DC #757: The Da Vinci Code

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Is Hope pregnant with Wyatt's child on The Bold and the Beautiful? Should Quinn and Liam have hate sex?

Daniel is drugged on Days of Our Lives. Has Lucas become the new Roman? Does Carrie need to return to Salem for a final storyline with Sami before Alison Sweeney leaves? Should Austin Peck return as Austin? What happened to JJ's storyline. It used to be "must see," but now it's a snore.

Dr. O and Madeline are sisters on General Hospital. Maxie returns to Port Charles with a wombat in tow. Lulu and Dante get their son back and give him a new name. 

Why are new characters on General Hospital and The Young and the Restless being introduced with complicated, secret back stories? Do fans care about stories that happen off screen, or do they want to see them play out in the present?

The Young and the Restless is throwing a fashion show and the DC crew is loving it. Lily having a female rival is bringing the character alive. Who is Leslie's mysterious new husband? Neil and Hilary kiss, but is Devon falling for her?

All this and much more on today's Daytime Confidential podcast!






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  1. Profile photo of luverica

    Jamey, it took me a minute to realize who you was calling “Foxy Cleopatra” but once I did, I almost spit out my lunch. You are so wrong. ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Profile photo of sillytee

    i thought the set for the fashion show on YR was cheesy and cheap.. the photographers in the background????those were propped up cellphones on broomsticks. lol.i dont even remember seeing any dresses..just hillary’s..

    how about roger howarth as the new adam???? hate me hate me!!!

    i like the hillary/devon/neil stuff. thats the most interesting storyline on.period.

    im loving days.. i like the dynamic between daniel,nicole,brady,eric, and yes, jennifer.. it’s a nice touch with the 30-40somethings.

  3. Profile photo of stoney07

    I agree that Nate should be Leslie’s husband.

    And my friend who watches with me sometimes said that it would be cool if Stitch maybe as a teenager driving without a permit, accidentally ran down Nathan Sr., which resulted in his death. HAHA. A little far-fetched and the timeline doesn’t add up, but hey…weirder things have happened. I also read that on some other message board too and it’s really not THAT bad of an idea, except that wouldn’t really be considered MURDER. But that would put Stitch against Nate. It would put Nate against Neil somewhat. It would drive major story.

    But the more I type, the more I remember…Stitch isn’t from GC so that couldn’t be possible, unless he was randomly driving in Genoa City that particular night. Who knows…


    I am also here for B&B, and I start riding for them, and then it switches back to Hope/Liam/Wyatt and I just lose interest again. I just can’t with Hope and Liam. I actually really like Wyatt, and I like Hope when she’s away from Liam. I just can’t stand Liam anymore. I loved him when he was the new quirky/nerdy character that everybody thought was Thorne’s son. But since then, I just can’t take him.

    GH…I love the whole Dr. O and Madeline sisterhood thing. I think its great soap, and those two together is priceless.

    DAYS I stopped watching a while ago. *ducks* Not that its bad, I just don’t have the time.

  4. Profile photo of

    Unfortunately, everyone slaps Sami! She’s been slapped multiple times by Nicole and by Kate, who smacked her as recently as last year, just a few episodes before Sami was slapped by the day-player wife of the dirty cop who tried to slice Rafe. I’m with Jamey. I love Camila Banus. As an actress, she’s grown immensely in the last few years. But Gabi has got to go, and thankfully, she’ll be going soon!

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    I haven’t listened as of now but will…today’s preview makes you wonder if it will be Ian? Is he holding something over Leslie’s head…hmmm :~

    God I hope not, I wanted Ian gone I don’t like the ruination of the cult story…ugh! :|

  6. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Big NO to Roger Howarth as Adam; I know he has a lot of fans–which frankly has always been a mystery to me–but the recast needs to be someone who can actually do more than one emotional setting and the only one RH pulls off successfully is “snarky asshole”. Pass.

    The Obrecht/Madeline scenes were probably my favorite scenes of any soap last week. As Jamey said, the exposition was well handled and the work between Kathleen Gati and Donna Mills was pure gold. And I also agree, Nathan’s getting a little better and so is Ryan Paevey I think. Yeah, he’ll probably never have the words “Emmy winner” in front of his name and I def prefer the less-clothes-is-way-better approach but I truly don’t think he’s the absolute worst actor in the history of daytime(Thom Bierdz was front burner for several years on Y&R back in the ’80s and he was terrible. And then he came back two decades later, well into his ’40s, and guess what? Still terrible. So there’s at least one out there worse than RP. Your welcome :) ).

    Regarding Y&R, totally agree regarding Lily and Hilary–great stuff and Mishael Morgan is definitely one of the great finds during JFP’s tenure. Lily’s viability as an interesting character basically increases or decreases based on her proximity to Cane–the further away from him she is, the better she is(but then again, he’d probably have that effect on just about anyone because he is, after all, Cane).

    Days is still awesome. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m going to break this post up because…eek

    It took me 2 days to listen to the podcast but I must say the podcast was the best one I’ve listened to in months. I’m not throwing any shadow but I agree with your assessment of Days, BB & YR…all was speaking the truth.

    As all said Days\BB is the only soaps writing for today audiences and its characters on canvas. YR is way to heavy on newbies and always carrying “secrets”…who gives a flying f*ck!! |( I want more stories for the vets and have the new ones be intermixing with stories among those characters we know and love. The only one on YR doing this is 2Cassie\Victor which I’m loving story setup but don’t confuse the “who’s your mama Nikki\Dylan not at all (you know how I feel UGH). I wish you guys talked about this the Victor\2Cassie storyline…would like your take on this one.

    I totally agree about YR is IMO 40% better now having episodes twice a week that are superb in quality. I have to respectfully disagree Jamey on one small fraction which is Dylan\Steve. I’m sorry Steve isn’t YR material and brings nothing to the canvas and is one note actor. As far as Stitch\Kelly and another “secret” which maybe the writers are waiting now for Cady because of the recast which I could see for the reveal.

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m so loving Shick so much but agree I don’t like the electron zapping her like “Frankenstein’s monster” but can over look because it’s giving plenty of Shick. I was a fan in the beginning and more than Phick any day.

    Love when you make references about GL, you go Melodie knowing your a fan and Reva has had awesome bitchfests in the past and whomever KZ was playing against the chemistry was off the hook. Reva\Vanessa, Reva\Sonni, Reva\Oliva, & my favorite Reva\Annie! :love: :love: :beer: KZ\CW work off each that sparkled in every scene.

    I’m sorry this post is long but shows how much I enjoyed, loved the podcast it was pure entertainment to listen. Thanks you! :bigsmile:

  9. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m starting to love this with Leslie\Neil\Hilary\Devon love-in, flower power lovefest. :bigsmile: Mishael Morgan is a great find for the show!! :love: I to soooo loviing Lily\Hilary bitchfest!! It’s riding the rails for a fun, exciting old fashion soap opera to watch. :love: I know I said this before but people forget Lily was such rebellious young teenager, she drove Neil\Dru to distraction! :bigsmile: The writers are taping into Lily again in that side of Drucilla. Some say CK isn’t truly A-A but only plays one, while praising VR’s work playing one and VR is half white raised by lesbians…people say Lily doesn’t act like Dru because Lily was more educated…BULLSH*T! >) Lily had better education then Dru, that doesn’t mean Lily can’t have some of her mother’s temperament! >) Dru was more “hood style”, Dru would throw down any woman who made google eyes at Neil, Phyllis, Nate Sr or even her mother.
    Lily goes about it with more posh style but the effect is like Drucilla. :bigsmile: CK is having more scenes away from DG and DG has been cooled in story…thank God!

  10. Profile photo of Cornfed

    [quote=ChrisGa]I truly don’t think he’s the absolute worst actor in the history of daytime(Thom Bierdz was front burner for several years on Y&R back in the ’80s and he was terrible. And then he came back two decades later, well into his ’40s, and guess what? Still terrible. So there’s at least one out there worse than RP. Your welcome :) ). [/quote]

    I can’t get on board with this, unfortunately. Thom Beirdz was surrounded with Jeanne Cooper & Brenda Dickson/Jess Walton, great Bill Bell writing, and a love triangle you could cheer from both sides (Cricket/Philip/Nina); his bad acting had minimal impact for these reasons. Additionally, he wasn’t thrown into TWO major stories his first 3 months on the show (let alone such a horrendously ill-conceived one as the Nina Clay story). You’d also probably hear less protesting if RP were playing a CORE FAMILY MEMBER. I would agree that it’s a shame Beirdz wasn’t more prepared for another shot at fame 20 years later! (I’d also add the overall adorable factor in 20-something Thom’s favor, but that’s all a matter of taste i presume ;) )

    Even though this site is by far my favorite soap community, for some reason, the DC crew seemed to have NO PROBLEM laying out the GH head team’s agenda circa 2009 (if you read their “Worst Couples 2009″ for example), but yet I see a tendency — with a few exceptions — to give CarToony a bit more a benefit of the doubt than they deserve at the helm of GH. (I mean wasn’t Carly and Franco the UNANIMOUS Worst Couple of 2013 and did they even make the list???) This show is a MESS. Outlandish plot twists, all the wrong characters as leads, and about 159 new characters all introduced at the same time. And poor Kirsten Storms, enough can’t be said about her poor predicament! :~

    Someone on another board compared Olbrecht to Kramer on Seinfeld LOL, that a little bit goes a long way. Yes, in another time and place i could EASILY see Kathleen Gati being the matriarch of a core family, but not as some one-liner, multi-crime committing sociopath who’s given a free pass every other day. If i didn’t know better, i’d think that Ron rushed thru these Westbourne story beats just to get it over with and to MOVE ON, but i know that’s a mere pipe dream. :tired:

  11. Profile photo of twen_angst

    never felt the urge before to comment on a podcast (i listen to them religiously and they always make me happy, i’d like to get that out here), especially because i always felt it would make me look petty. now what i’m about to say WILL make me look petty, but i can’t help it, so there goes:

    1) as to GH and YR being the only offenders who try to build story out of offscreen backstory (is there any other kind?), i have two words for you: DAYS and Jordan! she’s been on this soap HOW long? has ANYone worked out what her supposed secret is? does she even have one? has it been revealed that her secret is that she HAS no secret? is that the big twist? “Fooled you all, I don’t have a secret!”

    2) Rocco is not a regular Italian name. It’s the Italian equivalent of a really oldfashioned hilbilly name. So whatever hilbillies would have named their child 60-70 years ago, that’s the name they’ve given to poor Ben!

  12. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    If Deacon comes back to B&B, Steffy and DEacon should have a relationship and get married, Steffy would be Hope’s stepmom, that would be a hoot and drama for years to come. Yes for the Neil/Hilary/Devon drama, this is great and about damn time for the black people on the show to get s/l. Leslie’s husband should be Nate Jr, that would really be a game changer and soapy drama. Hilary getting on Lily’s nerves is ok with me. Y&R and GH needs to stop with the backstory, with the group on this. Still not liking everything, but glad the soaps are here to stay.

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