Abbotts and Newmans Unite For Abby’s Engagement Party on Y&R (SNEAK PEEK)

Can Genoa City's two warring dynasties call a truce long enough to celebrate the young woman who unites them by blood? Today on The Young and the Restless, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) returns as the Abbotts and Newmans put on a fête in honor of Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Tyler's (Redaric Williams) pending nuptials. Watch a sneak peek at the festivities after the jump!

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    This party will be a treat to watch. I hope it’s fun & dysfunctional time to make the engagement party intense. :party:

    Loving how all the families are front & center including “our beauty” looking ravishing in the purple!! :love:

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]The 14-year old *cop* doesn’t belong in this scene. Why is she still on this show? Is she related to JFP?[/quote]

    I think she looks like she’s 44! However, I agree. Must be JFP’s niece or something. I think Robert Adamson has much more chemistry with his B&B baby mama!

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    Excellent! Every body looked amazing. Newman Ranch was beautiful, servants and a motor court.Nikki looked grand in the McQueen knock off. JFP continues to knock it out of the park.

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    Well, they gave us a great Friday cliffhanger, but then (as usual), they spoiled the whole effect by including a follow-up scene to it in the Monday preview.

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    It was a good cliffhanger and I enjoyed the gathering at the Newmans. Tabby is just plain boring mess but MO looked beautiful and the cast was remarkably dress looking dapper…Sony must have up the bucks on wardrobe because both YR\Days all the actors on each show have looked wonderful.

    I loved the Victor\Jack and not able to keep their mouth shut. Ashley was the most beautiful in the purple…only because that is my favorite color and prejudice about ED. :love:

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    I just watched it and it was great. Shick + Fake Cassie is the best story they have going on right now. The Cliffhanger was everything. Finally Nick saw her.

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    [quote=bobbyew]Fake Cassie can’t be Mariah cause it has been mentioned that she looked like Lily.[/quote]

    What I remember is that Leslie told Tyler that “Lily reminded her of Mariah.” Tyler rather begrudgingly agreed. But whether they meant looks, personality, behavior, a San Fernando Valley accent (lol!), etc. was kinda left open (imho), and they didn’t really spell out “the similarities.” Was there some other scene besides this one (below)?

    Tinyvid of the scene:

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    Enough with the HIDDEN ex GF of Tyler. Why is he always secretly meeting with her and lying to Abby? Seriously they ruined Leslie with her instant AND WE DON’T NEED THE MAN TO MAKE A MARRIAGE WORK storyline with her after she dumped wimpy Neil. NOW we have Tyler sneaking around?!!

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    @pjc722 – Just think! Now when they cast Leslie’s new husband, Barton, they can have this newly-married duo sit around for an endless number of episodes just yakking about how their three-week “relationship” led them to marriage – you know, telling us about something that we didn’t actually see. This will be similar to how Dylan & Avery sit around and tell made-up stories about their unseen past together; or how Tyler yaps about his unseen past with the still unseen Mariah; or Ben & Kelly trading barbs about their unseen history; and let’s not forget how Jill & Colin read passages from old diaries to us, acting out fantasies of the made-up Rachel & Shep; then too, there’s Nikki & Paul telling us about “their past” with the totally made-up and never-before-seen Ian character. This type of “expository writing” seems to be a running theme with the new team. – jmho

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    WIth all the bravado that Steve Burton’s Dylan brings to the scene… RELATIONSHIP ADVICE from a guy who up until he stole his brother’s fiance away (whom he also stole from Avery’s first husband) he shouldn’t be giving out advice. Telling other men to spill their secrets and then saying them to anyone he feels like it.

    Dylan is a beefy gossip. He walks into the police station like he has a right and what Paul and any other officer should do is just lock him up. Tired of any scenario or scene with Dylan.

    Shoot over to Kelly saying that she won’t be maligned and name called in town FOR HER ONE MISTAKE is ridiculous. She made two that we know of and both resulted in the end of marriages and one with the child spirited off to Australia. It’s all well and good to scream BLAME BILLY TOO but why the writers are making her stand up for herself when they are still writing that she is a home wrecker more than once is ridiculous. Hopefully with the AMC starlet she may get more focus and more appeal.

    Leslie’s story is stupid. WHY?! Because it all happened off camera. ANd there is too much of that happening right now on this show. Liam gets off and the most powerful man in WISCONSIN doesn’t know about it?! Or Mariah lurks around town and no one sees a strange woman staring at THE NAKED HEIRESS? Phyllis is sleeping off camera and barely do we see Summer go to see her but hear an awful lot obout how sucky her life is. Victor and Nikki have more secrets and aren’t involved in either person’s storylines like they should be.

    Dylan… the aforementioned moron… posts a video of Avery cooking/baking and she is an instant hit?! Sorry, Dylan most likely has ZERO followers and doubtful without any followers on a website that within days Avery is a sensation and now doing a pilot off of one episode.

    Still love the show but want more from it then what we are getting

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    [quote=aroundhound]Is Mariah not African-American? Her arm has been shown many times.[/quote]

    Yes, but for some reason on Thursday, her arm appeared to be very, very white, which made the same lightbulb go off over my head re: FC/Mariah. Then, in the scene before she got caught, FC seemed to be focused on Tyler and Abby before they walked away to reveal Nick and Sharon.

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