The Young and the Restless Casts Stitch’s Ex-Wife

Yet another of the mysterious, off-screen characters driving tons of story on The Young and the Restless has been cast. According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Stephanie Lemelin will first appear Friday, June 13 as Jenna Rayburn, Stitch's (Sean Carrigan) ex-wife and baby mama. Wonder if Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will be rolling out the welcome mat?

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    Yeah sorry but I don’t understand why this has to be someone who’s never been heard of. Especially when there are tons are great female actresses out there with credits. If you have to cast the character (they really didn’t), at least get someone we know.

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    hey mon

    She was in that show ‘Stuff My Dad Says”. But she really is a question mark. This is typical Jean Passanante. On Another World in the mid-1990s, she brought in an entire new family for JFP, The Carlino Family. JFP killed off Frankie Frame, and reduced the Cory family to window dressing, sending Another World into a death spiral.

    The whole Stitch and Dylan thing keeps getting bigger and bigger. Soon there wont be any room for any of the Abbotts, most likely. Welcome to JFP-world.

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    Show gets more disgusting everyday with the Hacks we have in charge and the lousy stories they are writing. Hell, I miss MAB, even she did a better job than this broad.

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    hey mon

    yojoromo — Welcome to the ‘Bring Back MAB Club!”

    Great classic Y&R music.

    Riveting story-lines like… Sharon and Adam, Tucker getting run over by Abby, and The 3 Newman Kids Get $1.5 Billion out of ol Vic.

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    Aren’t there enough people on this show already no one gives a rats azz about?

    Yojoromo and hey mon no truer words have been spoken. The hacks in charge want to kill this show.

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    I’m glad it’s a no name. It’s only for a couple of shows, so why try to trot out some expensive big name any way?

    We’d just get some big “announcement” of someone “returning” to Daytime.

    No more stunt casting needed, thank you.

    And she’s cute!

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    It’s not an GH alum and I don’t have a problem with no-names. At one point all of these actors were. I don’t think that her roles is really needed but I’m open to see where this is going.

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    I don’t mind this at all. It’s been obvious for a while now that we were going to see this character onscreen sooner or later; and, thankfully, it’s only for a few episodes.

    If TPTB change their minds and suddenly give her a contract, then that’s when I’d start complaining.

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    Plus if it will FINALLY take care of ONE character who has all this unneeded backstory out there, then so be it!

    These writers need to quit this and focus on their on screen VETS for story.

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    [quote=pferrando]I’m glad it’s a no name. It’s only for a couple of shows, so why try to trot out some expensive big name any way?

    We’d just get some big “announcement” of someone “returning” to Daytime.

    No more stunt casting needed, thank you.

    And she’s cute![/quote]

    I agree on all points including the cute part. I will say that at least this isn’t a character that was just made up. We’ve heard about Stitch’s ex wife for months now, so at least we are getting a payoff.

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    I enjoy seeing new faces on daytime. Bill Bell brought fresh talent to the genre all the time.

    But it seems to be becoming a trademark of the new writing team to tell us stories from a past we didn’t witness ourselves about characters we don’t know.

    (e.g. Dylan and Avery’s “big love” complete with made-up flashbacks; Ian and Nikki’s totally-manufactured past; the thing with Rose Turner & Neil that we didn’t see happen when it supposedly happened; whatever’s up between Ben and Jenna and Kelly; Tyler yakking about what he once had with Mariah; and coming soon, Barton and Leslie’s whirlwind romance that we never saw either; etc.)

    Please SHOW us a story as it unfolds rather than simply have characters stand around and TELL us a story from their past. Enough of the expository writing.

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    hey mon

    FoxCrane. Applaud. Salute’. Bravo. You said it, just show it. Dont talk about it. I was trying to put my finger on what has been wrong with The Show since MAB left, and you did it.

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    Meh, yet another new character that I really don’t want to know about. There are PLENTY of characters on this canvas that get no screen time(the Baldwin clan, who’ve been reduced to window dressing at the police station), are ill-used(Jill being wasted trying to solve a mystery…about a music box! Every time I type that it sounds even more ludicrous)or used to prop up lesser characters(Noah and Avery quickly spring to mind). There’s gonna be more than enough conflict with Ben/Victoria/Billy and the miracle pregnancy; they don’t need to drum up yet more by giving him a “secret past” that, frankly, I don’t give a damn about. Not EVERY new character has to have a dark past for f—‘s sake; some people are just fairly normal with normal, non-secretive baggage. It’s become an increasingly lazy writing technique that this regime needs to retire already.

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    This is totally off-topic, soapjunkie88, but whenever I read your comments, I hear your words being spoken in Ava Jerome’s breathy film-noir voice:)))

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    ChrisGa … I think you’re wrong (and then right on).

    It seems that EVERY character needs to have a past be it dark or otherwise that no other character (included that character) nor us had a clue about until the “light bulb” went off in the writer’s head. Are we getting just a little bit fed up changing histories, regurgitated children, etc etc?

    The soap genre does need new characters from time to time but not at the expense of the proven pros or legacy characters if you will. We need good stories for all characters for us to take an interest in. It seems most is all trivial, predictable and spread thin. Things need to snap to attention very soon.

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