Who is Hope’s New No. 1 Suspect For Nick Fallon’s Killing on Days of Our Lives? (PROMO)

The hunt for Nick Fallon’s (Blake Berris) killer is keeping Hope (Kristian Alfonso) more than a little busy, but who really did it? The Salem suspects are nearly endless, but where will the evidence take Detective Brady and who is her new No. 1 suspect? Watch next week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    Even for a soap and even though it’s Days, it’s beyond belief that Hope would be in charge of an investigation into the murder of her own cousin, especially when she’s related to, has some form of connection with, or has at least interacted with almost every single one of the suspects before.

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    Yeah, the new Ben should be good, guy’s a good actor. And obviously not lacking in the looks department; I suspect he’ll be shirtless before week’s end.

    Days has the best promos.

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    Yep, why isn’t Abe\Roman more involved in this story? The whole SPD should be involved…having said that Days is having another spectacular sweeps.

    What I have respected lately about Days is how they are handling their vile villains…the writers are giving them “devil their due” and not trying to redeem or just send them off…sometimes soaps need to finish the characters off for an intense story which “killing of Nick Fallon” has all the markings of a good murder\mystery…which no soap has done in L-O-N-G-T-I-M-E :bigsmile:

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    I have to say, a certain Ms. Kate Roberts has been EXCELLENT throughout this whole storyline. I mean, even now, the look of sheer GLEE on her face when she can just happily serve off cake for everyone since Nick is gone! (lol I know it’s Ari’s birthday, but still!!!) She has just been MARVELOUS! :bigsmile: And her blasé attitude about everything, from the night Nick was shot to Hope questioning her, everything, ON POINT!!! It is so refreshing to have a character who does not bullshit one bit of an iota! lol.

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    ^^^Kate Roberts has been my favorite character on this canvas for awhile now, at least going back to when she assisted in trying to rid the world–the first time–of Nick. Lauren Koslow was the MVP of that storyline and her work in the aftermath of Nick’s murder has been brilliant. Simply put, the woman can do no wrong.

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    jeremy in chicago

    I’m with you guys – Kate is my #1 reason for loving Days. After the demise of Dorian Lord on OLTL, Kate is the only true diva left on soaps (sorry Tracy Quartermaine, but Ron Carlivati has harmed your diva cred!).

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