The Young and the Restless Stars Turn Out For Premiere of Kristoff St. John’s ‘A Man Called God’ (PHOTOS)

The Young and the Restless’ Redaric Williams, Angell Conwell, Mishael Morgan, Cady McClain and General Hospital‘s Jon Lindstrom  howed their support for Kristoff St. John’s A Man Called God at the 2014 International Beverly Hills Film Festival on April 23.

The official synopsis describes A Man Called God as,

A full length documentary, from the visionary mind of Emmy Award winning Producer, Writer, Actor, Kristoff St. John and directed by Blaxpoitation Icon, Christopher St John. In this unique, compelling documentary filmed over thirty years ago, the St John family embarks on a spiritual journey from Los Angeles, California to Southern India to search for God. They find ‘God’ living in a remote village, surrounded by thousands of mesmerized followers. Heralded as an Avatar or a God Man, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is one of India’s most prolific gurus in India today. With a fan base of 50 Million people worldwide, Sai Baba performs modern day miracles; healing the sick and diseased, materializing solid objects out of the air. The St John family, Christopher, Maria and 14-year-old Kristoff are slowly swallowed up by Sai Baba and his cult as they participate in the spiritual daily ‘Ashram’ routine, documenting on film their treacherous visit. The cult eventually overwhelms the family, with Sai Baba revealing his demonic thirst for pedophilia and other evils. A lair of lies, deceit, secrecy, sexual deviancy and murder, all under the unsuspecting banner of A MAN CALLED GOD. A family deceived and destroyed, by the largest modern day cult, thriving globally today.

Check out more photos from the showing after the jump!

Cady McClain and Jon Lindstrom

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  1. Profile photo of soapbaby

    In pic #5, is KSJ pointing at Angell Conwell’s rack?! While it is impressive, that’s an awful dress. Poor thing. Such a pretty woman, such awful styling in both real life and on the show.

    While, I have no use for his Y&R character, Redaric Williams is a dreamboat.

  2. Profile photo of maxsmom

    why haven’t I seen this Redaric Williams before now? don’t tell Maxsdad but I am packing for L.A. tonight! Good Googly Moogly that man is foin >) It’s funny I have loved Kristoff since he was a teen named Christopher and I was a mere 2 years younger, perfect for our future together. It may have taken 30 years but I have finally moved on Mr. St. John.

  3. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    [quote=stefanstavros]Who thinks Redaric could’ve been a Malcolm recast? Maybe too young?[/quote]

    Yes, too young. Redaric’s 32, so he’s not old enough to be Lily’s father. Her character’s about 25, so Malcolm should be early-to-mid 40’s – a few years younger than Neil.

  4. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Okay, while I understand that other people may have schedule conflicts and I don’t know if this is KSJ’s first attempt at a film, but wow.

    KSJ has been on this show for as long as I can remember, and while it is great to see those that supported him, i am in shock at those that didn’t. It adds credence to the thought that things are so separate behind the scenes.

    CK, PB, MS, SC..and it is late, but I am sure that there are more. Did they not show? Were they not invited? Were they there but their photos just aren’t in this article? I has questions…

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