conflicts arise. Monica was only a Q by marriage and is happy to point out the mansion was a gift from Alan. Tracy is hostile to any family members out of fear they will try to usurp her place in the family.

    It took the intervention of a bunch of Q ghosts for Monica and Tracy to make peace, maybe another such experience can propel further family building?

    Ned? Dylan? BrookLynn? Rebecca? Maya? Jason????
    Who else is still around?

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    I started watching GH in college when Sonny and Carly hooked up the first time…loved today’s episode, loved the flashback to when the baby died-this scene/storyline is everything. No one sells broken like SJB! Someone hire her already!

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    I never saw the other Carly’s before and for me, I will just say that I am a fan of Sarah Brown.

    Now, that aside, I felt that this was rather interesting in how they handled the Q’s. First of all, Jason wasn’t a part of the family reunion and if this is in Monica’s mind, wouldn’t he be there as well? Secondly, they mentioned to Monica that Michael and Danny are the remaining Q’s. Really? It was sad that they didn’t include Tracy, they mentioned her as it relates to the house, but I found it odd. Secondly, Danny and Monica are rarely seen together and the same with Michael. They aren’t written as Q’s. So I took it as, the Q’s are pretty much dead, not to be revived.

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    jeremy in chicago

    I have to say that the Carlypalooza only served to highlight the absolute divine amazingness that is Sarah Joy Brown, and reminded me of how inferior the Carly recasts have been.

    I know people like Tamara, but man oh man not me. In one minor appearance she’s already doing the hands-on-hips pose, the hand-to-heart pose, and the little mannerisms that are completely NOT in line with Carly’s character. She was always being “cutesy” and modeling instead of acting. NOT a fan, and seeing her after all these years just completely reinforced that.

    Meanwhile, my GOD – Sarah Brown has only become a deeper, more amazing actress with age. I would give ANYTHING to have her back as Carly. Maybe they could cast her as Nina????????????????? :)

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    They can fire Laura Wright and get Sarah back!!

    Besides the horrid Laura Wright Carly flashbacks, I didn’t like how basically they used this Carlypalooza to bash AJ. Everyone and their blind mama know AJ didn’t push her down the stairs. The man had to resort to stealing his own child just to be with him!

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    Sarah Brown was fantastic! She has that toughness about her, and originated the character. Tamara B, she looked so skinny and worn out. As you get older, it’s better to put a few pounds on. Her face looked so sunk-in. Maurice, again, has been showing a lot of real emotions and getting back into the role. There were times under Guza, where he looked so bored.

    Was hoping Stuart Damon (Alan) would make an appearance, instead of the back look of Alan with Lila and Edward. Wonder if he’s ill? The last time he made an appearance on the show he didn’t look well. Does anyone know if he’s doing okay? I used to love him and Monica and those Q fights.

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    Sounds like Britt may “do the right thing” here. :-(
    Can I hope that she pulls a Maleficent and curses the baby and declares herself a swoooooorn enemy of Dante/NuLu?

    Funny, as was my hope for a “Dark Sabrina” turn with the return of Robin (inspired by the Wicked transformation scene in “Oz the Great and Powerful”), I look to the classic Disney Princess villainess with my hope for character development.

  15. Profile photo of soapsforlife

    This was one of the worst anniversary episodes yet.

    The parts about Monica AJ and Emily were sweet and heartfelt.

    The parts about Carly and Sonny though were an utter disaster and they were executed in the worst way possible.

    I found myself laughing my butt off at that part especially how everytime he turned back around too Carly it was one of the other carlys from years ago.

    What made it even more hilarious was the fact that Sonny acted like it was normal lmao

    Bad idea GH writers Bad idea.

  16. Profile photo of Mets82

    Watched GH this morning and I liked it. It was nice for a soap for a change to acknowledge that there was more than one Carly and actually show the viewers that. How many times has there been a scene where they insert the character into someone’s old role for flashbacks? Or not even show flashbacks because an actor or actress left the role? So I was plesantly surprised with all the Carlys.

    I thought Stuart Damon would show up as well but AngelWendy, your right, he hasnt been well. I would have liked to have seen flashbacks of Jessie, Steve Hardy, Audrey etc. since they were mentioned in the beginning of the episode.

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