WATCH: Newly-Minted Late Show Host Stephen Colbert Soaping it Up With Susan Lucci (VIDEO)

One good thing about the guy who's taking David Letterman's spot at CBS, we know he's soap friendly! Back in 2012, Stephen Colbert invited suds queen Susan Lucci onto his Comedy Central show to spoof the David Petraeus sex scandal. Relive "General's Hospital" after the jump! 


The Colbert Report
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    Jesus H., I miss that bony breastbone.

    What a difference a year makes. I really wish Susan Lucci had made an appearance on the online version of AMC. One year later I am still glad that it was on for its short existence and removed the smell of Frons from its last years. There was a long period there where my favorite episode of All My Children was that informercial for that contraption and cream with beads you would apply to your face. Yeah, I bought one.

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