Revenge Showrunner on Why [SPOILER] Had to Die in Game-Changing Season Finale

SPOILER ALERT: It was an eye for an eye, a hunk for a hunk Sunday night on the Season 3 finale of Revenge. To pay back Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) for her role in Pascal's (Oliver Martinez) demise, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) killed Emily's henchman/lover Aiden (Barry Sloane)!  

Showrunner Sunil Nayar shared why Aiden had to die with The Hollywood Reporter. Said Nayar:

Clearing her father's name ends a bit of Emily's revenge strategy, but [killing Aiden renews her quest] for revenge in a very present sense. She was a girl when her father was taken away, but this gives us a fresh sense of revenge, and the audience gets to feel it in the moment. When you watch what happens [to Aiden], it's horrifying and devastating and allows the audience into the mindset of someone who wants revenge. She can't believe [Victoria] killed Aiden, and she wants her to die and suffer.

Oh Ems made her suffer alright. Who didn't howl when the real Amanda Clarke knocked piss and vinegar from the Queen of the Hamptons with that shovel? What about when David Clarke (James Tupper) showed up very much alive, and gutted Conrad (Henry Czerny) like a tilapia?

According to Nayar, Revenge will feel like a new soap in Season 4. Did the twists and turns during last night's season finale make you excited about what's to come next fall? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Profile photo of tmac

    Haven’t they taken Victoria a little too far? In this season she killed two people with her own hands. It is one thing to order a hit on someone but to do it herself is beyond redeemable. Particularly when you see the joy she took in watching them die.

    And she must not have loved David Clark as much as she professed. If she did then she would understand Amanda’s quest to avenge her father. I now doubt that Jimmy was the monster she painted him as to Patrick.

    And we all know Conrad won’t die on that road, someone will find him. Are you sure that was really David Clark that stabbed him. It could have been someone in a David Clark mask working for Emily.

  2. Profile photo of allison6071

    I truly enjoyed last night’s finale. I am bummed that Aiden was killed off. I would have much rather seen Daniel die but I’m ok with that because it was necessary if Emily was going to go after the Grayson’s or Victoria after her father had been cleared. So now that David has been cleared he finally comes out of hiding? That does make perfect sense. Everyone knows Conrad set him up, now he can come out of hiding and make Conrad suffer as well. I’m excited to see how Victoria deals with David and his two daughters going forward. Reven8e definitely ended their season with a bang, this episode reminded me of the very first season.

  3. Profile photo of katehhoward

    My goodness what an amazing finale. The twists and turns were incredible. Aiden had to go. No one really cared for Aiden and I have always professed my desire to see Emily with Daniel again. But come this Fall Daniel will have some explaining to do.

    Victoria killing Aiden in some way made no sense, Conrad killed Pascale. But I understand her anger at Emily. And eye for an eye.

    I am hoping and praying that come this fall the show will pick up speed and they will continue down this soapy path. Emily VanCamp is flying high right about now. With Captain America being a hit, and her signing on to the third installment, Ms. VanCamp is banking.

    I wish Josh Bowman would do some other stuff. This season he really had nothing special going on after it was revealed that he wanted them to kill Daniel off. I hope next season we can redeem Daniel and could someone please let Charlotte know Emily is Amanda her sister.

  4. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    The show might’ve had another uneven season but it partially made up for it with a fantastic season finale.

    Hated to see Aiden go, I’ve always thought he was far more the love of Emily’s life than Jack. And regarding Victoria’s part in it all, I’m over her and at this point I think she’s past the point of redemption.

    Not sure how I feel about David Clarke being alive, although I’m beginning to think Emily might’ve known it all along and was just clearing the way, so to speak, for his return. And I’m glad to see Conrad finally get what he deserves(or did he?). It’s just too bad those useless Grayson brats Daniel and Charlotte survived the episode; they’ve officially become the new Declan and Ashley of this show, completely and utterly pointless.

  5. Profile photo of bren

    holy moley that was an amazing season finale! the last three episodes of this season have blown me away, seriously great soapy fun with twists, turns and drama. i love revenge. i was so sad that they killed aiden, but i knew the actor was picked up on another show so i kinda figured. i can’t wait to see season 4!

  6. Profile photo of wilco617

    I am excited about all the teased new plot threads minus not-dead!David Clarke. I wasn’t surprised he was still alive, just disappointed. It’s “The Pretender” season 4 all over again.
    Emily locking Victoria up in that institution was delicious. Can’t wait to see these two women’s rivalry heat up even more next season.

    That being said…I do hope that next season is the last. I don’t see how much more they can do with the show.

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    The Revenge finale was a-mazzzzinnggg! Aiden is finally dead, dead!

    I am looking forward to David Clark being stuck in the middle between Amanda, Charlotte and Victoria while Daniel schemes to get rid of his mother’s ex-lover.

    Charlotte having Jack arrested after he rescued her butt.

  8. Profile photo of DenverDean

    I knew Aiden was going to be killed off as soon as it was widely known that he was cast in another show. Since Revenge was going to be “lucky” to get a fourth season, I figured there would be carnage just in case it wasn’t renewed.

    David Clark being alive was the only part that ruined it for me. Unless the retrocon everything and make it seem like Emily knew for a long time and David sent her on this quest, it’s going to flop as badly as when they had Emily’s mom alive and around for about four episodes. (I mean what was the point of that?)

  9. Profile photo of twb6yz

    I figured he was likely to get offed but since the actor playing Daniel wants off I was hoping that Daniel dies and Aiden would take the fall which would allow him to come back if his show tanked.

    One thing I missed. When Emily fought with the guy in the cabin she looked down and saw a syringe in her thigh. Did anything happen from that?

  10. Profile photo of shirls429

    :(( So sad to see Aidan killed off but,new it would happen because he is staring in a prime time show,,can’t remember the name of it but I plan on tuning in:)

  11. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Even though it was a good season finale, I do not understand David Clarke coming back and killing Conrad. So this fool been alive all these years? Why did he just kill Conrad years ago? Why put his daughter through all this pain and anguish when he’s alive himself. He could have went to all those people and scared them himself into the truth.

    I was happy to see Aiden die as soon as Emily told him she loved him. Emily/Jack for the win.

    I see Emily did her best “shovel girl” impression. Victoria better be glad she didn’t turn into Sharkeisha! Victoria killing all these folks but I still don’t understand her killing Aiden. And how did her 98 lbs behind move Aiden to Emily’s house?

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