Wishful Storytelling: How Jax, Brook Lynn, The Brownstone, Billy Miller and The Left-Handed Boy Could Heat Up General Hospital

Summer is almost upon us. Since the hot, steamy months are usually meant for ramped up arcs, I'm going to be doing a little Wishful Storytelling on what I would like to see from all four of our current daytime sudsers come June, July and August. This week, I'm tackling General Hospital.

I get grieving, boy wonder Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) needing to find out who killed his bio dad in Port Charles, New York. However, I'd much rather watch him inherit a troubled AJ's (Sean Kanan) shares at ELQ and vow to do what his father never could — stake his rightful claim to the family empire. Sure, Michael would be no match for Tracy (Jane Elliott), but it would be fun to see him try to best his manipulative great aunt!

Aussie corporate raider Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) returns to Port Charles with an agenda. He hires favorite stepson Morgan (Bryan Craig) at J & J Jacks.

Jax worked so hard to keep Morgan away from Sonny's (Maurice Benard) criminal lifestyle, when the young man was a child. He's none too pleased, once he learns about Morgan bedding mother and daughter mob molls, not to mention his short-lived stint with the Jerome crime family. Sonny, fresh from almost losing Michael to AJ, doesn't welcome another man trying to take his place.

Morgan at Jax's company and Michael at ELQ effectively pits Port Charles' latest version of Cane and Abel against one another on the corporate battlefield, with Tracy and Jax serving as senior puppet masters. Ned (Wally Kurth) sticks around as a sage, Obi-Wan Kenobi for Michael, warning him not to lose his soul—and his relationship with his brother—in the battle for ELQ and Wall Street supremacy. Ned regrets battling AJ for the company. The two should have been bonding as cousins.

Jax revisits his mid-90's efforts to seize control of ELQ. He's well aware how many family firms fail once the founder passes away. With Edward (the late John Ingle) gone, ELQ is ripe for a takeover. 

Jax doesn't contend on Carly (Laura Wright) being a spoiler. She stumbles upon proof of Jax using funds from a trust he and Carly set up jointly for Josslyn, to acquire blocks of stock in ELQ. Carly enlists Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) to have her named co-executor of Joss's trust, and therefore in possession of half of Jax's considerable ELQ stake.

Why, in my lil' Wishful Storytelling jaunt, would Carly be ticked enough at Jax she needs to take corporate-level revenge? Because he runs Franco (Roger Howarth) out of town on a rail!

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    Jamey, the writing staff should stop trolling Twitter and hire you, stat! Wish i had seen this article 2 months ago when you first wrote it. :( GH is in sad, sad shape and i know many that have stopped watching and/or have taken it off their dvr entirely.

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    I want Sonny’s head on a pike.

    AJ and Michael should be running ELQ.

    Hell, no to “Lucy” aka Lucky Spencer coming back to town in any shape or form! Free, Liz! As for Niz, hell no, I do not want Liz attached to Nik or that psycho ex of hers. Liz needs a hot new man!

    Where are all of the illegitimate HOT and SEXY male Cassadine heirs from Stavros and Stefan? I find it hard to believe that Stavros only had one son and Stefan had none at all!

    Where are Jimmy Lee Holt’s HOT and SEXY male heirs?

    The show really needs hot men between 30 and 40 age group, so Liz and the other women are not stuck with Nik or Ric.

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    “Sonny, fresh from almost losing Michael to AJ, doesn’t welcome another man trying to take his place.”

    Almost losing Michael? Nooo! Sonny should lose Michael. SERIOUSLY! THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN! I’m not even watching this show on a daily basis like I use to since that ridiculous 51st anniversary that tried to drum up some compassion for that murderous mental hot mess. I’m so over this propping Sonny up as this mobster with a heart of gold. No, Sonny needs to suffer more than ever and that includes losing Michael for good, or at least a very long time.

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    Great job Jamey! This would make for must see GH!

    Only thing I would add is an epidemic hits Port Chuck and takes out about 10 characters. With all the great people you want to bring back the already bloated cast becomes the Jabba the Hutt of daytime. Feel free to choose from any of the following to discard….Olivia, Rafe, Taylor, Sabrina, Carlos, Levi, Victor, Nathan, Felix, Olbrecht, Silas, et. al.

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    I really wish they would hire you as a writer for this show. Very entertaining ideas, and compelling story lines….The kind that built the genre of soaps. Not the recent far fetched ridiculous stories, with the over the top comic like characters, we have been subjected to. I know soaps aren’t always realistic, and that they take liberties in their story telling…but RC is way over the top at times. I don’t even recognize some of the current characters with the way they are being written so OOC. Not to mention his constant recycling of stories from GH and OLTL history. Can’t he come up with one idea that does not involve characters from 20 years ago?

    There is nothing cohesive in this story telling. Way too much time goes by between things happening. Story lines just stop without follow through…. characters disappear, editing is atrocious. The fact that the bad guys get away with everything, and never pay the price is getting really old.

    What really cracks me up is the way the writers are always looking for praise on Twitter. If they are not complimenting one another, they are tweeting looking for recognition. I don’t see any other soap writers doing this besides GH. They seem quite taken with what they are putting out there, and like to praise the actors from time to time. A lot of patting themselves on the back going on. AND if you have the nerve to voice anything that is not praise for them, RC will fight with you or block you. You don’t even have to directly tweet him for this. If they are on the GH timeline and he sees something he doesn’t like, that is sometimes sufficient enough. Very thin skin.

    Anyway Jamey I really think you would make an excellent soap writer. You totally understand this genre and the characters…You love these shows…and you have shown more imagination in this short article than RC has shown in the 2 plus years on this show. Send them your resume!!!!

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    RealityCheck 33

    I don’t see Billy Miller returning to a soap opera anytime soon. He made a decision to give other platforms a shot, so going to GH from Y&R is not a step forward for a young actor like him. I don’t see JFP staying at Y&R for a long time. She’ll eventually get the hook, she always does. Since she “never got” Miller’s popularity and didn’t fight to keep him, I expect there will be an opportunity to return to Y&R some day in the future, if the show is still on. That said, I expect to see Billy Miller in PrimeTime, in the movies, or on a cable show before a return to daytime. Just my opinion.

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    I think I’d rather see Britt be the new face of Deception (that woman is drop dead gorgeous!), than concocting fragrances. Although, it probably makes more sense to re-build the brand first.

    TPTB seriously need to hire you. If not as a writer than at the very least to consult on story-lines. They obviously need help in that department. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve had pockets of brilliance here and there – Robin’s death and return, Brik/Lante reveal, the character of Sam. But for the most part GH has just been average under Frank and Ron. Good. But not great.

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    Oh. And I think Billy Miller would kill as Lucky Spencer! But I have to to agree w/ RealityCheck. I highly doubt he would sign on to another soap so soon.

    But could you imagine him and Rebecca Herbst together!?

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    I love this especially the part about Franco leaving PC, Michael and Morgan fighting for Serena and Lucky/Britt/Brooklyn triangle.

    sadly this will never happen. Too many vets and/or characters tied to the Q’s.

    ron loves to create his own characters and fill the screen with newbies. But nathan as a bartender sounds about right!

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    Meanwhile on Days

    The eve of Ejami wedding is upend when a bullet lays Nick coma ridden in Salam Hospital. EJ, Will, Sonny, and Sami are know it was Gabi. EJ offer Gabi the job of top model for a new line of clothing from a Dimera own company that gets her to move to NYC.

    Hiding another secret causes more tension between Sonny and Will. Also causing trouble is Sonny new bartender Chance (Josh Kelly) who clearly seems to flirt with his boss any chance he gets.

    After resetting a wedding date EJ receives more Photos of Abby and Him. This drives him crazy as he assume Nick was behind the photos.

    As he awakes for his Coma, Nick finds his first love, Chelsea Brady sitting by his bedside. Nick admits all the crimes he committed and vows with her help to change his ways.

    One the eve of EJami wedding Kristin shows up in town with a baby boy she claims is Brady. Theresa is upset by this news but is encourage to keep after Brady by her Big sister Eve Donavon.

    At the Wedding EJ is happy to see little brother Chad show up only to be stun when Chad shows him more photos of Abby and him. A stun EJ does not fight back as Chad ruffs him up. EJ bloody appearance stuns the wedding crowd and he confess to Sami in front of all about Abby and him.

    Meanwhile Abby and Chelesa is hanging out with Game Show Model Ben (Rob Wilson) at the creek with trouble maker Ciara Brady. Ciara is eventful day as she is amazed with the shirtless Ben and overhears Abby and Chelesa taking about how her baby brother was mow down back in the day.

    Nick who is re cupping at Bo and Hope house is Visited by Chance who demanding another payment. A Confuse Nick remembers he hire him to seduce Sonny to break up Wilson. To Keep him quite he makes another payment but tells him to back off and leave town as he trying to get his life in order. However Chance has no plans of leaving town since he has fallen for William Brady.

    more to come……

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    “A sneak peek at next week”

    Liesl gives the hospital staff some news on eve of the 2014 Nurses Ball.

    If this means OBERCHT is still Chief of Staff at hospital, honestly
    it will be time to sample the Steve Harvey show @ 2pm. To continue
    watching this career criminal as COS is pushing it beyond my limit.

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    Lindiana Jones

    Man, this is MUCH better than what the current GH writers are doing. Why aren’t you working for them?

    I would enjoy seeing the last of Franco. I do love Roger Howarth but since the writers started rewriting his back story, they totally screwed the character. He was a bone marrow match for Danny, for pete’s sake, then they unrelated them for no reason. The story was much better that he was Jason’s fraternal twin. And it makes no sense that Heather’s son would be a bone marrow match. Are we supposed to forget that? I haven’t.

    Has anyone else other than me ever noticed that only Sonny and Jason are/were important enough to have a bedroom set? I don’t like seeing Silas and Sam doing it in Jason’s bed though.

    I’m tired of all the shirtless men. It’s getting to be like watching soft core porn. If I want to watch porn, I have the internet.

    And I still say Jax would sue for custody if he knew Carly was dating Joss’s kidnapper!

    You just know with this writing team which really believes in recycling that as soon as Silas and Sam decide to get married, Jason will turn up. At least Danny won’t remember him well enough to yell “Daddy!” at the church!

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