Barbara Walters on The Talk: “If You’re Married to The President of The Network You Get More Promos”

As she readies for retirement, is Barbara Walters worried about CBS Daytime's The Talk overtaking her ABC coffee klatch? Not a chance. In a candid exit interview with Variety, The View’s co-creator revealed:

We are not at all affected by The Talk. I don’t think the success of her show diminishes us, nor do I think the success or failure of The View affects them. The only thing I’ll say is if you’re married to the president of the network, you get more promos.

I guess Babs shouldn't expect an invite to Les and Julie's Easter egg hunt this year!


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    Dont know why she would say that. The View isnt exactly tanking in the ratings. I mean they have been on for, what, 17 yrs., not 17 mins. No need for that.

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    Oooh, SHAAADE! Go on Babs! LOL!!!

    Look, she has a point. I’ve always said Julie Chen is one of the worst case of nepotism in the history of humanity. Two words – BIG BROTHER! Plus, for me she’s the weak link of The Talk.

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    Yeah, not a big Chenbot fan but not much class coming from a supposed “journalist” like Walters either; she’s been snarky and just plain tacky on more than one occasion in the last couple or so years regarding some of the shit she’s said. Frankly, it sounds like someone might need their Depends changed.

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    Barbara is trash and can’t stand her ass, yes, Julie chen got the job because of nepotism, but at least they promote the soaps, unlike ABC, where GH, its only soap, is not even promoted or having its cast on the show, smdh. She been a bitch lately and glad her ass is gone.

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    When a copy cat show does a better job than you are, it’s time to gracefully bow out.

    She unfortunately is not doing that gracefully. And it just hasn’t been this comment.

    Time for a complete revamp.

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    You need to know when to get off the stage – and Baba Wawa should have left before The View. She was a highly respected TV personality and now she’s seen as the female Andy Rooney.

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    Barbara really was well respected and classy, but her last years on The View have changed all of that. She should have left it years ago. It was being selfish and not looking out for the show.

    Bring Rosie O’Donnell back to replace Barbara. The show will be interesting again, I would definitely watch!

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    LMBO!! I was hoping someone would say Shady Boots. LOL I love that expression

    The View will continue to tank. Jenny McCarthy, that’s all. Sherri is dumb as a box of rocks and the fact she married her great Granddaddy shows she has no common sense. Whoopi can only do so much.

    While Jenny goes on and on about getting vaccinated causes autism. She won’t say that she was smoking while pregnant. And getting poison put in your face, botox, doesn’t help either. My friend has two kids who smoked while pregnant and guess what, both kids got autism. They don’t tell you not to smoke while pregnant for nothing.

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    TV Gord

    She made a joke. Some people need to remember their sense of humor. She laughed it off when Sharon Osbourne made her drunken comments about The View last year. I’m sure Julie and Les will laugh this off, too.

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    Funny generations were born to smokers yet autism was hardly her of. Most kids in my era had parents who smoked and not one kid had autism. Its as likely to be caused by all the vaccines the kids get these days as well as anything else. Evidently they cant tell you what doesnt cause it but cant tell you what does? Seems to me the more the govt gets involved the more diseases etc come along.. ps i also dont think alot of these kids have autism they are just slow learners and catch up in time.. Otherwise explain why they had it and with therapy there cured. NO they were taught and caught up..

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