Quinn Wants Something in Exchange For Silence on Bold and Beautiful! (SNEAK PEEK)

No good deed goes unrewarded; at least when dealing with Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful! Just what does the kinky jewelry designer want in exchange for her silence?

All Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) wants is for son Liam (Scott Clifton) to be happy he's back with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang. Maybe if Liam spent more time worrying about his own love life, his bro wouldn't have snatched his Hope (Kim Matula) for the future? Watch a sneak peek of Thursday's B&B after the jump!

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    Today & Wednesday’s shows were superb with Bill\Ridge combating which will make a good fight in the future. Spencer Publications could come into play down the road if Ridge jumps ship to have a pristine position ;) That will fire Bill up! :O

    I actually liked the scenes between Liam\Hope. It was probably because those two aren’t on everyday.

    Brooke\Katie is going to be a fantastic TV to watch sisters battling and Brooke isn’t going to sit around…noway but her inner bitch is rising to the surface…bring it ON! :bigsmile:

    Quinn, Quinn, Quinn…so delicious and one of best new characters on all soaps. I love her devilry and attitude! :p :love:

    Brad is on fire! :beer:

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    This idiot has to be kidding me. Everything he loves about the show just about everyone hates. The show has gotten so bad lately . Quinn sucks ass dude. And liam + hope = boring as hell

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    Btw, I think Katie is showing her inner bitch. I mean how many times is Brooke going to have to tell Katie she’s not with Ridge. Brooke might need to hire a skywriter and have it written that she’s not in love with Ridge.

    I’d like to see what Quinn wants for keeping her mouth shut although if I was Bill, I’d just tell Brooke. Honestly, Liam shouldnt even be talking to Hope. Why is he somewhat throwing himself at her? Let Wyatt handle everything.

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    I loved that Quinn asked Bill to give Wyatt the last name of Spencer…OH HELL today I really thought Hope wouldn’t be preggers and surprise! :O Maybe Hope will be further along and Liam could be the a possible daddy… ;) I wouldn’t mind that at all.

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    I like Quinn(very good actress) but I agree that Liam, and Brooke are irritating. Add the very annoying Hope too. Oh God. Although, Liam and Hope’s interaction at his home was sweet. Katie knows her big sis–one day I am in love with Ridge, “my destiny,” the next I am not, Bill is my “soul mate”. Puleeeze, a grown ass woman! So Katie should be looking over her shoulders, just ask Taylor and the dead Caroline(use a medium).

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    You know Katie kinding of was throwing a pity party for herself yesterday. All you ever hear out of her mouth is “why would Ridge be in love me?” I mean knock it off. And lets face it, Katie is a sexy, goregous woman. She should stop feeling insecure about herself.

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    I loved the episode today and Liam\Hope was great. Then with Brooke\Katie and Brooke marking her territory and speaking nothing about the truth about Taylor vs her experience. Taylor has none and Brooke is a chemist.

    I’m glad Hope isn’t pregnant and the scene with Liam was so romantic and tender. The music was excellent.

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