SPOILERS: Liam Has a Proposition For Hope on The Bold and The Beautiful

Liam/Hope/Wyatt/Quinn: Liam (Scott Clifton) has a life-changing proposal for Hope (Kim Matula). She updates Wyatt (Darin Brooks) on his brother's move, and let's just say he's not thrilled. As usual, Quinn (Rena Sofer) wants to butt in. Will Wyatt let his scheming mother help?

Aly/Oliver/Maya: Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) and Oliver (Zack Conroy) move forward with their relationship by the Forrester poolside. Look for Oliver to take things under water with his swanky, new camera, in an attempt to impress both Aly and her Uncle Ridge (Thorston Kaye). Later, they openly flirt at a Forrester board meeting, but no one notices.
By the weeks end, Maya (Karla Mosley) has some stern words for Oliver about Aly.
Brooke/Rick/Bill: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has a plan to get Bill (Don Diamont) back into power at Spencer Publications. Will Rick (Jacob Young) co-sign her efforts to tank Katie's (Heather Tom) career?

Taylor/Aly/Thorne: After all these years, the Forresters must deal with Taylor (Hunter Tylo) killing Darla (Schae Harrison) while drunk-driving.

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  1. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Bring on the papers. Mya need to get her some bizness and stop being nosey cause she had her chane with Philip Spaulding the second. Love the photoshoot concept at the Bell compound.

  2. Profile photo of harlee490

    Another stellar episode coming from the Bells! Bell family know how to do a glamorous soap. The look outside, the pool and the touch with the underwater pictures was…well brilliant Bell soap :bigsmile:

    Hey! I think the Aly\Oliver story will be set in the classic soap mold with Aly falling hard as her first love, Oliver using her position as a Forrester to secure his position, wanting to marry her possibly but then actually fall in love with Aly when she finds out the truth. ;) Watch out Oliver when grandpa & daddy finds this out :O

    I see it popping off the screen the chemistry between SC/RS is HOT! They do need to have hot, sweating Hate Sex! >)

  3. Profile photo of Ryan45212

    I see the secret lovers being Oliver and Mya clearly they have chemistry and thats why she is so involved with this and why Oliver is telling her he is more or less using Ally.. Id be surprised if these two arent the secret lovers I hope so cause Mya needs a story and she seems to have more chemistry with Oliver than she does Carter..

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