Chloe to Billy on Y&R: “We Could Have Another Baby” (SNEAK PEEK)

Since the original recipe for Delia turned out so perfect, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) wants to cook up another baby with Billy (David Tom) today on The Young and the Restless. Forgive me. Avery's (Jessica Collins) cooking web series arc has food on my brain!

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Abby (Melissa Ordway) is scolding her big sister/aunt Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about the sanctity of marriage; while homewrecker du jour Kelly (Cady McClain) warns Stitch (Sean Carrigan) he will never be the man in Victoria's heart.  Watch a sneak peek of Tuesday's Y&R after the jump!

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    hey mon

    Just straddle him Chloe, thats what you did last time. In fact, thats what Chelsea did, as well.

    Aint ‘nother better than when Abby gets her self-righteous bitch on. Melissa Ordway brings it, just Emee Rylan used to (especially when she didnt want Ash to marry Tuck).

    If they are going to have Cady as nuKelly, theyd better make Kelly a more sympathetic character. She doesnt do Cyndi Watros very well.

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    HEY MON, I am glad that Nu Kelly doesn’t do Watros very well. Thought she was way too old for Billy Miller and for this dud they have now, she could have been his Momma. She looked that old and haggard to me.

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    I would love it, if Chloe left GC with Billy’s sperm. It would remind me of Ashley. I am so tired of characters just leaving or leaving in a body bag. A cliff hanger would be good.

    She could walk around town with Billy’s sperm in her purse. Chloe could return to GC in two years with a kid and no one knows the biological fathef.

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    They missed an opportunity to use some history today when Chloe told Lauren that she couldn’t possibly understand how much she (Chloe) misses DeeDee. Lauren actually can (or should) understand since she suddenly lost her son, Dylan Lawrence Fenmore, to meningitis. Yeah, the boy turned out to be the black market baby that Sheila had given her, but when he died, for all intents and purposes, he was Lauren’s son and she loved him as her own. That episode probably ranks right up there as one of the saddest episodes ever on this show. And guess what? Just like Chloe, one of the things Lauren conspired to do is get pregnant again to replace Dylan. She tried to have Paul father another baby for her. So yeah, I think she understands.

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    ^^Yeah, well no one can understand what Chloe’s going through because she’s perennially wallowing in her own self-absorption(which started LONG before she lost her child). How much longer before she’s gone? Not soon enough for me.

    I await the day that Stitch PULVERIZES this Billy into finely grinded dust. This rivalry would’ve been realistic with Billy Miller in the role but it’s a total joke with David Tom’s Billy. No offense to Tom, but I’d say his return/recast has been a complete bust.

    Speaking of bad recasts, Kelly has now gone the way of “disposable” now that Cynthia Watros is gone. I have yet to see a scene with Cady McClain in which she exhibits even the tiniest shred of chemistry with any of her scene partners; the slightly hostile, electric undercurrent that was present between Watros and Sean Carrigan was sorely lacking in those Stitch/Kelly scenes on Tuesday. Again, another casting bust I’m afraid.

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    Chloe is acting no different than any other woman on Y&R who has lost a child. If she is having hallucinations in 20 years and walking around with a blanket, then we can make a comparison.

    The Kelly character sucked from the get go. CW looked haggered and that impacted the storyline. Cady is just blah. I still don’t understand the purpose of Kelly unless she will rival Phyllis for Jack upon her return.

    And Abby is still snooze…..

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    I don’t feel Kelly yet after the recast either.

    Watros found the character and gave it pretty quickly.

    The test for me was to see scenes with Sean C, and those really didn’t click at all.

    I’m telling you that Tyler just isn’t going to work until they recast. It’s been like 18 months and I don’t remember any scene where he’s wowed me. At least Ordway can deliver when she’s away from her costar.

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    hey mon

    Ordway was good with Victoria to day, lecturing her about ‘wedding vows’ and the like. Good to see the 2 sisters not getting along for the first time since 2011.

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