SPOILERS: Julian Causes Chaos on General Hospital!

Julian: Julian (William deVry) holds a family dinner, and sends everything into chaos when he makes an announcement.

Luke/Alexis: Luke (Anthony Geary) is up to no good when he visits Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Later on, he’s out for revenge.
Shawn/Jordan/Anna: Shawn (Sean Blakemore) wants to have an important chat with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) privately. Afterwards, Jordan feels the need to confess something Anna (Finola Hughes).

Maxie: Maxie (Kirsten Storms) receives a subpoena.
Carly/Franco: Carly (Laura Wright) and Franco (Roger Howarth) get some assistance from a friend, and discover some helpful information. Then, the couple plots their next move.
TJ: TJ (Tequan Richmond) finally finds out the truth.  Molly (Haley Pullos) gives TJ a shoulder to cry on. He leaves Molly, and has it out with Jordan.
Tracy/Ned: Tracy (Jane Elliot) sees Ned (Wally Kurth) and Luke in a dangerous situation.

Kevin/Lucy: Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) needs to tell Lucy (Lynn Herring) something important.


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    I have to say, *finally* something on GH, that not only has my full interest, but also something that I’ve been waiting for a *long* time to happen: Jerome/Davis family interaction, starring Julian, Lucas, Sam and Alexis!!! I’m SO going to be watching those scenes!

    In fact, I already watched today, and the scenes between Sam, Lucas and Danny, not to mention the scenes where Julian joined them were WONDERFUL! I have to say I *love* it how they are already interacting as a family! Now *these* are the kind of scenes the imo GH should be going for at this time.

    I also have to say this: *Gasp!* I’m liking Lucas and Felix! :o
    Never ever in a million gazillion years did I EVER think I would be saying *that*!!!

  2. Profile photo of Mets82

    I assuming that the “truth” TJ learns is that his mom is fronting drugs. I dont think its about Sean killing his dad the way he did. I also hope that the situation that Tracy sees Ned with Luke in, is one where Tracy finally opens up her eyes to Luke.

  3. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Thank you Yorla, I’m glad someone else likes Felix and Lucas. Other fans who have called them Feces, that is not called for. That is so degrading to anyone especially to a black man who is giving it his all in a predominately white soap culture. I hope they don’t have a good time then Felix gets shot in the end by Brad at the family dinner.

    Today was great with Julien and his family. It is what everyone has wanted family interaction with the Jeromes. The problem with fans of any soap we don’t let the stuff play out. We have to remember as fans that this stuff is shot weeks in advance. If we would just let it play out we would all be happier in the long run.

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    Tracy/Ned Love anything she does even when its camp…Jane is the bomb!

    Not interested in the Jeromes other than Alexis and Luke’ involvement. Vanessa is kicking butt and taking names as Jordan and has a rocking body… so I’m hoping she’s a keeper. I still think she’s deep undercover DEA or something..

    I’m tiring of this psuedo mob war; I like Fluke and I get it Tony has a chance to play something different after decades on the show can’t say blame him so I’m rolling with it …

    HOWEVER, wondering where is the real Luke? Is he in a facility? Has he been brainwashed? Or is this someone else…what?

    RC promised less mob two years ago since that hasn’t happened how about a strong hospital based storyline.

    I complain about the nonstop flood of newbies driving story while vets play second fiddle; I have to choke cause, I love Brad!

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    Can’t wait for the Jordan scenes

    I hate FECES!!! Lucas doesn’t deserve Felix. I’m a Black woman and Felix Blackness has nothing to do with it. His character is annoying. He’s a judgmental, Sabrina worshipping harpy! Before the Nurses Ball, last time Felix saw Lucas, he was singing Brad’s praises telling Lucas Brad didn’t mean to lie about that baby and that he’s changed. Felix has no purpose. He just sways with the wind.

    Franco/Carly, so what

    Yassss! More Ned. I was scared he was gone since we saw Michael at ELQ with Kiki and not Ned.

    So glad that off screen Lucas and Sam hangs out. The best storylines happen off screen. Why isn’t Lucas working as a doctor in the hospital? Why can’t Julian have this family dinner at his home?

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    William DeVry is so perfect as Julian. He plays the “smooth criminal” so well. I like him and Alexis. Yes, Alexis acts like a schoolgirl at times with men, but I think a lot of it is Nancy’s personality combined. Love seeing an adult couple that has chemistry.

    I like the actress playing Jordan. She’s so attractive and can act. Hoping that there will be a twist to the story and she stays on the show. Her and Shawn look good together!!

    I would love for Wally Kurth, Ned, to stay on the show. Always liked him and we need more Q’s.

    Have to hand it to Ron C. I still can’t figure out who Luke is, or is it really Luke brain-washed???! Tony Geary has been excellent in the role. You actually can see a different person, under those evil eyes and smiles. It’s been a looooong time since I was interested in the Luke character so I have to give credit for Ron C for making the character interesting to watch again.

  7. Profile photo of DevinMissesOLTL

    Anthony Geary is doing a fantastic job playing Luke, playing someone “playing” Luke!!! I had been sick of him winning the Emmy every year. This has changed that! Very Emmy worthy work! Dude still got it! :beer: :bigsmile:

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