WATCH: Elmo and Craig Robinson “Do It For The Vine” (VIDEO)

Leave it to Elmo to make us smile on a hectic Friday. The beloved Sesame Street character has done his own version of the "Do It For The Vine" social media phenomenon. That's famed comedian Craig Robinson (The Office, Pineapple Express) lending an assist.

What other daytime stars and/or characters should "Do It For The Vine"? My vote is for Y&R's zany Christian LeBlanc (Michael) to do one with BFF Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis). Sound off on who you'd like to see jump on board the trend in the comments!

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    I am so…Not Hip. never heard of this trend, but spent an hour looking at videos of it and popular vines. DOOL cast would definitely make one. I enjoyed Molly Burnett’s music video featuring the cast.

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    Hi All…..Good god almighty, will somebody PLEASE post a few new articles to get this damned thing off the front page? Every time I check the site to see if there any updates I have to hear this shit. Guess I’ll wait until tomorrow afternoon to check again, which means fewer clicks….

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