INTERVIEW: Ron Raines Dishes Beacon Hill, Guiding Light, OLTL and Broadway

Guiding Light and One Life to Live veteran Ron Raines is once again bursting soap bubbles, this time on Crystal Chappell's political soap Beacon Hill. I caught up with Raines to find out about his new gig as sinister Senator William Preston. Is his new character even more ruthless than GL's Alan Spaulding?

Raines also shared his thoughts on the end of Prospect Park's version of OLTL , his work on Broadway and what it would take to get him on one of the four remaining daytime sudsers.

Daytime Confidential: What's it like working with your former Guiding Light castmates, Crystal Chappell, Ricky Paull Goldin, and Tina Sloan, again?

Ron Raines: Great.  First of all, they are all colleagues of mine from Guiding Light that I truly adore and have worked with all of them. I have had heavy storylines with each of them. Beacon Hill is just starting now, and I am hoping to repeat some of the chemistry that we had on Guiding Light.

DC: Your character, Senator William Preston, seems to be a real piece of work. Just how underhanded is Mr. Preston?

RR: He is very much like Alan Spaulding…extremely manipulative.  Obviously, you will see this in the first season. He has plans and ulterior motives much like Alan, and of course, they never pan out like you want them to.

DC: Will the senator’s stroke diminish his ever-growing power?

RR: Not in his mind, but I am sure in lots of other people's mind and they will try and to work that.  With these kind of guys…nothing stops them.

DC: You’ve done a good amount of work on Broadway. Are you currently working on a play? Or will you be joining one in the future?

RR: Not currently, but I hope to be doing one in the future. I just had a wonderful run of Broadway's Annie playing Daddy Warbucks and I loved it! I had a ball. I love playing millionaires! The Director of DAYS brought his family and Ricky-Paull brought his family, so lots of Beacon Hill people saw it!

DC: You did a short stint on the Prospect Park produced version of One Life to Live. How was that?

RR: It was really a lot of fun and I was shocked at it ending so soon. I was there at the last two weeks and I really loved what they were doing and I loved speaking with the seasoned pros. There was a lot of hope and everybody was so positive. I was surprised and disappointed that it didn't continue.
DC: Could you ever see yourself joining one of the remaining four soaps on television?

RR: Yes, if it was the right role. I loved doing daytime and it was very good to me. I was able to be with my family and it gave me a tool for my singing and other endeavors.  It really was an exercise in improvisation, since we do it so quickly. And the friendships you make are really for life, and I cherish those relationships that I continue to have to this day.

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    I miss the whole GL crew. Saw Ron on the Online OLTL and was looking forward to seeing him interact with all my One Life favorites. Such a disappointment that it was cut short. Beacon Hill is wonderful so far and I am looking forward to seeing more of Ron and all the other wonderful Daytime actors in that series.

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