Shonda Rhimes and Viola Davis Teach ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ (TRAILER)

Thursday nights on ABC will be all Shonda Rhimes, all the time next fall! The Mouse House picked up Rhimes' latest soapy concoction, How To Get Away With Murder, starring Oscar nominee Viola Davis.

The series will inherit the plum 10 pm EST timeslot on Thursday nights, with Grey's Anatomy and Scandal both being moved up an hour to accommodate. 

Murder focuses on Annalise Keating (Davis), a professor who teams up with four law students to solve a complicated crime. Watch the trailer below!

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    LOL IOWAHAWKEYE – I came here to say how much I can’t wait for this one & how much I love Viola lol. I’ll keep you posted when it begins airing.. since ya know.. we like the same things & all haha

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    The new show I’m looking forward to the most. I hoped it would get picked up as soon as I heard about the project. The trailer looks really exciting and very good IMO. I can’t wait!!!!

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    I’m here for it!!

    But I’m kind of worried for this show. They have it at 9pm. It’s Grey’s then Scandal then this show. This show is new, they should have it in between Grey’s and Scandal that way people will leave it on ABC and not turn the channel. I can’t think of anything else that comes at 8pm

    I also found out why they have a lot of interracial relationships on Shondra’s shows where the man is white and the woman is Black. Turns out an exec producer for her shows is a white guy married to a Black lady. He’s gonna be on this show as Viola’s character husband.

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    I am looking forward to the show.

    It does make me worried about Scandal. Now that Scandal is up an hour, won’t they have to cut back on some of their racy scenes?

    Also, Shonda has a lot of interracial relationships because she does open casting. Many show runners put out casting calls for a specific race. She puts out a casting call for a role. When GA first came out, there were many articles discussing her approach in casting.

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    I wasn’t going to watch it because I don’t necessarily like Shonda’s shows after the first season. But I will give this one a try because I love Viola Davis. And this one seems more diverse than her other shows which typically have one or two minorities with everyone else white, despite folks raving about the diversity. You can rarely find a gay POC on TV. And Shonda is no exception as it seems her lead gay student is white too. Oh well, Small steps I suppose.

    For get open calls. Casting POC has to be deliberate and done early lest all the POC are villains and characters that are destined to be killed. I think Fox might have finally figured that out because lots of their new shows have plenty of diversity.

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    [quote=Divatude58]You can rarely find a gay POC on TV. And Shonda is no exception as it seems her lead gay student is white too. Oh well, Small steps I suppose. [/quote]

    I take that back — if one of the characters is gay, i’m on board, go Shonda!
    I have been meaning to get to Scandal on dvd, i’ve loved Tony Goldwyn since Designing Women in the 80’s and Ghost in the 90s!

    @LWW — Love you, and i REFUSE to believe we don’t agree on anything :party: LOL

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    There are villains and there are villains.

    I love seeing people of color playing powerful, kickass types like Olivia’s parents and Olivia herself on Scandal. On the other hand, I cringe when I see them playing pimps, hoes, and drugdealers.

    I don’t think Shonda really does color-blind casting. It’s probably all intentional; she’s making a statement, and I love that she’s doing it.

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    @IOWAHOWKEYE Watch the trailor closely. Yes, the white male character is gay or at least bi. He sleeps with an Asian guy to get some information and whispers in a man’s ear how he doesn’t “kiss and tell”.

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