SPOILERS: Port Charles Mourns AJ on General Hospital

AJ/Michael/Sonny: A distraught Michael (Chad Duell) seeks solace from Sonny (Maurice Benard) over AJ’s (Sean Kanan) death. AJ’s funeral begins, while Ava (Maura West) pleads with Sonny to buy his guilt.

Luke/Spencer: Luke (Anthony Geary) has his hands full when Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) has a few tough questions for him.
Sabrina/Patrick/Emma: Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) unexpectedly pops up at Emma's (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) recital, and throws Patrick (Jason Thompson) for a loop. Later on, Emma receives some unsettling news about the baby. Things get worse when Emma, Patrick and Sabrina wind up in danger.

Franco/Carlos/Carly/Ava: Franco (Roger Howarth) butters up Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), and manages to get him to spill the beans about Ava (Maura West). Afterward, Franco updates Carly (Laura Wright) on what Carlos told him in jail. They formulate a plan for their next move.
Ned/Tracy: Ned (Wally Kurth) is on a mission to caution Tracy (Jane Elliot) about Luke. Look for Kiki (Kristen Alderson) to play an integral role in Ned's plan.

Nathan/Anna: Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and Anna (Finola Hughes) attempt to figure out how to resolve a serious situation. 

Morgan: Someone betrays Morgan (Bryan Craig). 

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    Sabrina gets hurt and loses the baby and has to go to PR to recover then comes back with Theresa from Passions face?

    Is Ned gonna say hi to Alexis? Will Jordan and Julian have another scene together? Sonny is going to buy his guilt? Morgan gets betrayed for the 1000x? Anna and Nathan try to resolve how to teach that boy how to act?

    Has that ABC exec who is going around threatening blogs and websites threaten daytime confidential? He scared the crap out of the lady from soaptownusa who wrote the Loose Lips column. She’s not writing it anymore! Don’t let him scare y’all

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    RealityCheck 33

    Why the hell do these network execs want to alienate the soap fans by threatening the soap sites? They are destroying good will at a time when the soap ratings are starting to fall for all four network soaps. These losses are starting to pile up and viewers are tuning out.

    Pretty dumb move if you ask me.

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    I hope my friend, Emma is ok. I will say that I hope there are no scenes with Dante and Anna. I dont like them together because they get a little obnoxious and cocky. Watch the scene when they were interrogating Carlos. I think they did the samething to anohter character but cant remember who. The PCPD always has people in that room.

    Luke hitting on Kiki is kind of gross. I will say that I think Tracy is being written poorly as she has gotten blinders on when it comes to Luke.

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    I saw that madness about spoilers on twitter. I hope that people don’t stop providing them. I enjoy them myself, but maybe I am in the minority. For me, if the show is entertaining to me and I am interested, I don’t care if I know what is going to happen in advance. Watching it unfold entertains me. I am the person that will read a recap of a show before watching it.

    Advance spoilers, just add more fun to the mix. I discuss the possibilities, and then wait for the scenes to air. No harm no foul.

    Of course, that is if I am already invested in the show.

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    His name is Nathan Varni. I could be spelling it wrong. He’s posted on soapcentral, twitter and Facebook. There was a rumor that ABC execs didn’t want to do LiRic because of the age difference. He actually posted it was a rumor and not true. Personally I think because the “shock” of Dr O and Madeline being sisters didn’t really shock anyone since that spoiler been out for weeks. That’s when he really started posting everywhere. Him and his minions are on a mission.

    What he doesn’t understand is the writing is kind of predictable. You can guess things before they happened. They really trying to keep the who is really Luke spoiler under wraps

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