Sharon and Nick Get Naked and NAUGHTY on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

There's absolutely nothing hotter than screwing a mental patient in Genoa City, Wisconsin. If Sharon (Sharon Case) forgets to pop one of her happy pills, Nick (Joshua Morrow) can have a threesome without even so much as hitting up anyone on Tinder.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, there appears to be a drinking game starting everytime someone says the phrase "Ian is back in town". Check out Thursday's The Young and the Restless sneak peek after the jump!

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    I’m as giddy as whore at a brothel making money!! I simply can’t wait for my Shick having sex again and again and again. >) Those two actors have such amazing chemistry as Victor\Nikki playing off one another for years hitting the beats, it’s such a joy, passion and excitement for the viewers to watch real chemistry in a young couple on YR. :love: I will stomach Dylan today for my Shick! :bigsmile:

    Today’s (Thursday) looks like this will be a very good episode, Wednesday was not bad but OK. To much Dylan for my taste.

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    Did I miss something?

    On Wednesday’s show, we had to have a scene with Noah and Caroline (B&B)…

    did she tell Noah that she had a bun in the oven??? Was this discussed, yet, on B&B?

    The writing of that scene was so “in joke”….

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    Damn good hot delicious episode. Shick was sizzling in Sharons beautiful bed. Dylan, Avery, Tyler and Abby were even good. Loved Newman ranch in the spring. YR is on a roll. The lighting, directing, and writing is a african in first place at the Boston marathon.

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    Who would have thought that Shick has become the reason I’m excited about watching Y&R again. Case and Morrow seem to have hotter sex & better chemistry than 20 years ago.

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    I’ve always loved Nick and Sharon…and I also loved when Phyllis played video games with Nick’s joystick. That’s epic soap.

    But it really boggles my mind that it took THIS long to get these two back together. Very few soap couples truly belong together. I can think of three currently on YR: Vic/Nikki, Nick/Sharon, and Michael/Lauren.

    Let’s let them be happy for a while. And if that means that the paternity results really weren’t switched, then so be it.

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    The best part of Thursday’s soap was Shick! I LOVED the scene when Nick had Sharon straddle and gave her a spank on the butt…Ahhh, who doesn’t like a little spanking now & then…Hmmm ;) Then Nick threw Sharon on the bed and held her bed it was so hot, sexy, steamy & romantic all at the same time.

    I hope Victor has one of goons or himself and kills Ian! |( It’s absolutely disgusting to have a rapist getting off on technicality, it’s so lame. No rapist would had gotten off scot-free. Another blow towards disrespect toward women and a woman runs the show.

    The Cupcake Show was boring…and way to much Dylan strutting around with his chest puffed out exclaiming his disgust about Ian…the bastard is one that brought him to Genoa City! :|

    Tyler\Abby no thanks. I must say YR has the best chesty women on soaps looking beautiful in those push-up bras. :D

    If not for Shick was EXCELLENT :love: this episode was very weak in so many ways, I was disappointed thinking I would enjoy this episode because of preview and was excited but nope not to be. YR has to many weak episodes in one episodes and a couple of outstanding shows, this is why the ratings have fell over cliff. Lets see if the show recovers this week or continues to fall in the ratings.

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    hey mon

    For someone who though Shick 1.0 (94-05) was a boring dud, this time around seems a lot more exciting. Sharon is damaged goods from the last decade, and Nick is just a little bit less high and mighty, than he was the first time around. (Who can forget Mr NickArrogant, putting his Dad in jail for bribing for shelf space back in 2003?)

    The scenes are even better, knowing that Phyll lays in a coma, with the key to the ending of Shick’s relationship. The guarantee that this time around Sharon and Nick’s love and happiness will be short-lived. Of course, I am still believing that this tragedy that is being talked about in various places on the Net will be the death of nuCassie.

    But yes, Victor and Nikki, Nick and Sharon (although she’s better with Adam), are top notch. Too bad Brad Carlton is dead, who is Ashley’s true mate.

    I will say this, Ive seen worse Y&R.

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