PC #72: Apache Chief

The Pop Confidential podcast is back! On today's show, Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Jenna Dorsi dish your fave primetime TV shows.

The PC crew can't get enough of The Good Wife and the amazing drama it has given viewers in the episodes surrounding Will's death. Has The Good Wife become the best drama since The Wire?

The Season Four premiere of Game of Thrones crashed HBO GO and delivered the cable channel's best ratings since The Sopranos. Luke and Jenna share their favorite moments from the episode.

Has Scandal jumped the shark with its Alias-esque writing? Shonda Rhimes' other series, Grey's Anatomy has been on a roll with a strong season.

Jillian can't get enough of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta and all the bitchtastic drama.

Single Ladies was saved from cancellation and has a new home.

Shameless delivered a shocking season finale. Find out what the PC gang thought of the season, from Fiona's spiral to Frank surviving to get drunk another day.

Jamey is in love with the new season of Dallas. His recap has the rest of the PC gang wanting to tune back in.

Luke can't get enough of The CW's new show The 100, which is killing off characters faster than The Hunger Games.

Reign still has Jenna enchanted by its medieval drama.

Jamey and Jenna are excited by the latest news about Jem the movie.

All this and much more on today's Pop Confidential podcast!




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15 Responses

  1. Profile photo of luverica

    The Season Four premiere of Game of Thrones crashed HBO GO and delivered the cable channel’s best ratings since The Sopranos. Luke and Jenna share their favorite moments from the episode.

    *Clutching pearls* Does my eyes deceive me? Did SOMEONE finally see the light? ;-)

  2. Profile photo of luverica

    [quote=luverica]*Clutching pearls* Does my eyes deceive me? Did SOMEONE finally see the light?[/quote]

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Never say I’m a producer who doesn’t “listen to fans”! LOL[/quote]

    I will most definitely remember that and thanks for the shoutout. When I fuss at anyone of you, I fuss with love. :-)

  3. Profile photo of luverica

    Great episode guys and I’m not just saying that because of the Game of Thrones discussion. With that said, speaking of Game of Thrones…lol

    Jenna, I think you’re a great addition to the podcast. I have to respectfully disagree though about jumping into GoT without feeling one has to go back and watch the previous episodes. I feel that getting a sense of some of the characters’ stories, what led them up to where they are now as well as why certain situations are the way they are, which rolled off of things that happened in the first two seasons are very important. Plus, granted the first season is not as exciting as the last two seasons but that’s not to say it’s not a very good season that serves as a perfect introduction to this world and in a general sense, what type of show this is and why it stand out as something that TV has never done before. Granted each season gets progressively more exciting but think back to the buzz this show created in its first season, particularly with the last episodes.

    Jillian and Jamey, knowing how much you love and appreciate great unexpected twist and turns, I truly believe you’ll be at least intrigued by the first half of the first season and totally hooked by the end. Please don’t let anyone spoil for you if you don’t know what happens. Trust, you’ll appreciate it.

  4. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I thought Jamey watched the old Dallas. South fork was owned by Mrs Ellie’s family. So her husband inherited that so how in the world could JR trick Elena’s daddy over land that was in Mrs Ellie’s family years before JR was even born? This whole Elena storyline is stupid and Elena is more annoying than she was last year. Why get revenge on ppl that wasn’t even involved of even have knowledge if this stupid name switch. Can’t wait until Nicholas wife go after Elena and kill her

  5. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    I’d love to take credit for it Jillian, but unfortunately, I am not the one Doing the Jem and the Holograms live action movie. LOL. I used to watch the show, and can’t wait for it.

  6. Profile photo of

    I’m glad y’all are back! I have to say love me some good tv like the crew over here.

    See I love Scandal better than Grey’s. I watch Grey’s, but it not really appointment tv, but I’ll watch it. I just feel it had it time and it time for it to let it go. However, Scandal is my show. It has it moments it
    like ok, Shonda, but it will have you on the edge. There somethings in the show it has some hidden messages, you have to read between the lines, but it my favorite.

    I myself wonder or did a compare to contrast with Scandal & Good Wife and both have political drama tied into it, but Scandal is more of a thriller while Good Wife has the legal drama added into it.

    The Good Wife is boss and it’s well written piece of material on broadcast tv. There a few good written show on broadcast/network tv and Good Wife takes the cake!

    Shameless that one of the realiest cable series out in these streets. That show hit every beat, and stay real because that some real live ish in these streets.

    Of course on the reality front RHOA is boss, and like Jillian said ATL is the crown jewel. Jamey I feel you on your reasoning, but I just wish you could watch. I think you would rather watch RHOA vs Hip Hop Wives, or Basketball Wives. However there not as hood vs the VH1 reality wives.

    I would like to know if Jillian, Jamey, Mel, Luke and Jenna are watching Chrisley Knows it All(Best) on USA, The Wahlbergs on A&E,(because both are good and funny reality shows) also there take on Suits while it was on the last 2 months and R&B Divas Atlanta is back next week????

    So glad the crew is back! Can’t wait for the next episode-

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I thought Jamey watched the old Dallas.
    I did. Every episode. Cynthia Cidre has taken creative license on a lot of things from the old Dallas. There were no Ramoses who grew up on Southfork with the boys. Anyone who watched the old show knows that.

    However, the retcons have made for amazing story on this Dallas, so I could care less that she’s taken some liberties. Comic book movies do it all the time.

    Sue Ellen also said recently she was cheated on by J.R. for “40 years”. As a fan of the original show, I know that is b.s. They weren’t married nearly that long, but again, I am allowing for the retcons because in the end, the new show is red hot.

    Sometimes I feel we as soap fans get so caught up on the past, we refuse to enjoy a story in the present.

  8. Profile photo of luverica

    Re: Dallas – that midseason cliffhanger (I’m assuming midseason because it’s back in August) was awesome, like old school prime time soap. Everybody’s ass seems to be hanging out the window.

  9. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I just want to say that Jamey’s recap made me binge on Dallas. I had the episodes on DVR but I hadn’t watched them. I am not a person that has been swayed by spoilers if I am interested enough in the show in the first place and even though I knew most of what was going to happen, I WAS GLUED TO MY SEAT!!!!!

    This show is the ish right now! Thank you Jamey for making me see the error of my ways.

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